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Battlefield 2


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man look at it that way....i cant buy the game here in the desert its worth 100$ of dolars..

u have to understand my setuation....the game was there off the grabs.i didnt steal it...the communety of abr was allready up and running better than ea... for me it was the matter of to playe or not to playe..

and that is the question...

_i didint say i was ranked better or worse do u think i care for some cartoon work stuff...

all i mean is i do playe a lot and more than scar who dosnt playe every day like me...

i have a range of 5 hours bf2 every day...not a lot of you you match that..

for the rest of the talk about ea boobs and stuff i dont understand any of it and i didnt know ea was a woman...maybe its a man... :P

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yes if you get ranked at ea for having for ex 5000 point...well you get the same rank here for having 1000 point but the point scoring rate system is mutch lower than ea...its a % thing just like schools..if u have like for one material the max points of 60 degree or a max of 20 degree it dosent mean

the 20 degree max is eazyer...its just the max you can get  so 15 degree=

more than 45 degree at the other system i dunno if u get the point..

the deffrence is only in the numbers  the like the miles and the kilometers....

if you walk 5 miles and i walk 10 kilometers it dosnt mean that i walked longer...

its even mutch harder to get awards here i have 2:1 killes per deathes

and planty of games i come at first and i only have 1 gold meddale..

and if u still having fun giving me a headache i beg you ea folowers to keep going because this one is realy starting to sound familur..

Well, play the game...all i'm saying is that ranking system is total crap.

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why..i think its kull... ea or abr  or what ever private ranking is out there makes the game more

fun...like you said most importent is the game playe whitch is outstanding....

as for my self am having intense exersise on flying the helos with a joystic...

we have very good air costum maps were you can make attakes with 10s of helos and jets..

its not a mod its just a map u can add to bf2 folder...we have other maps olso

like berlin , stalingrad..were we can have intense inf and sniper combat

check it out..(dont worry erjin its not a virus)


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I understand Spicy,but for around 29.00 us with the legit one there are thousands of servers,without sily mods and cheats,and updates to improve the game. See I have played that dloaded version before....it's night and day compared to the legit copy trust me. If I could send you one I would but it just doesen't work that way. So keep trying to find a legit game...it's not that much really.

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man..things cant just be found here...ive been looking for the 6600gt for monthes now..and i still

cant find it...a game like bf2 if founded will be worth about 100$..and i cant shop over the

internet because i dont have plastic..i know haw silly 30$ looks for 100s of liged playe time..

but eatch place have its own rules..

note: i am happy with abr..i like them and the servers are near by in eroup so i have fair ping..

_ still didnt solve my issue with isp  so i cant playe at the present time in all cases.

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...however the support gun I unlocked is crap, too much view blockage with the iron sites and I can't hit hardly anything at a distance. Good for close range though.

I tried it out the (supports) Mg36 and there is no blockage as the iron crosshair is a little far from the eyes allowing us to see whats around the sides so we can see our next target.

I find this a huge bonus for support specialist as this crosshair isn't needed much for short range anyway, but for long range the crosshair should'nt be that much problem too, considering you should only fire like 2 quick bullets at a time.

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  • 2 weeks later...

after all that chit chat about private rankings and the copyed versions of bf2

i am now asking my self..did ea wanted peapol to playe this game for free???

why didnt they lock the regestration with a cd key like they did in many games

like lotr and nfs....was it so hard to do so???or they did leave the back door open

like some kind of a test....or to take players from other free games like america army

and ex.... thank you

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Spicy, what you have is nothing short of a cheesy demo. I tried a copied version before I bought the game,a try before I buy sort of thing. Until you have the full purchased and patched game then you will not understand what I mean by that. I'm sure anyone else who plays it will also agree. You can play on-line yes...but it's pure crap,unpatched,bugged to death and unrealistic rankings like you have.

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u are dreamming scar .. the version you have is deffrent from the game i have now...

i am playing with patch 1.3 the game is fully updated and functional just like the one you have

and the units are not missing any arms or legs...i found good communties to playe with

we have 100s of servers and costum maps...and we dont have bugs or lags..if u dont belive me come

and try for ure self....at server search type  antik 

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Whatever, lets leave that conversation. Hey, lets talk about stats again !

I am going up in what I consider the most important count of sucess at this game. Yes, the old Kill/death ratio.

I was mid 20s when I first looked. Got it up to 50% when I started playing ok. Left the game for a while, and came back, still around the 50% mark.

Note, the longer you play, the more effort it takes to make a significant change.

I now have it up to around 78%.

My aim is to get to 100% and beyond !

My accuracy has suffered in my attempt to get to 100% K/D ratio, probably cos I am shooting like crazy trying to hit where I am not sure there even is anyone.

I am also about 400points away from a promo, and am not shure what to go for. Remember I have normal BF2 (no expansions) so my choice is limited. God I would love to get the F2000, I think I love that gun ! Hardly used it, but when I have, I have liked what I saw.

Also, with scars advice, I have used sniper claymores to get some cheap kills (I consider them cheap :)).

How are you guys doing with K/D ratio and accuracy ? What else do you guys consider important in stats ?

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for me as an assult units..i dont have many tricks.i relay on powerfull rifels

to give me the advantage over engs or medics or whatever player not holding the right gear at the right distance..thats why my killes deppends on the game it selfs..if my team was attaking and winning i charge and i get good killes per deathes if my team was loosing and the lines are messy i get havy deathes but then i retreat and logout of the game...this is called politics..

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At the moment I'm just trying to get my first,second and third place medals in that number order,or at least more golds than bronze. Other than that, it's just keeping stats somewhat balanced and trying to get the ones (awards etc.) I don't have yet.

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I am also about 400points away from a promo, and am not sure what to go for. Remember I have normal BF2 (no expansions) so my choice is limited. God I would love to get the F2000, I think I love that gun ! Hardly used it, but when I have, I have liked what I saw.

You say you are limited in options for weapons, and yet you like the F2000 gun. :-

Get the Euroforces exp pack and problem solved! ::)

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Yea, just get and install it around the time of next promo and you should get like 3 unlocks at once....or more if you have saved any. That's how I look at SF, it's pretty much paying for new weapons, I would hate having to do without the different kits now that I think about it.

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But euroforces will not give me my beloved f200, will it ?

And spicy, I have nevr logged out of a game cos I was dying a lot. I have been pretty pissed off, but usually the round ends and I curse the world. then I go back in with my support gun and dont stop till it overheats, then chuck a couple of grenades.

By then its time to die anyway.

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ok, downloaded it, installed it, fine.

Needed about 200 points for my promo, which I played and got, but no f2000 to choose from ?!

Someone owes me a refund....(*looks at scar*)

Only joking, I guess he meant SF will.

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