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  1. Kyle

    Happy Halloween!

    howdy happy halloween! [attachment archived by Gobalopper]
  2. Well i like it lol And online is awesome. Think i'm still gonna play guild wars more than this but i'll be playing this a bunch too.
  3. don't have it yet...it's on the way though...i'll letcha know
  4. on the wireless network at my school it works fine just not the wall network...so it's either too much traffic that it lags so much and won't play or some firewall on the wall server that's not on the wireless...doesn't matter i'm happy...i can play just have to go down to the student center lol
  5. Games I currently play online: Guild Wars (Yogi Snooferson/Mushu Heal You) Star Wars Battlefront 2 (kylemcfly)
  6. Same problem was happening on my roommates computer...so therefore i realized it wasn't my computer it was the stupid school network that i'm on. It sometimes slows down and won't play guild wars, but the rest of the time it will.
  7. well It's worked on this computer on this school network before...but now it freezes up everytime it goes to the "piken square" screen and goes from 0 to 100. so i tried to uninstall and then reinstall...and now i can't even install it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  8. I'm having trouble with guild wars on my school network. Is Nyar still on Fed2k? cuz I think last time i had an issue he was able to fix it quickly.
  9. *drools in amazement* when's this game coming out?
  10. games i play online/login names diablo II lod/kylemcfly starcraft: brood war/kylemcfly delta force 2:Kyle McFly dune 2000:kylemcfly, dunatic14 emperor:kylemcfly, dunatic14 games i play offline neverwinter nights rainbow six eagle watch frank herbert's dune games i want to get war of the ring lotr-the third age halo 2 8) 8) 8) 8) 8)
  11. lol never said it didn't lock heh...let me rephrase...i attempted to play a game last night lol ;D
  12. Kyle

    LOTR-The Third Age

    Wow...i saw this preview on tv last night and my jaw hit the floor...an rpg for lotr. Can't wait!
  13. i think i'm gonna start playing again...played a game last night in fact
  14. my new one: kyle001400@yahoo.com wol/xwis:kylemcfly/dunatic14
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