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Fed2k Game Matchups


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Bah, my best game I had over 5000 points; a full 2000 above the next guy. ;D

Just points don't say anything. I mean, those points could have been gotten by pounding an enemy building with a vehicle (tank, Art., MRLS), while being under cover and an engineer backing you up (not saying that you did, but just points don't say much).

And Ex, if you like sniping, try sniping in BF1942, you'll find it much more of a challenge...

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I like Uther Party 0.25a! ;D

Sometimes I just edit Rich Man's Garden with lvl 9-10 creeps till I reach the max and save it as a new map and then invite my friends to play on it.And sometimes the creeps are so close to the starting point that when I place an arcane sanctum down right in front my castle,it gets destroyed by the creeps. ;D

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sure ill play u when i get back home (to my good computer) im gonna go home tommorow ;)

i beat brennq once, he beat me once

brennq has under 10 wins and over 40 losses

i have 0 wins 1 loss after we polayed 2v2

u play on which server do u play on?

europe,asia,USA east or USA west?

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