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Fed2k Game Matchups


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games i play online/login names

diablo II lod/kylemcfly

starcraft: brood war/kylemcfly

delta force 2:Kyle McFly

dune 2000:kylemcfly, dunatic14

emperor:kylemcfly, dunatic14

games i play offline

neverwinter nights

rainbow six eagle watch

frank herbert's dune

games i want to get

war of the ring

lotr-the third age

halo 2

8) 8) 8) 8) 8)

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*drools in amazement*  when's this game coming out?

It's supposed to come out in March 2005. Currently I am in a beta that takes place every first weekend of the month. I'm a Diablo fan myself and Guild Wars is getting pretty close to it. The world is awesome and the graphics are stunning.

Just follow the board Guild Wars on gameheaven for more screenies :)

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Games that I play :)

Emp OnLINE=Nuvolari or Azzurri

Counterstrie source(playing on my bro's account)=BMW ///M3 or Italian Lady.

StarCraft BroodWar(again playing on my bro's account)= The-One-Shoot

and the last one Doom 3 Online = Italian Lady

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Counter-Strike 1.6 (very often)

Emperor (from time to time)

Painkiller (infrequent)

Quake 3 (very infrequent)





Need For Speed Underground 2

Return To Castle Wolfenstein

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