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    • @dizM0nkey try this: https://github.com/CnCNet/cnc-ddraw/releases   Here is a example config for 2x scaling: https://imgur.com/a/kxsM1oY   Note: The config program doesn't support this new ddraw.dll yet so it will override it. Make sure you put the ddraw.dll back into the folder if you should ever open the config program.
    • Hey guys.  Was wondering if anyone had the old version of that allowed the build que patch as well. Lost my old version and the new one doesn’t have it built in.  Any help would be awesome.  Thanks Fam 
    • Hi @FunkyFr3sh ... I'm running Gruntmod on a 2K monitor and I'm trying to get the graphics to scale up. I'm not very familiar with direct draw, but I can read an ini file. When you mention using 2x or 3x scaling, how is this accomplished? I don't see it in the ddraw.ini and I don't happen to have a Scaling folder in my Dune 2000 directory. Any help you can provide is appreciated!
    • I think I prefer saboteurs to Fremen; on dune 2 where cool looking (well, just like any other trooper, but since they could spammend anywhere that was a suprise factor), but in dune 2000 they are not too strong against buildings as trooper; I still use them on mission 8, I think that there is a only infantry entrance; I remember taking the enemy CY by grouping 10-15 Fremen, finding the CY and taking it before trying to break the main front, so the AI don't rebuild the turrets. In dune 2 the sabo it's sooo fragile... fast true, but too fragile (and no cloak-invisibility); In the dune 2 campaign I made for dune 2000 the saboteur it's really strong, because you can literally take out any building you want (since no rifts, the sabo can roam free whatever he want). Also Saboteur and Fremen have the same building speed, but you need 10 Fremen to take a building (before the Ai react) but only 1 saboteur to do the job; on dune 2000 I usually send 3-4 to the enemy turrets and then going with a frontal attack. In dune 2 the deviator had the same visual in terrain as the missile launcher, only when selecting were different; the interesting part in Dune 2 it's that the Ordos are like 1 tech behind; on mission 6 (I think) you can build the siege tank with Atreides or Harkonnen, but not with the Ordos, for some reason they can't; So, to me, in dune 2000 wasn't surprise for the lack of missile tank... which it's a shame, i really love the visual of that vehicle over the other two tanks. Purple tanks are so good looking. I cannot tell for sure, but I think back in the day my version was the v1.02 too; dunno, the copy we made didn't allow us to play practice so I can't tell; but I remember much later, after messing with the config, overwritting with a crack and dunno what's more (I feel so good when I "hacked" the game, I mean, applying only the crack wasn't enough, plus I even copied the music from the game, until that point the game was only sound effects, no music); so, the time I played, I remember telling to my brother "hey, play this practice map" and I made the AI being playing hard (to make it harder, since my brother player a ton the game) but the AI was really dumb, he send a much bigger group of units my brother had, but the Ai for some reason choose 1 building and simply forget the other units that were on the path, so they keep diending and not trying to react; I feel so dissapointed (I wanted him to loose!"). In my opinion editors increase the lenght or whatever game. Streets of Rage Remake it's a game that I discovered (a bit late, was already shut down by sega, although I still could get it, you simply don't stop internet) and... that's like, 10 years ago? and I still play it, just because the 100 custom games created; And dune 2000 it's the same; I keep rotating from my own campaigns and still playing the very old ones, even if they are simple in terms of terrain design and scripting, but it's something I still enjoy to play. I think I played this one... or another prequel; today I look at videos and have no idea what the game it's about. I don't ever know if I played correctly back in time; It's like The Heroes of might and magic 2; I remember launching my hero to an neutral enemy, die, recruiting another hero, launching it against another neutral enemy and so on until no money left and still never win XD. Well, back in time you have your brother copying the game from a friend which copied from another friend... on a disquete (or 3, I think used to take dune 2); so... we have the manual (photocopied) with us; all except the first pages were talks about the mentats, the planets and that's part, there is only 1 part of the Harkonnen one because the info about some units were next (and saving money to not do unnecesary copy). I still have a folder... a LITERAL FOLDER full with passwords and anty-copy answerd; like the Budokan one, which we made by drawing the weird characters and then trying, whatever let us in, that's the correct, if not, a cross, and loading the game again and again and again until you had covered 90% at least, so you won't fail that much. Sometimes my brother had the anty-stuff hand-written, but that was those darkness times (still happy times though). I know, on Dune 2 once took me 8 hours to finish the last map. No spice to harvest and only 1 palace to use the saboteur, and praying the enemy turret didn't full-land (so the unit explode); when I saw "finish time: 8 hours" I was "whaaat?". Today I will restart the game, that's for sure XD. Or in Red alert 2; today I will beat both campaigns in normal and, unless still recent, maybe the yuri's expansion... but back in time (no expansion at all) I remember beating the game on normal, then on hard, then on easy and then on normal, all withouth desistalling the game, or passing months or anything. I remember looking for differences on some levels on different difficulties, and in red alert 2 on easy you start with more units and on hard the enemy produce more or at least other units as well; like mission 2 ally I think, the one with Tania and capturing a base with the 4 planes that go in auto-mode near the enemy soviet base. On normal they only build infantry, on hard they also build tanks, and on easy they don't do anything at all (or if he does, do it really slowly). On tiberian sun, at least, enemies shoot faster on hard; but took me lots of time to finish this other game due the train mission; I hate that map.
    • Let's finalize my way through Dune 2000 with a few last things. - I did not know only Ordos could not produce missile tanks. For quite some time, Ordos was my most favourite house. When playing practice, I very often or almost always chose Ordos. There were several reasons why, most importantly because Ordos had Raider instead of Trike which was my most favourite unit in Dune 2000 (I even built one from lego), I liked visual appearance of their buildings the most, I liked they were coloured green in campaign and had mercenaries as ally, and for some reason I thought deviators and saboteurs were really cool units (but in future I discovered they were rather inferior to other houses specials). I knew I could not build missile tanks in heavy factory, but I did not understand it was because Ordos were not able to produce them. When I later played Atreides campaign again, I built a IX research centre and suddenly I could build missile tanks, but I was thinking it was because I had something like more power to be able to build them or that they were buildable only in campaign and not in practice. Took me some time realizing how it really was. - I did not know about v1.06 patch and new multiplayer units during all my childhood. That was my very latest discovery about Dune 2000 when I was already on high school or even university (something around 2010). When I downloaded and started using map editors (Domination first, then Shai Hulud), I was really wondering what BLOXXMAS tileset was. I could not find this tileset in the original game, neither I was able to play maps which I attempted to create with this tileset - I was really very excited about the bridges and strongly desired to make maps using them. Then some time later, we had more computers at home and I wanted to play network multiplayer with my brother. We tried to play the game, but very often it was crashing due to desync. Then out of nowhere, my brother came up with a 1.06 patch for the game, which was supposed to have improved network game code and not to suffer from desync problem. So we were finally able to play the game, but apart from that, there were three new multiplayer units I've never seen. Unfortunately, I was not really so much excited about that because I was rather adult that time and was not so much keen on gaming like a kid anymore. But that somehow revived my interest in Dune 2000, and not long after that, I started being interested in Dune 2000 modding and custom campaign map creations and visiting Fed2K forum, which resulted in making first version of my Campaign Map Editor, and then developing it further and ending up with version 1.3 which we have today. And that's all my story around Dune 2000. Thank you dude for sharing your experience as well! Nice to read through this discussion. Heh, for me, the second game where I was in exactly same situation (game only in english, no idea how to play the game and what to do there) was Caesar3. That was another strategy game, but you build a roman city there. My dad assumed I liked strategy games (because of Dune2000) so he brought me this one as well. I somehow passed through some first tutorial missions by "build whatever available buildings" method, but then got totally lost. Everything was burning, everything was collapsing, I soon got into dept as I had no idea how to earn money etc. But then again, after installing czech translation, I learned how to play the game and understood the mechanic, and eventually I became really very good at that game. I had a version of the game where I could simply skip this question by pressing enter without writing anything.   Heh, that was absolutely nothing for me. You know, as a kid, I had almost unlimited time for playing computer games, so 20 minutes waiting? Nothing! I spent hours doing much more pointless things as I described in the other thread!  
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