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    • Damn. XD I'll need to draw some up then. Well hey, I managed to get some more testing done on the multiplayer map. Now that I know a bit more about... how they work and stuff, I was able to polish it up so there aren't any weird bugs. It's capped at 4 players, each player starts with two MCVs (so the Mass Deposit / Supply Depot system works better) along with a couple of scouts and some infantry. There is a no-rush timer for whoever cares about that, the AI will respect it, and there are a few quick tips regarding the hybrid resources system that appear as the map begins. Player 1 is ALWAYS in the top left. Player 2 is ALWAYS in the bottom right. 3, always bottom left, and 4, always top right. I also worked up a single-player version of the map for those who wanted to have a look. It uses the exact same AI as in the multiplayer version, so it'd be just like you loaded it up on C&Cnet, minus the random factions. There's one Atreides, one Ordos, and one Harkonnen, and the player is Atreides. As the "host" of the game, the player is always in the top left corner. Here is a download link to both versions of the map. As with all previous downloads, simply unpack the zip and merge the data folder within with the one in your D2k directory. It won't overwrite anything except stuff we commonly distribute with campaigns to make sure they work properly, like TILEDATA.bin. Heighliner multiplayer prototype.zip To launch the single player version, open up the Mission Launcher, click All Missions, and select Atreides. This map will appear as "Battle Station - by Fey." To launch the multiplayer version, host a game on C&Cnet and either wait for other players to come around or add AI opponents. Or, inform other players that you're hosting a game, maybe they'll see it faster. You can bring up the map either by searching for it, or by copying and pasting this into the chat box of the pre-game lobby: /map c4c92fc54b30d0db7fa2c894519219afaf19b4a9 Anyway, I also did a quick humans vs. bots match with LEGOLAS. I only got like four hours of sleep, so my macro is crap, but I do explain everything thoroughly through captions. So, hopefully it helps or at least is a fun watch. Here's a link to that: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oekHzy7psgc That's all for now. Thanks for reading.
    • I am assuming that unit it's given for the player ¿Right? Not allies, but the player (you won't see ally ST.Raiders unless an infantry near). If it is really about giving the player the ST.Raider then yes, you are missing something. A file called Tiledata.bin that it is into the "config" folder from the editor. The original it's into your game's folder "data/bin". Ovewritting that's file won't mod the game at all (not even the original), but you can create a back up if you want to be 100% safe. What happens it's that when using the editor and try to place specific units and buildings, he only can add the ones suppose to use. This means that the Ordos can have Raiders, Deviators, Ordos Palaces... but if you try to do it as Harkonnen, older editors will place Trikes, Devastators and Harkonnen Palaces instead. The newers editors allow us to place Deviators for Harkonnen and Devastators on the Ordos, but the original's tiledata.bin doesn't reconize those units. Only that new tiledata.bin from the editor can do it. Sorry if you really didn't want that explanation, but it's to let you know the deal of the tiledata.bin. Overwritting should be enough to allow you to see St.Raiders from now on.
    • If there is a (small) update, please also update your first post of this topic. Will you also implement your random map generation functionality into this program. Talking about this awesome stuff: https://forum.dune2k.com/topic/27886-implementing-new-feature-into-d2keditor-a-random-map-generator/  
    • Nobody who tried this? Screenshot looks good. With what did you make/write it? How much is already implemented? Do you already know about OpenRA which contains also Dune 2000? Maybe they can help on that forum.
    • Why cannot I run the program... I double clicked either run.bat or runGUI.bat and nothing showed up....
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