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    • D2K+ News: New Mod: “The Emperor Returns”
      Cm_Blast is at it again, this time he has created a campaign mod titled “The Emperor Returns”. What makes this mod somewhat unique compared to his previous work is that this mod uses tibed to change core gameplay. Click here to view the page Posted by: gruntlord6 View the full article
    • Mission AI Research
      I found some odd behaviour with the IA and the AttackBuildingPriority. I have a map from a campaign where I have 2 small bases. One with a High-tech and two windtraps and the other with a Starport, an outpost and another two windtraps. The enemy have several small bases with a only 1-2 different type of units (One base builds only tanks, another base builds only light infantry and troops, etc...). The "Ordos side" have a priority to 35 against to the starport and 1 to any other building (including the high-tech). Is true that most the time this Ordos goes against the starport, maybe 3 for every 4 attacks or so.
      But sometimes, for some reason, the IA goes against both bases at the same time. Is not a norm, but is something curious. At least the "0" to the building priority seem to work. Sometimes I forgot to set to 0 the walls and then I see the enemy attacking walls like mad. Also, this:
      In this image some Fremen are spawned from that Sietch. Although they have a priority to my imperial palace to 50, sometimes that group go against my main base (the rest of buildings are set to 1).
    • Mod: Allow fremen Sietch to build fremen
      You may look at this in my LJ. There is the main explanation of this. Nearly the same that Nuclear_harvester wrote above. I'll be happy, if you will write comment there.
    • Mission AI Research
      Indeed it doesn't seem to do anything, I tried with 1, 11, 99, 99999 and nothing changed. I don't know if we're doing something wrong or it just does not work at all.   If u think dune AI is dumb, just check Tiberian Sun's AI for example. They would always choose the closest enemy (or the player who annoyed them very early IIRC) and target that one player until he is dead (with all attacks and all superweapons). You can literally just walk near an enemy AI who is on the attack, and if he has someone else as their hated enemy those units will ignore you and move towards that player's base (unless you attack them, in this case they retaliate). In Dune I noticed it chooses an enemy building or unit (the enemy is not the closest, sometimes they tend to choose the human even if it's very far away) and gooes blindly towards that building/unit. However after more than likely a specified-in-the-AI-functions time it "rescans" the target and instead of rushing towards that building, it goes hunt mode, meaning that's when they literally just go for the closest enemy unit or building from their position. This is more efficient AI than the TS AI, as it won't simply run across your base ignoring you.
    • Mission AI Research
      AttackBuildingPriorit does work, but i only observe behavior change for when an AI has chosen which side to attack. for instance setting AttackBuildingPrioritBaracks(A) to 20,000 and AttackBuildingPrioritBaracks(H) to 10,000 does not make the AI attack the Atreides instead of the Harkonnen it only decides which building to attack when they are actually attacking a Faction's Base also setting it to 0,000 does not stop them from attacking the building when they are near it. on the Other hand if you set all buildings to 0,000 for the side the AI is inclined to attack first it does nothing or it ignores it(depending on unit type e.g stealth fremen behave oddly( observed berserk behavior or nothing)) even if all Other building belonging to different Factions/Houses have normal values 1,000-100,000 So Something is not right, i'm inclined to say AttackSide Priority is the Master setting(which doesn't seem to work) the only other explanation is the AI will always attack the closest enemy Base which means it's a rather dumb AI
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