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The God Emperor's Dune


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Yes; so what happens to the planet? The resources? The territorial space around the system?

Like I said, it must be decided in the Landsraad since the former ruling House clearly has no ability to lay a claim to it.

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Arch-Duchess Lisa Cobras walked into her throne room one day and saw a young man standing there wearing red. She sat down on her throne.

"Ok, give whatever your message is."

The young man handed her his message and she read it.

After she was done readng it she dropped it, sat back in her chair and felt that the Imperium had dogded one bullet only to be hit by a missile.

The message she got is as follows:

Arch-Duchess Lisa Cobras of House Cobras,

Years ago you fought against us and failed. We have choosen to forget this hostility if you choose to join us. We are returning soon and when we do we shall make the Imperium regret everything they ever did to us! We shall not be denied what is ours! Not by you, the Bene Gesserit, the Sardaukar or anyone! We shall not be thrown away!

You have one week. Use it well.

For the Red Hawk is returing to humanity!

Leto II of the Atreides Planetary Dominions

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(OOC: I really can't afford the time to take this stuff up right now. This is the first time in almost two weeks I've been able to sit at a keyboard on my own time, for my own purposes. Please take over the Emperor, Dustie, I don't have time for it.)

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I signed up for this thread but didn't participate till now, so if I'm posting something that doesn't fit in please tell me.

Eric Makarios stould next to his fathers bed when the old duke passed his final breath. He waited a few seconds for him to inhale again, but he didn't, or ever would again.

Duke Paulus Makarios had been dying slowly for the past 5 weeks when he contracted a disease of unknown nature and origin. The doctors said it didn't look good and Eric prepared himself for the inevitable. Strangely, though he loved his father deeply, he didn't experience any real sadness now that his lifeless body lay in front of him.

Though his father had a good heart, Eric didn't hide from the fact that he was also abysmally stupid and weak. Under his rule the already unimpressive influence and financial holdings of the family suffered greatly. Eric on the other hand posessed economic and political accumen uncommon for somebody of his age. He would make up for the negligence of his ancestors- he knew he would.

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"The Sardaukar have been fighting on their own for years now!" Emperor Darius Ghobey spoke to the masses. "And now, they have finally asked for aid, from th Imperial house only! I personally shall lead a small but powerful fleet to the Salusan system, where we shall fight for however long it takes!" The crowd cheered wildly. "In my absence, which may take some time, I should pass the throne down to my adopted daughter Jennifer. However, she has been Empress before, and has expressed an explicit wish not to have to undergo that again. We all remember the admirable job she did under the machine plague. Her son Leto, on the other hand, of the old Emperor Vernius, is now old enough to govern, with a protector. I give you your new Emperor, Leto Ghobey!"

A tall boy stepped out onto the Arukeen platform. He was barely into his teens. Next to him stood his mother, Jennifer Ghobey, official protector of the Emperor. She smiled as the crowds cheered her son, and expressed dismay at the loss of their popular Emperor.

[Ok, Lord J has asked me to take the position of the throne so for now I shall. But I can't play two factions and the Bene Gesserit would never take the Golden Lion throne for themselves. Updates to follow, but this is the current situation.]

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(Streches neck, I'm back in power baby) ;D

Despite it being short-lived, the previous small reign of Leto Ghobey under the Ixian throne prepared the young man for what he was about to take on. Sighing he streched slightly, he still couldn't fully get use to the chair made for his fathers stance.

"My first line of buisness..." spoke the young boy, his voice wasn't situated for the Grand Hall yet, but all his advisors looked up; awaiting orders.

"Inform the KYA and the Cobras several hundred of thousand Imperial workers shall be sent to their planets in an attempt to rebuild what was lost..." There was a slight pause before he went on.

"The Imperium must stand together."

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The Sarmizegetusan fleet engages the Machine fleet defending the artificial planet. With the help of the other Houses the battle progreses slowly, but the machine fleet is surely to be routed. Most of the machine ships have been disabled thanx to the EMP weapons, and House Sarmizegetusa captured some of them, even sending a few to the home planet for research.

As the battle continues the machine fleet disengages and flees leaving the artificial planet exposed to attacks. Our fleet takes this oportunity and starts to bombard the huge pile of iron. The damage is consistant, but the planet is heavily armoured.

To be continued...

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All the machine fleet over the machine planet is destroyed. The Sarmizegetusan fleet, though reduced to a handful of ships kept on bombarding the planet. In a matter of hours the internal structure of the planet collapsed and the huge construction imploded.

Omnius was destroyed. Or at least their planet was destroyed.

To the BG:

[hide]Where will the meeting take place. I suggest the Empire shall be ruled only by the Landsraad, as we all saw, the title of Emperor was fit only for Corrino.[/hide]

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Duke Eric Makarios read the message from the Bene Gesserit, requesting an immediate Landsraad meeting to discuss the outcome of all the carnage within the empire.

They can add another conflict to that list before the meeting even starts he thinks. Not participating in any remarkable military conflict for almost the whole duration of his fathers regime the army of house Makarios was at its full strenght, ready to strike. And he would do just that, striking while the enemy is at its weakest.

He handed over the letter to his mentat, Thalim Kohlos, though he would go through with the planned actions even if the mentat advised otherwise- fortunately Kholos agreed to got through with it.

"It's actually only more reason to go through with it. After so much conflict the landsraad is rather divided and there will likely be no disciplanary action."

Eric was glad that the mentat agreed with such an undertaking. If only his father had been more risk taking house Makarios wouldn't have been such a mediocre military power.

"Good, send out the fleet then. If possible, I want the planet to be taken before the meeting even begins."

The Makarios space fleets enters the system of the home planet of the Sarmizegetusans, Apulum. The main fleet of the enemy still had not returned from their battle with the machines and the few ships that were left to defend the home system were swiftly taken care of. The fleet enters orbit around the planet and unleashes a barrage of plasma bombs on military bases and defenses. Shortly afterwards an armada of dropships descends through the atmosphere and deploys an army of shocktroopers to conquer the planet.

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Open message:

House Makarios, your actions are illogical and do not serve any unified or peace-bringing purpose. The known universe has just recovered from a chain of major conflicts, do not incite another. Pull out while you still can, that is our advice.


To the Landsraad:

Meeting to be scheduled on Arrakis in five posts, with the Emperor's permission of course.

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"The B.G wish for a diplomatic hearing for the most recent political events, m'lord." Leto was paying attention to the outside world before the comment dragged him back into reality.

"Hmm, what for?" His voice carried the slightest amount of suspicion which the mentat easily picked up and a faint smile came across his lips. Good young lad, don't fully trust any one and watch your back, you are after all, Emperor.

"Well, to begin with the recent battles against the machines, and the recent military actions taken out by the House Makarios, all which seem by my standards at least; reasonable reasons to have a meeting." Leto pondered for a second.

"The B.G will question me, correct mentat?" Another smile came across the mans face, the boy had something.

"Most likely, but they understand the current situations and I have a feeling they sense something more within you then your father had." A few seconds passed by before Leto nodded slightly.

"Call the meeting."

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Message to Bene Gesserit

[hide]We appreciate our advice and we can assure you we do not seek a prolonged conflict with the Sarmizegetusans, nevertheless we feel justified in taking the planet Apulum. A fairly large part of the local population are decendants of immigrants of the house of Makarios centuries ago. Their roots lie with us and we do not feel they are treated properly by the current administration, and we will do what's necessary to safeguard the rights of our brethern on Apulum. We are willing to negotiate the terms of a ceacefire with the Sarmizegetusans at the scheduled meeting, until then the planet will remain in our possesion.[/hide]

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Arch-Duchess Lisa Cobras sat on her throne and looked at the figure standing in front of her...actually it was more of a slouch.

Leto II, Lion of Atreides, Former Emperor of the Known Universe and ruler of the Atreides Dominion, walked up to her.

"Lisa, Lisa, Lisa. Your House is slowly dying. You may not believe it but the recent conflicts have drained your House of its resources. The Dominion will assist you if you wish but will not interfere with House Politics...unless you are attacked that is. The Dominion has survived by being hidden and I ask that you don't betray the trust I have given you...I will return in a month's time and I ask that you please have a Bene Gesserit representative here for me to negotiate with."

And with that he walked off, leaving Lisa in shock.

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The Lord is has boarded the Flagship Sarmizegetusa and is heading for Arrakis.

(OOC: how many years have passed since the beginning? I mean my character must be OLD, or even immortal by now, as i'VE seen whole generations passing before my eyes... ;D )

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(OOC, i havnt posted in a long ass time, so becouse of this...my fleets finished)

"My lord the fleet is finished, the imperial workers increased production by over 115% it is at your disposal."

"Very well." Rodrigues fliped through the pages of the folder, weapons statistics, fleet commanders."

"Its half the size of the imperial fleet."

"Yes, But its fresh out the box, Our fleet consists of rookies and ex smugglers."

"We have also decteded what looks like a machine structure at these cordinets." He pointed towards a few numbers on the page.

"Send the fleet, We must show the imperium that house KYA is something to be reckoned with, Turn away all imperial suport and everything for the moment, only if it goes badly will we do that."

"Yes my lord the fleet will leave withen 12 hours."

"Exelent, prepare my personal heavy cruiser."

"You are coming godfather rodrigues?"

"Yes i havn't been in the thick of things for awhile."

Fleet:9 Frigates 5,377 Fighters,3,637 Bombers, 1 Ixian crusiers, 1 EMP crusier, 425 Light Cruisers,214 Heavy Crusiers

Resources-house KYA still has the Feif for KYA Prime and will begin strip mining it as soon as possible.

57,900,145 Metel+9,100 Asteriod harvesting a Turn

153,849,000 mineral+21,000 Asteroid Harvesting a Turn

13,000 Solaris+3,000 Per Turn KYA prime GNP

Strip Metel mine on KYA prime

250,000 Minerals

Adds 65,000 Metel per post

4 posts till completion

Strip Mineral Mine on KYA prime

450,000 Metel

Adds 70,000 Mineral per post

4 posts till completion

Planetary Defense

1000 Orbital Missle Batteries- 250,000 Metel, 110,000 mineral ETC 1 posts

550 Oribtal Las Gun Batteries-300,000 Metel, 220,000 Mineral ETC 1 posts

9 Heavy Defense Platforms- 600,000 Metel 700,000 Mineral ETC 4 Posts

Fleet Construction

5,122 Fighters Complete

3,612 Bombers Complete

512 Destoyers Complete

425 Light Cruisers complete

212 Heavy Crusiers complete

22 Drednaughts ETC 3 posts

1 Super Dreadnaught ETC 5 posts

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House Richese began to develope their new top secret weapon against the machines. Developed using a mixture of Holtzman's theory aswell as modern day Richese brilliance, these thin sleek craft were equipped with a Gel circuit scrambler and thousands of EMP Cannons which line the edge of the ship and are controlled by the co-pilot.

One Hundred of these ships will be ready at the end of each post starting next post.

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Prior to casting his vote, duke Makarios turned on his microphone to make a brief statement.

"Honoured members of the Landsraad, you all know my motivations for the invasion of Apulum. We had a moral obligation to protect the rights of our kinsmen on the planet from the tyranical regime of the Sarmizegetusans, not because of greed or terrotorial gains as manipulative persons in our midst would say. I do not want a lasting war with house Sarmizegetus, or a confrontation with the Emperor. Should the vote go against me, I will pull out my forces and will be forced to leave my brethren on Apulum to the mercy of the Sarmizegetans."

Vote by house Makarios:


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