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Fed2k Game Matchups


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If people like to join the GameHeaven clan night for Battlefield 1942, look for server specifics here.

The clan night is always held on Friday night, 7pm GMT or so (maybe a bit later), untill we fall asleep :).

We're playing just to have fun (so no swearing when someone isn't doing that good !).

As not all our members have expension packs, it's the original maps that are being played.

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Last night we played a little play of BF42 and guess someone won (it was Doc by the way)

I love it how we can just shoot people we know for no other reason than that they are on the opposite side (or they simply get in our way ;D )

We always have alot of fun, even when Doc wins on his own and he has 3 opponents ...

It's all about having fun, so if there are peeps out there that are willing to join the GH clan members in a friendly (or not so friendly ;)) shoot-up, feel free to join us.

Like stated, we convene every friday. THIS THREAD holds all the information about where to find us.

Hope to see some new faces soon.

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Nope, with the SNES version that is impossible, but with the GBA version however, it should be possible, if there would be an emulator that supports netgames, which there isn't... too bad, but 2 player is alot of fun!

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I guess it is about time to refresh the list.

-Neverwinter Nights

-Call of Duty

-Mech Warrior: Mercenaries

-Medal of Honor [War Chest]

-Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos

-C&C: Renegade

-Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy

-C&C: Generals / Zero Hour

-Empire Earth

-Battlefield: Vietnam

Many other games, I forgot to mention.

Ta-Ta for now!  :)

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lol, I have the program, the games installed, and everything. I used to play happily and all. My friend gave me this account and stuff, with the password, and he never told me the *Code* or whatever it takes to get your password. So I can't have it.

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Time for a little update

Warcraft 3 the frozen throne, or Reign of Chaos if the other player doesn't have froze throne... (custom games, mainly TD's)

C&C Generals

Emperor Battle for Dune

Dune 2000

C&C Red Alert 2

UT (not 2003 or 2004, just plain old UT)


Battle Realms

Kiss Psycho Circus: The Nightmare Child

Mario Kart (with SNES emulator)

Soldier of Fortune Platimun

C&C Tiberean Sun

So in short:

Removed C&C Red Alert because it doesn't run for me on XP

Removed Pain Killer because I have no CD key anyway

Added Reign of Chaos for the people who don't have Frozen Throne

Added Soldier of Fortune Platimun, great fun online :P

Added C&C TS, finally got it to work on my "new" PC... ;D

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I'll play BF-V with you guys.

I am F1r3w4ll [GH] but I need to get the latest patch that came out ? Can anyone tell me what that is - or a link to download it?

You will need the latest patch. Just look at EA's site.

As you may know we have 2 Battlefield gameheaven.nl servers. We're trying to see if we can put Battlefield Vietnam on one ;)

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