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Battlefield 2


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I think I dont have the money to buy it. Although doing nothing with BF2142 would be fun too, I am shure.

I don't have the spare cash either, plus I would like to finish regular BF2. Even the rank I have now is only around 50% of promotions, hence about 50% of finishing the game rank wise. And Spicy by that I mean the official rankings. Plus they are still updating and patching which is nice with new maps....when they abandon vanilla then I might try it out and buy.

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scar you are not even near 50% to finish the ranking  u finshed 8 easy to get ranks you still have

14 ranks which you need to score a lot more in eatch of them than you did before, your in about 10%

of the game  and i think if they keep making bf games so fast no one will have enough money

to keep up with them..

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well i don't have a bubble but anyway i thought you were talking about the time to be a general

which is the final goal for me. unless ea would kindly leave the back door open for me to playe

bf2143  on my private servers because in that case i will be dumping bf2  ::)

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I actually thought we were about 20% of the way along (I am a lot further behind then you guys) becuase each rank now reuires more points...

my rank dosnt count like you guys..dont look at my rank i dont playe mutch those dayes i am not feeling very good...the reason behind my big rank is because of the private ranking system that

gives you the ranks with mutch less score than ea  ..i mean your global score erjin is 10000 more than me..but i am 3 ranks ahead of you. but i dont realy mind that eazyed system i wasnt going to

go far with ea s  , getting old i guess  ha  ::)

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well the ranks and the awards and the score statistics is all part of the fun and the general

goal of the game...and without it everyone will playe crappy and wont care for wins or losses..

like in the case of EMp now...remember when there was ranking and ladder? i bet the game was something Eals then

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its not better at all...the game is too crowded with machines..the weapons are too powerfull

and all guided..it looks like unreal tournament a little...

bf2 is so much better and with a lot more spaces to playe....

i guess because the realistic parts and weapons in bf2 is giving it the special taste..

i mean its hard for imagenation to compeat with realty

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