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Fed2k Game Matchups


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Online nick; Lt.Raczak.

Did you just try IMming me, by the way? I think I cancelled out a window from a new user while typing... stupid set-up AIM has.

That was me, sorry if I bothered you. Got TS, trying to figure it out.  :-

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Ok, as of now - these are the games I play.

*Call of Duty (In-Game-Name: -Vanquish-/-BrYoRaMa-)

*Knight Online

-Healer/Druid x3 Warhammer +4 100 dmg.

-Ranger/Archer x2

-Warrior/Blademaster x1

-Ranger/Archer x-8 Rapt Bow +1 26 dmg.

*C&C Generals (In-Game-Name: Bryorama 85/27(?))

Games I don't play, but can.

*Battlefield: Vietnam

*Empire Earth

*Medal of Honor (All exp. ,too)

*Return to castle wolfenstein

*Red Alert 2

*Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge

*C&C Generals: Zero Hour (I think this game is just pure crap..)

*Delta Force: Black Hawk Down

*Halo: Combat Evolved


*Warcraft 3: Reigns of Chaos

*Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy

*C&C: Renegade

*Medieval: Total War (Can't get MP working??)

That's all for now...

[Edit]: Getting CS, I need to get it so I can operate the load of games steam has to offer.

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Cossacks: Back To War (1.35V and I'm a master of this game, Nick: [FSB]ORX-15)

Savage: Battle for Newerth (Nick: Orxian)

Quake III: Arena (Not too good @ it, I have illegal version so only for direct conection, nick: [FoA]Orxian)

StarCraft: Brood War ( Also illegal  :-[ , I play on Lithuanian cracked B-Net "Fortas", PM me if you want to conect to this server, nick [FoA]Orxian)

Call of Duty ( Name's [N]Orxian )

WarCraft III (Name's Orxian)

Could play:

Battlefield 1942 with ex packs

Halo: Combat Evolved

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Let's list the games I like to play online.


Warcraft 3 the frozen throne (custom games, mainly TD's)

C&C Generals

Emperor Battle for Dune

Dune 2000

C&C Red Alert (2)

UT (not 2003 or 2004, just plain old UT)


Battle Realms

Pain Killer (illegal however, I really need to go get a legal version of that one, it's awesome)

Kiss Psycho Circus: The Nightmare Child

Mario Kart (with SNES emulator  :P)

I do have still quite a lot more, but these are the ones I enjoy most online or on a LAN

My WOL  nick: aipandor

My BNET nick: PowerNoodle

For other games I mostly use DooM or [mOo]DooM

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