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    • Like Feda said. Everything you add to "Atreides" will be added to "Fremen", same with Hark-Emperor, and same with Ord-Merc-smug.

      If you want to create a campaign for House Corrino, I can suggest you to add everything you want to the player, without caring if the IA can build it too. I'll explain:
      Let's say you want the Emperor to have raiders. This will make Harkonnen have them too, but if you check in the Klofkack map and mission editor, there is a tab which control all the parameters of the Ia, including a good number called "Unit Build priority <X unit>". After you are sure the emperor (player) can build Raiders, then in this editor in the Harkonnen IA, in the section "Unit Build priority Raider" set that number to 0, this way the Harkonnen, técnically they can build the raider too, but since this number is set to 0 that means he never will build it. Imagen here:

      By default is set to 1.
      For example, my Corrino Campaign (which I used Tibed for, like you, wanted to add the Imperial Palace and Sardaukar). In my campaign there isn't Harkonnen so I am not affected at all, but for example when I update the campaign, I added the unit "Fremen Non Stealth" to Atreides, which the Atr.Barracks requirements (so he trains infantry, trooper and Fremen). This change affect all the campaign and levels, however... only in misson 4 the Atreides train Fremen at all (after that the alliance break up, and the Fremen no longer fight for Atr). = UnitBuildPriority FREMEN 0,000 and that's it. You also can focus in the Imperial Heavy Factory and the Mercenary heavy factory, they are specials and unique, no one besides Emperor/Merc have that specific building, so if you change the owner to the "Devastator" to "Emperor" (and removing Harkonnen), now only the Emperor will have access to that unit. In resumen: worry more about what the player can build that the Ia, since later, in the IA tab you can disable everything you don't want then to build.  
    • The_Legacy, maybe you should read this topics: There, you can find more stuff and a start point to understand how and if you can change the game like you want.   Opendune is great to start to expand the game, though I think DuneLegacy has already most of new modern functionality to give more life to a game that has more than 20 years old. By the way, I'm still waiting a reply about my last PR: hoping that someone read it somewhere.
    • TibEd is really terrible but unfortunately is the only decent editing program for Dune2000. As I have learned from my own experience a few months ago, the side thing is kinda messed up. The way it works is that if you, for example, enable the Sardaukar for Emperor side but disable it for anyone else, the Harkonnen will be able to train it as well, because the Emperor is technically a Harkonnen player with few special buildings. I'm assuming this is because the 2 sides share same barracks, but not sure. So, the same rules apply for Ordos-Smuggler-Mercenary (all Ordos with slight differences, so Mercenary Heavy Factory could be a thing to look into) and the Atreides-Fremen (which I believe are 100% identical).
    • Hello to all. Sorry for my bad english, but I'm using a translator, because I'm Italian.
      I'm creating a campaign for home Corrino, but I would like to make available to build the units as the Ordos Raider and Deviator or Atreides Sonic Tank or structures like the Atreides/Ordos/Harkonnen palace.
      For this I am using Tibed. The only problem is these units and structures become available to all the other Houses. But i have select olnly Emperor House in addition to the original (for exemple "Raider - Owner: Ordos,Smuggler,Mercenary,Emperor) . For example, in Skirmish mode, if you play with Atreides, you can build Raider, Devastator, Deviator, Ordos Palace etc. The same things with other Houses. It's a Tibed bug with Dune 2000 Gruntmods Edition? There are other programs in order to change these settings correctly? Thank you all and again sorry for my bad english.
    • wow thanks guys. I've added these new projects to my Dune Games Website while doing the latest updates. Spad: Woah that Operation flashpoint Dune FPS one is really good. I stumbled a cross some awesome gameplay videos not from the authors. In this one the guy hides in the dunes and launches a missile assault on a Harkonnen base blasting vehicles, men and turrets.. and in this one he's a spice harvester crewmember desperately trying to escape a giant worm attack, it doesn't end well haha!   Hmmm I notice this forum has changed and I can't seem to edit my first post to reflect the latest changes? Where's the edit button these days? Update - I've got one for this post but not the older ones grr.. Oh well while I can't update the list in this thread I've certainly updated my site lol, here's the latest changes..   New Dune related projects added: Dune FPS Mod – A really cool Total Conversion Mod for Operation Flashpoint Dune C&C3 – Good looking Total Conversion Mod for C&C3 Tiberium Wars. Dune 2000 3D – 3D remake of Dune 2000, doesn’t look like it got far sadly. C++ Dune RTS Remake – Added to RIP section as unfortunately I didn’t take snaps of his videos in time before he took them down.   Changes made to existing Dune content: General - Contents menu added. General - All back buttons changed to utilise HTML bookmarks. Now users don’t have to re-scroll down the entire page constantly! General - Fixed some missing slashes in code. Dune Wars - Added new info about project revival. Dune Legacy - Added new info about 2016 HD graphics overhaul. Battle for Dune: War of Assassins - Added a new cool picture of sunset sniper rifle.
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