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  1. reality hurts timenn,, i just try to show reality to the lads ehhh..!!!
  2. thesnake

    Battlefield 2

    i see your java is disabled just put java on and point at the award or on its empty place(if not taken) and it will show u what u need to do... they are not as hard as ea awards but not so easy either it took me more than 2 months of dedicated games to collect them but it was fun and useful to my stats on antik.. for ex : eng badge on ea is 40 kills in 1 game and 100 hours playe time snip on ea is 35 // // // 100 // // on antik the Eng badge is 30 kills in one game and 50 hours playe snip // 30 // // 50 // so its not so easy either and i have problems with few like the 20 kills with ground deffence and 30 kills with explosive and knifes and pistols(i may need some help on this one) ill be after medals olso soon good screen shots erj thanks for the effort.. u like to kill with shok pads? lol
  3. thesnake

    Battlefield 2

    erjin this is your final warning . look at my badges >:( and don't say anything dirty
  4. storm emperor battle of dune is dieing and we cant do anything to save it . what makes you think peapol will playe your game? do you think they will leave bf2 or warcraft or need for speed ?? if u want to do it do it, if it would help you do time and alter your skills you see not every one who make a painting would expect peapol to buy it, but just do it coz its art.. but i guarantee you. that you wont see anyone online in your game from this lazy a$$ forum members. u should have seen the fights we had just trying to set few games of the great emp on but we couldn't
  5. thesnake

    Battlefield 2

    talking about badges what do you guyes think about this : http://www.bfstats.info/player.php?id=19456 i know badges are harder to get on ea but i worked hard for those olso.. scar is it possible to get 30 killes with clymores in 40 min rounds?? i need the explosive badge
  6. humm.. 5 or six players.. team work... inf war... this sound to me like fear combat , are you playing it? its free
  7. thats what you said about bf2 ;D
  8. yes her vek, but vee are talking about Enemy Territory: Quake Wars
  9. yes i am going to buy this game and playe on real servers i just wich there will be ranking like bf2 anyway it will be out in few dayes are u old ladies up for it or what??? i wont spend 50 bucks to be alone if we will make a clan you better say who will buy it or not... and i guess we can use this thread like bf2 thread..
  10. now you made everyone angree, if sp1cy is going to playe this game peapol will hunt you down to stop me from posting
  11. haw about a 1vs1 then??!! you just have no idea on what u are saying.. we are not talking infentry war here.. there is tanks and helis and jets you expect to get this war machine going with 5 players?? i wish if there was 100s of players..
  12. thesnake

    Battlefield 2

    ingame the golds looks yellow. but the silver glows..
  13. the truth is i am under pressure olso :'( and i know and i admit that my reaction to your posts was not normal, and thats what the guys are trying to tell me. the thing i am sure of els is our strong friendship and i hop its not damged by what happend , i still invite u to join us me and scar and gun and erjin and madenod and others to bf2 belive me u will have the best gamming experince of ure life... and sorry once more.. _ i deleted the other posts and got rid of them
  14. thesnake

    Battlefield 2

    ok from now on only silver ranks, they look good and chiny
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