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  1. APC is useful. Scout inside of APC = APC with scout abilities. Pick up APC with caryal and use it to scout/ hunt down invisible units that can get away from a scout easily.
  2. I'm blobtron, i played when this game came out. I stopped alittle while after the new xwis server came out. any people here i might know? off the top of my head i remember bilbo cbrick harkdawg gunwounds pointybum
  3. Hello old friends it is me, Blobtron from the very old days of dune. I stopped playing dune but i have not forgotten about this game and everyone here. I just wanted to stop by and say hello, and if you're curious as to where i lurk now, its on the MISC forum of bodybuilding.com. I would enjoy playing a game of dune now and then but i don't have a copy. So what has happened in the past few years with Emperor and your lives? has anyone met a fellow dune player?
  4. I havent launched a single nuke when playing in this server ??? And when i entered a lobby everything was transparent and tinted blue like that dune pic, just a glitch
  5. well from all these years of playing ive probably launched 100-200 missiles. According to the manual when you achieve a god-like status you get this screen. im selling this copy, bidding starts at $80
  6. can someone give me step by step instructions Now make 3 new folders and name them "CD2" "CD3" and "CD4" then copy CD2 into CD2 etc. that part gets me
  7. im not leaving, not yet. Hello jeff and deluged howve you 2 been. Jeff remember poppinman? we made a clan on halo 2 a while back, i sold my xbox though so havent heard from him in awhile
  8. i just remembered why i left, see you guys in another 2 years
  9. well i never cared to begin with but ok we can start over ... we're not a couple are we?
  10. tough crowd... Well spicy i dont hold grudges against anyone but if youre referring to the insults we exchanged in-game awhile back dont be troubled by that anymore, i wasnt being serious. No offense but its easy to play with your mind using insults and thats the only reason why i did it. (besides the fact that you insulted every member of my family for no reason) Anyway I apologize if my comments may have upset you but just remember, if you play with tigers you get eaten.
  11. yeah i resevered a copy. There are still alot of people around, more than when i left. Is pointybum still here?
  12. hello everyone this is blobtron, Ive been playing dune for about 2 months now but I forgot my password and was unable to logon untill now.
  13. Id like to make a point before i dissapear off the map, The reason why alot of new players didnt stick around was because you guys had small communities, like gunwounds for example, he would kick any new players from his games, there were a few others that did the same. Besides that new players dont have a chance of beating any old players the veterans are about a step away of becoming mindless lumps of gas emmiting drones that react to an action with a certain routine, It takes the fun out of the game. Next time you see a new player try something new, like pairing him with someone who atleast knows how to ally
  14. I wouldnt be a good partner, i dont usually get on, sometimes i will around 12 am pacific time
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