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  1. I am protected against it.. its just a warning for those who arnt.
  2. From my recollection this site drops alot of spyware etc into your computer.
  3. The isnt much refinement left since all viable strategies are known/used. Im not saying you have to leave the game.. but alot of the old school pros are long gone so competition is toned down. Remember your only as good as the people you play most.
  4. As far as i know brennq held the #1 belgian for QM. There was a point when you could just log and play... i think when a game hits the point matches have to be arranged somewhat in advance it should just be left. Emperor has had its glory days and they are long past.
  5. imo all houses are balanced and its just a case of who out-plays the other
  6. wraith126

    Red Alert 3

    i dont care as long as the game is balanced P.S allies all the way
  7. i dont know if i will be getting it.. i like empire earth because there is alot of strategy that can be developed from it. i just hope it doesnt end up like the 1st online. - certain epochs are over played - pre to nano games not a single military unit is built before modern age - mass bombers in ww1/ww2 and modern epoch games but empire earth 2 does look like a decent game.
  8. wraith126

    Red Alert 3

    I havnt came across or heard about any other form of announcment.
  9. wraith126

    Red Alert 3

  10. sorry but i did beat you doom... i also recall my friend owning gunwounds with his "mass mongoose". i played 2vs2 and 1vs1 with 0m3n and brennq all the time. but heres where i own you with reading skill doomp0w3r... read back and look where i said they were better than me, please read all the posts before replying thanks. doom in the 2v2s we played with me brennq, 0m3n and you if i recall youd always be the 1 wiped out 1st if nobody got doubled. doom sadly i was better than you.. im sure 0m3n can vouch(not sure of the spelling) for that me 0m3n, mord and brennq had 2v2s that lasted hours...
  11. spicy a few laser tanks can deal out 3 times their value in damage easily with hit and runs micro is just a short term for unit control also if player skill is even it doesnt come down to the house.. its who out plays the other
  12. its sad people still think ordos doesnt dominate early game... why do you think skum0m3n played ordos? laser tanks could do triple their costs worth of damage easily. ordos is a micro intensive house and if microed ordos will win easily. ordos low tech is probably the best due to the speed... when will people realise speed is a very important factor in RTS games. till you hit the levels me brennq 0m3n and mord are/were at you dont realise.. ask any of them about "the fastest wins" because thats true.. at equal speeds it comes down to micro and ordos gets the most benefit from micro.
  13. ok.... the better player will always win in emperor no matter the houses and maps (disregarding the guild subhouse) if the play skill is the same then it comes down to the map-house. atriedes on small maps are good simply because minos dont have to walk far... on a large map ordos will beat atriedes due to harvester harasing. as you can guess i no longer play emperor online and stopped a very long time ago. sadly all this game has come down to is who is the fastest... brennq knew it, 0m3n knew it andim sure allthe other pros out there know it. half a second slower would mean a loss. the game is decided after the first battle about 80% of the time.
  14. air drones are too good harkonnen gunships are too good minotaurs are rigged sonic tanks are too poor kobra speed reduction after being hit is too much i disagree with the rock paper scissors theory.. its all dependant on the map and player skill
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