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    • I do not use trainers, nor hacks. And when I do, I would announce it. And for what reason I would use it. As 13 year old, I did not know what kind of game I had. It sure felt as a legit game to me. It was 1997 when I got the game. It was installed on a 386, and didn't need a cd. I remember that the version number had a 3 on the end. Not a 7. From the same guy, we got the diskettes some time later. No cd. It took me a couple of years to find out that the original game had a cd as well. Is it so hard to believe that the limits on certain units might have been different somehow? I even had invisible saboteurs that where only visible on the radar. And they popped waaaay too soon. Yet, I could get about 20 running at the same time. Now, the mobile version DOES have the limits of 10 for air and 2 for saboteurs, which are actually visible now. Sounds more hacked to me that the one I played 19 years ago. I indeed said that I did not capture the Barracks. No need to repeat me
    • but in that time it was not possible to build such tunnels, especially not within reasonable costs (and time!). at least if playing on a map with the scale of eastern USA. small tunnels are so small that they are not shown in the game and part of mountain tracks anyways, in my oppinion.
    • you get out of boston over the sea to allentown. i just loaded my last game, i also have a track through the N.Y. area, with no grade higher than 3.5, but it does have some corners. since the boston area is likely your main source for rubber you'll have to find a way out of there. though in my last game i solved it differently: the best usable tire plant was in burlington and i had different stations for rubber delivery (on top of the mountains) and even 2 for tires pickup (downhill across the river). not sure if that was cheating, but there was no way to do it with less stations. i don't remember fixing milk demand and my notes say nothing about that. but i just checked: milk demand is recovering. i have one milk train in my last save and the demand recovered after delivery. i did fix demand for ports, autoplants and cannery. my exe does have a different name, too. it always bothered me that RT2 is mostly about shipping passengers, while following long production chains (like automobiles) doesn't pay off. in v7 it doesn't pay off either, but you have to do it for the victory conditions *lol* the only change for hardmode is that engine purchase stays at +100%, while usually it drops to +60% (for gold medal) in 1950. that doesn't sound like a big change, but i think it actually is (especially since maintenance is tied to purchase price). i think you get the choice if you have 30m+ company cash in 1945. version 7 is pretty much done, i'll wait to see if i find anything more that i want to change, then i'll upload. altough v7 has many changes that satisfy me alot, there's nothing gamechanging.
    • My hex-edited demand for goods at houses has no recovery, so what it does is provide a bunch of one-shot goods demands at villages that are normally too small to create demand. I don't think that cutting mountains is cheating. I see it as compensating for the lack of tunnels. It's just another way of paying a steep price to avoid a steep RR. If a city name does not appear on the map, then its city-center is probably in water (e.g. Lake Champlain). If you open the map in the editor, where is Burlington's town-marker? I had this problem with SF in my map, so I had to add a label to the map. If you look closely in US History, SF's name is a different color than a natural city name. That's because the actual city name is invisible, so you're seeing only a manual label. The AI keeps a record of every town/city that gets "connected". No AI company will ever build a station in any such town, even if the original connecting station is subsequently demolished. (Even worse, the AI may build to where a station was, even after that station has been destroyed by an event). In maps allowing disconnected track, you may use this "feature" to claim cities in single-player. Just drop small stations in cities you want for yourself. You can hook them up and expand them later.  
    • I use villages to add pax to trains that start half-full from cities. I sometimes start "short" trains from cities that face mountains, and then I add pax cars in villages above the climb.
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