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    • One of these days. I'm super busy - and working on a Dune 2000 campaign in my spare time. lol
    • So... go play it? With Dune Dynasty around, you have little excuse not to 
    • Now you know exactly with I was dealing with XD. This idea came like 2 years and a half ago. There only was the Atreides one, but that was my second campaign ever made, so had lot of problems. Like half year later (and 1 or 2 more campaigns made in between) I created the other two houses with the same style, but had the same problems. The campaign was begging to be updated completely.  Tecnically speaking, this should be the final version.
    • ayy lmao

      Looks cool, Cm. Never played Dune 2, but was always curious.
    • Back in time I created a campaign based in the Dune 2 game, but until now I didn’t update it. Today I can release the campaign again, not only update to work with the mission launcher, but also a good amount of changes on the AI to balance the game: More stable, improved and more fun to play (and harder). Later I will detail some of the main changes regarding the old version. Features:
      - Type of terrain based on the original Dune 2: Wide areas to move and attack, no rifts, mostly rock, sand, spice and dunes.
      - Spice limited; no blooms or way to get more money once all has been depleted.
      - Starting money, initial units, reinforcements and the configuration of the enemy base is heavily based in the original maps from Dune 2.
      - Briefing and advices extracted directly from Dune 2.
      - Voice and text “Enemy units approaching!” will warn players when an enemy carryall drops units around the base.
      - Overall is more easy with the Atreides and more harder with the Ordos.
      - The tech tree and weaponry is still the one from the Dune 2000 game: Troopers for Atreides, Trikes for Harkonnen...   Basic tips:
      - If you are not used to the game, play the full campaign on easy (cost of units/building reduced and enemy reinforcements will be the same as the original Dune 2). Also, Atreides is the more easy of the three.
      - Defense yourself using gun turrets at the beginning (later rocket turrets may be added).
      - In advance missions don’t attack the enemy base from the front. The sides are always less protected and require less units/effort to do the most damage.
      -Don't over harvest. Build silos and/or stop harversters if you haverst more than needed.   Main changes from the old version:
      - Sandworm presented in almost all missions.
      - No more AI not building certain type of unit because wrong proportions.
      - Missions where the AI don’t have light factory, the production of heavy tanks will be reduced.
      - New behaviour to the AI in mission 2: Passive until the player confronts it.
      - Improved AI (all missions): First and subsequent attacks are more efficient/stronger.
      - Adaptive AI: The more enemies are present, the production of units is reduced and the time between attacks is delayed.
      - A new mission 7 in the Atreides Campaign (last one has lots of problem due the way Dune 2000 works).
      - All the reinforcements now appear 75% faster.
      - New voice line of dialogue “Enemy units approaching!” said by the mentat.
      - Both text and voice “Enemy units approaching!” now appears when the carryall is dropping the units instead when the carryall enter the scenario.
      - Initial defensive units given to the AI.
      - More "guard area" units around the enemy base (most in the front).
      - Carryalls no longer pick up vehicles for short travels.
      - In missions with 2 AI sharing the same area (2 enemies together) have the same proportion of units patrolling as if they were only one.
      - AI don't build faster under attack (same pace whether it is attacked or not).
      - Starport removed from the AI bases.
      - Mission 9 reinforcement now loops in intervals. No longer the first enemy drop will repeat over and over due the short timer.
      - More initial money to the player and less to the Atreides in the mission 9 of the Ordos campaign. Also an extra mine field of spice in the enemy base (the mission is still more harder than Atreides/Harkonnen version).   Images here:
        Download the three campaigns here:
      Dune 2 Campaign.rar
      How to install: Copy/move the files from the "mission" Folder into the "mission" folder on your Dune2000\gruntmod.
      Coping "tiledata.bin" into "\data\bin" is totally necessary (skip this step if you already did it to any other campaign).

      Readme.txt included with all the information needed. If you have already done this with other campaigns then only the files from the "mission" folder are needed.
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