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I can't stand anything that is just noise. And I dislike human voices; they interfere with the sound quality.
i couldnt agree more. and yeah i mean the voices too... sometimes the best music is insturmental ;D the only thing i hate worse than bad vocals messing up a good song is when other ppl try to sing along with it ;D and if their vocals are no better than the original artist im like "who sings this song? why not let them slaughter it instead of you" :O :P ;D
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well here's the updated list:

well surely you have listened to these:

Linkin Park

Vanessa Carlton

Avril Lavigne

Limp Bizkit




P.O.D. (Payable On Death)

DJ Sammy (huh?) (Heaven)

Star One

Blue (rarely)

Backstreet Boys (rarely)

KoRn (very rarely)

Sum 41 (they're losing the fan, me)

Disturbed (sometimes)

Deftones (rarely)

tell me if your interests match with these!

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No...I see this as blue, and this as white.

What is color 00bfff?

Hmm, that's odd, it works in IM, let's see about here: Color Hrmmm...Odder and odder ;) BTW, very pretty color, I must say :)

Ahh...Ok, I see what happened, you put one too many "0" in the code.


[color=#00bfff]Color you're wantin'[/color]


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My list



System Of a down




Lincoln Park



Bone Thugs

Cypress Hill




i like Techno and Trance a lot too. rave music is the happiest sounding music in the world man that hsit always lifts my spirit :)

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I like

Duncan Shiek

The Verve Pipe

Stevie Wonder


John Coltrain

Frank Sinatra

Nat King Cole


Earth Wind and Fire

Louie Armstrong

Victor Wooten

I love jazz and good rock and roll. The bands listed above are musicians and groups I like.

Rap is almost always horrible, it had meaning once, when the message was about the troubles of living in the inner city, it used to have wit. Now days, like most music. Its just all numb and pointless.

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TMA, nice selection, I like most of that as well :)

I see rap and country as the same thing. They both appeal to stereotypes, and I dislike most of both the music and image.

However, if a song has a good instrumental, especially guitar, it will go a long way in my head.

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