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    • A new 10 year scenario using a revised Party Machines map. Cities renamed after rivers. River World.MP2
    • I am playing this right now. Wow, so far this is the shorter campaign I ever play. I already beat 7 missions in a very short time.
        Mission 1:
      It's in your line of work. The type of map I was expecting (player recieving units constatly, the enemy attacking constatly). Nothing wrong with this. Mission 2:
      Mission 3:
      Simple map. Some harass at the beggining but nothing too heavy.
      Just want to point that you can build any type of building to update the tech (I'll said silo because it's cheap), but also selling a building do the trick. Mission 4:
      Good enough mission. I underestimate the enemy, and went through the middle of the map. A bit of bottleneck and figthing the two enemies cost me lots of losses, but Didn't needed to reload the map; I just group and attack the Harkonnen first as far as possible from his allies and that's it, easy to win. Mission 5:
      Ok, here it's s a big problem with the map being so small. The problem it's: I placed a refinery in the right-down place, and the enemy send all his defensive units against me. After that first wave died, except for the other attacks by reinforcements destroying the enemy base was not even a problem. They just keep sending units 1 by 1, attacking my refinery (because that building was too near to them), dieing in the process, repeat. With no defensive units besides the pre-placed units (which you can take by rock-paper-scissor tactic) I defeat the main factories with only 15 units. Mission 6:

      Which it's a shame =(. I'l probably play this map once again and wait until the time runs out. Mission 7:
      Again, huge problem with the map size and the way the Harkonnen base it's deployed. I was looking into my own rock area (I didn't even went far from that), but that was enough to get the attention of a Harkonnen light infantry. My raiders kill him and that bring the rest of his units. From that point Harkonnen were sending his units one by one until depleting all his money. With no other external enemy attacks or defenses only took me a couple of raiders and 6 trooper/infantry to do the most damage. Only the Atreides attack me once.
      Ps: I am playing all the maps blindy, so I am not even trying to exploit AI weakness or something. They just happen naturally. The size of those small maps and the way you placed some enemy bases it's making the AI to do weird stuff even withouth forcing it.
    • aaaand Just now I discover there is a patch to fix the Loops T_T. I remember me using Dune Legacy's Editor to add/change buildings, units and reinforcements, saving the map but playing it in Dune 2. Sad I didn't found this thing before.
    • Ahhhh, good memories from this version.
    • c&c score is linked to the mission number. The maximum is 100 times the mission number. Not only that, but doing an entire mission with only one combat unit will increase the score by another 100. I once finished GDI 14 with only the mammoth, resulting in giving me 1500 as final score. Dune 2000 follows the c&c example. I think that Dune 2 score, when calculated right. Is one of the fairest scores out there. Getting points for making kills and harvesting spice. Losing points for the mission time.
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