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well there  are so many stats,and it also depends on  what wepon group you like to play, but I love my claymore kills witch says 314-147  2.14 ratio.( I think explosives are the only  one I got beyond the .99 ratio.

Well i love my defi kills too. 10.

K/D Ratio 0.49 

Accuracy 16% 

I have consentrated my game play for the badges and ribbons.(see below)

Spicy Here are what you

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I have started to use them a bit now. Went my first whole round with just sniper. Got a few kills, several assists and some claymore kills, which I consider somewhat still like cheating, but I am not crying, cos my ratio was greater the 1 in favour of kills :P.

Time for another unlock methinks. DOA12 or whatever its called.

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Just a thought here, but for those that have SF, would be a little diff. game if we could use the Zip-lines of all the array of buildings on say Karkand? It's nothing but buildings, what better way of utilizing those Hook-lines and Zip-lines. Although they don't offer the option for using those in reg. BF2....but they should. I think anyway.

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Why has no one mentioned the Glitch ! Beware the Glitch, where players use the vehicle drop (which is only somewhat useful anyway) to enter buildings (drive off the top of a biulding in an alleyway and the front of the vehicle will take you INTO a closed building). You can then shoot out and no one can shoot in. Most used in the hotel on Karkand from what I  have seen.

Its pure evil and EA better rush out a patch for it. Admins do kick for it but how can they always spot it ?

Again, its pure evil.

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Funny, yesterday in game some guy used vehicle drops and dropped like 10 vehicles at once. I have no clue how he did it but I watched him drop all at once he dropped like ten jeeps all at the same time.

Man, talk about raining jeeps.

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I have also now go the Armored Fury pack. Played one map...it was different. Very long and open. Very much an amour map...obvious, I suppose !  ::)

Scar says that if I get SF I will get 3 unlcoks without the need for promos, so I will now proceed to get SF !

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3 hell, you got 6 unlocks you lucky bastard. Enjoy them  ;D Now your up to speed on the weapons, you'll do much better now at killing. When you get a chance, get that newer sniper rifle thats an awesome rifle with ultra-thin crosshairs, very accurate.

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Got the SF pack, got 6 unlocks which I made do without for ages !. Had I known I would get them en mass then I would have got it a while ago.

Now its time to make up for all those free kills I gave the enemies ! >:D

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I came across this site which has many BF2 tweaks for sytem enhancements. Give it a try on some of them and see what improvments or not may come about.

Info: How can I get better performance out of BF2? 


  Submited: 06-22-06 | Last Update: 1 Week Ago #1 

I relize there is another guide out there for BF2, but it only covers graphics settings, so I'll give you some actual "tweaks".

Make sure your ports are open

BF2 is set up to use upnp (universal plug and play), but some firewalls/routers won't open all of the ports the program needs to function. The full list of ports follows:

PHP Code:

TCP 16567

TCP 16569

UDP 27900

UDP/TCP 29900

TCP 80

TCP 4711

TCP 29901

UDP 1500-4999

UDP/TCP 1024-1124

UDP 28910

UDP 16567

UDP 55123-55125 

Change PB Scan Time

One reason why you might be getting spurts of decreased performance while online is PunkBuster scanning your harddrive for cheats/hacks/ect. By default, PB scans every 20 seconds, which can slow you down quite a bit.

To fix this, we'll change the interval between scans from 20 seconds to 50 seconds. This is not detected as hack by PB, and is fully legal on any ranked server. In fact, EvenBalence sanctions it.

Step 1: Open BF2, and join any ranked server that is running PB. (Thats most of them.)

Step 2: Walk around for a bit, then hit the ~ key. (Below "Esc") This opens up the console.

Step 3: Make sure the cursor in the console is blinking, and then type, without quotes, "pb_sleep500". Hit Enter.

Step 4: Without closing the console, type "pb_writecfg" to save the change.

Your lag spikes should be much less frequent, if happening at all.

Rename BF2.exe

Although although nobody knows why this fix improves the gameplay , but I belive is probably that Ati and Nvidia recognise BF2.exe as a game, so by renaming the file, you turn the game into a normal program, not the memory-hogging beast we know it as. Most people see some jump in performance after doing this.

Step 1: The first thing you do is find your game directory, the default is C:Program FilesEA GamesBattlefield 2 .

Step 2: Find BF2.exe, and right-click on it. Select "Properties".

Step 3: Now rename it to anything you like, but keep it simple so you can revert back later if need be.

Step 4: Before you tell me it dosn't work, change the shortcut on your desktop to reflect the new name. ;)

Run BF2 as a High-Priority application

Step 1: Go back to the BF2 folder.

Step 2: Right click anywhere in the folder and click "New" then "Text Document".

Step 3: Right click on the newly created file and rename it to bf2.bat, The file should then turn into a little cog. If it doesn't, you will need to uncheck the "Hide extensions for known file types" option in Tools>Folder Options>View.

Step 4: Edit your new BAT file, and paste in:

PHP Code:

@echo off 

cd /d "C:Program FilesEA GAMESBattlefield 2" 

start /high BF2.exe +menu 1 +fullscreen 1 

Then save, but if you edied your BF2.exe's name in the last tweak, reflect that change here. Also, direct your Desktop shortcuts to the BAT file.

Manualy update PunkBuster

Punkbuster, the anti-cheat/anti-hack tool in many games, including BF2, is suposed to auto-update itself, but it rarley does, and old PB files can cause frequent connection errors in online play. You can manualy update PB with the application here: http://www.evenbalance.com/index.php...upport-bf2.php

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