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    • In terms of completion you're correct. The Allegro version is by far the most feature complete. (Although you could argue the version I had on my arrakis (download) page also is quite far.) But you have caught my attention... In fact, it is a sad track record to see so many rewrites and none of them completed. I counted them today and I came up with a total of 6. Although back in the day it made sense, (much free time, and learning new things) nowadays I would never consider to rewrite. Heck, even in my professional career as Software Engineer I advice mostly against rewrites... That being said, I spent some time today to go through the source code and found WIP 337 (which is further than DEMO 4.0 I believe) and got it compiling on my machine. I have made sure the master branch on Github points to the WIP 337 version now. So basically there will be 2 repos then, the Allegro one and the Java one. Its nice to have it back to a state where you can play/do stuff and improve from there. The big overhaul (refactoring) i started on those WIP versions where too much. (a lesson I already learned, but d2tm tends to stay behind several years).  It would be nice to deliver a completed version at some point, although I am not sure how many people would play it anyway. (also considering the many other clones out there), but who knows. I mostly do this for fun anyway. Regardless, it is nice of you to remind me and care for its progress. Its motivating, even if the message might be a bit hard to hear (though you're right).
    • well, let's be realistic... the Java version is too far from completion and the people of the Dune 2 community are getting old. I understand if you're having fun with Java, but if you aim to deliver to history a complete game, maybe the Allegro version still has more chances
    • Hello Ivan, you can get it to work like this: Do the same procedure as the first post, but use a 1.06 patch with Italian settings (instead of the US one), this one: https://forum.dune2k.com/files/file/130-dune-2000-106-patch-italian/ After that make sure there is a file named "UI_ITA.R16" in the "Data" folder. If there is only the file "UI_ENG.R16", you can copy this file and rename it to "UI_ITA.R16". I tried this and so far the game seems to work good. Proof:
    • I understand how you feel. In fact I tried this a few times (working on the Allegro version). However, I found it in such a state that I had to revert quite a bit of commits to get to a working DEMO 4.5 state. The Java attempt is taking much longer, yes, and its hard to build such a game with the time constraints given. Then again, I haven't given up yet. (although development pace is a crawl). The demo looks a lot more complete, which is true. Most noticeably it misses the options menu. 
    • Just to mention you that now that I finished testing Feda's stuff, I wanted to give a second try into your coop maps. I played using the skirmish way, just to have a better overall feeling. - Mission 1: it's just like the last time, but now it is better. Not much work to do for the player, but at least it is possible to harvester hunt here and there and kill that siege tank that can decimate smugglers allies. Here it is required extra info on which houses and colors all those AI are. - Mission 2: well, with an actual ally it is much more easy; I spend the early minutes to have a decent army, but after that I only took care on the eventual defense, as my ally was building units, so I focused on gather the 10.000 credits while the other was focused on the defensive part <-- required extra info, as I had no idea the enemy was suppose to be Ixian, so I just make them Ordos. - Mission 3: easy mission even playing alone; the enemy ais barely attack, only one of them was sending eventual small waves from time to time, but the other Ai spend plenty of minutes before sending any sort of attack. The only hard part was when the spice was running out and I had to quickly build multiple carryalls to prevent harvesters to go walking around. On this map I feel the AI never rebuilding anything,I have no idea how the skirmish part works, but not even my ally build anything, deployed the MCV and that's it. But maybe... maybe on skirmish style (but without using the online feature it self, even if I used the C&C.net tool to play it), maybe the AI tabs works as intended. As I can see, smugglers AI (bottom-right base) has the "rebuild buildings" into 0, so they never tried to rebuild the turrets destroyed, and although they have no active a skirmish style of AI, while playing on the skirmish way the Ai still sell all the buildings if it cannot continue. Interesting. I still need to play the last mission, which I will did tomorrow. But one thing, you may need to alter the name on the .ini itself (or with the editor) because right now they are randomly placed into the list of maps. 2 of them are called "Coop <something>" and the other 2 are simply "honored Matres mission <X>".
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