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    • Now that I posted my experience, time for an actual review. Pros: - Good story. I can tell you spend hours on it (or maybe I'm just bad). - Ally. Most modern RTS seems to forget that the player is not alone in the world. What unique to Dune is you actually have a strong ally. - Twist. I love twist. I didn't expect that Durant will betray me. - The terrain was ok-ish, except for S9V1, which is good. Too many empty space, I think. I also like the custom infantry path you made. - 2 versions with different objectives.   Cons: - Difficulty hikes after mission 6. I expect smoother line. I suggest increasing the difficulty of mission 5 & 6. - Too many harvesters replacement event! I suggest you remove them for any AI who has Heavy Factory, please add "If refinery exist condition" for these events. This would also create space for more events. - Player (ok, maybe only me) often confused on what to do. If the game has multiple step-by-step objective, I suggest you loop the message telling the current objective (RA2 style). That also solve the problem with mission 9. - Most Fremen leaders was forgettable. Why bother giving them name? - Only one side to defense. Especially in later mission, the enemy rarely attack you on more than one path. So mass turret was too effective. Ordos's Tactic 9 by Cm_blast did a nice job on this.   Neutrals: - No named Fremen died in Sietch in mission 9, inconsistency. - 2 versions. I'm not really the fan of this system, I'd prefer a route system where if you decide on option A, then you go all the way on version A. - No twist on enemy side.
    • Hehe, I don't blame ya. Your feedback will be really helpful when I go back and update this campaign, I'm sure.
    • Maybe later. I'm tired after S9V2.
    • XD This is a good not-twist! lol

      Yeah, no kidding! Good going, Runtowin.

      Ohh, I see. Okay, I'll try increasing the rebuilding time. That'll do it.

      Yeah, I'll be sure to fix that. Whatever it is. XD I don't know how I manage to break something every single time I come out with a new update. T_T
    • Bad, Fey loves good plot twist xD (I'm sorry for intruding on your conversation). He, I said some post ago "I am prepared for the 2 hour long on the last mission", and here we have a player that did it I am not sure what part of the map of which AI it is about, but if the AI it's not in "practice" mode they don't care about building limits. The original maps have a limit of 1, but the AI always rebuild anything that you destroy. The only way to stop them it's or removing the CY or the "rebuildbuildings" set to 0 (but that'll affect the rest of the buildings to). However, the AI section have a "TimeBeforeRebuilding <building>". You can try to increase the value for the turrets so the AI takes 15-20 minutes to rebuild it or something like that (but still rebuilding everything else at a normal pace). I don't know if that line works, but you can try it. For the record. They show as "ally" on screen (not enemy or neutral units), so a change if alliances it's not done right and you are ally with them but them are neutral toward you.
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