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The God Emperor's Dune


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Messege from Godfather Rodrigues to entire imperium concerning machine threat

KYA scout ships were destoyed apon entering the qaudruple star system of 12:13:52:19, When the majority of the KYA fleet arived it was trapped in a massive serries of interdictor fields, no weapons can penitrate through them, and our ships are trapped inside them. We found the newest creation of machine persistence.

A Kinyo, the ancient word for maker. The device about the size of a large moon is sucking energy from the blue star in the system, it is useing this energy to create ships, battle crusiers, snub fighters, drednuaghts everything is coming out of this thing. At the rate of its current production it will have doubled the size of the original machine fleet in two weeks.

Several Dozen KYA agents have infiltrated the Kinyo and can at any time shut down the interdictor fleets, but these are also holding the machine fleet back, and its large enough already to equell the KYA fleet, So head to the fallowing qouardents to join up with the KYa fleet and the Entire Imperium will finnaly end the machine threat. When all of the fleets of the imperium arive beside the KYA, we will lower the interdictor fields and ahnilate the machines.

-GoD speeed, and hurry

57,909,245 Metel+9,100 Asteriod harvesting a Turn

153,870,000 mineral+21,000 Asteroid Harvesting a Turn

16,000 Solaris+3,000 Per Turn KYA prime GNP

Strip Metel mine on KYA prime

250,000 Minerals

Adds 65,000 Metel per post

3 posts till completion

Strip Mineral Mine on KYA prime

450,000 Metel

Adds 70,000 Mineral per post

3 posts till completion

Planetary Defense

1000 Orbital Missle Batteries- 250,000 Metel, 110,000 mineral ~comeplete~

550 Oribtal Las Gun Batteries-300,000 Metel, 220,000 Mineral ~complete~

9 Heavy Defense Platforms- 600,000 Metel 700,000 Mineral ETC 3 Posts

Fleet Construction

5,122 Fighters Complete

3,612 Bombers Complete

512 Destoyers Complete

425 Light Cruisers complete

212 Heavy Crusiers complete

22 Drednaughts ETC 2 posts

1 Super Dreadnaught ETC 4 posts

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The Cobras fleet stayed in orbit around Alpha Beta. The Cobras Army stayed on their prespective planets. No part of the Cobras military moved. All this was for one reason.

The Atreides absorbtion of their military.

The return of the Atreides was marked by only a single act. The absorbing of the Cobras military into the Atreides military.

Arch-Duchess Lisa Cobras was at her throne when the representitive of the Atreides Dominion walked in. She sat up, ready to recieve the representative.

The Pythons to either side of her stood up and readied their weapons, as if sensing that something was about to happen.

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Former advisor to Emperor Darius Ghobey, the Bene Gesserit representative Lillian stood next to the Cobras throne. She had realised that Leto prefered the company of his veterans and generals than the advice of herself and the brilliant Ghobey mentat, J'Invey. He had been one of the new Emperor's teachers on Ix, as had a Bene Gesserit reverend mother. It seemed, however, that their teaching had not been enough. The boy had grown independant. Probably due to his own guerrilla warfare, also on Ix. J'Invey had accompanied her to the Cobras stronghold; even without Darius, they were a formidable pair.

Both watched the Atreides representative swagger into the throne room. They were ready, they were waiting. They were both furiously calculating how on earth the Atreides could build up an army as they claimed to have done with only minimal resources and manpower.

The Great-grandmother of Emperor Leto Ghobey sat down tiredly. She was in her late thirties. Mother Superior Myra looked at the messages and sighed. Now she saw what had driven Taraza away from the BG teachings. Things were so complicated since the Bene Gesserit had become involved in politics. She made a decsion.

Open message:

The Bene Gesserit have strayed from our own path. We have neglected our prime concerns, and become disillusioned. No more can this be. From this moment on the Bene Gesserit will not hold any Landsraad votes, but shall occupy a unique advisory position not only to individual houses but also to the Landsraad as a whole. Nor shall we take part in the wars of others. Our concern is for the sisterhood, the sisterhood must endure. Our army shall be used for defensive purposes only, though the gifts we make and have made to our political allies will remain.

Bene Gesserit Mother Superior Myra Everwood; Wallach IX.

A tiny craft soars through the atmosphere of Arrakis, landing in the starport as per usual. Out of it jumps a heavily cloaked man, who is seen to ask many questions about Arukeen, before leaving in the same day.

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Lisa Cobras, Lillian, J'Invey stood on the bridge of the Cobras Command ship, Pride. It was huge, three kilometers in length, capable of destroying whatever it faced.

Yet it faced a force that could easily destroy it.

In front of the Pride there were thousands upon thousands of warships. All bearing the sigil of the Atreides Dominion. All there under a flag of "peace."

Lisa was aghast at the sight. If anyone of those ships wanted to it could destroy her. And yet there was thousands of them. How had the Atreides gotten all of these?

Lisa turned to look at Lillian and saw something she thought she would never see.

Lillian shaking in fear.

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[OCC: My character, I'll decide when she's afraid thank you very much.]

"I must not fear, fear is the mind-killer, fear is the little death that brings..." Lillian murmured the litany against fear to herself while the concious part of her mind desperately sorted through facts and figures. That the Atreides had built this many ships on their own and without the necessary supplies was unthinkable. Several suggesions presented themselves to her;

Unknown human resources, either taken with the Atreides, found on their own, or even grown as in the Tleilaxu fashion. Unlikely, as the Atreides did not possess such technology.

An alliance with the machines. Would certainly explain how those ships were constructed, and how they were piloted...

The ships were illusions or holograms. Who knew what Leto Atreides II was capable of... especially if he was allied with the machines.

The mind of the mentat J'Invey worked in a similar fashion. He processed data, and found without any doubt that with the known variables it was impossible for any fleet to be constructed, let alone piloted, with the resources available to the Atreides when they abandoned the Imperium. Something was wrong, very wrong. But on the other hand, it did not matter where the ships came from. What mattered is that they were there. Or were they...?

"Logs and records of the Butlerian Jihad, Vorian Atreides and his tricks." J'Invey stated to Lillian.

"Agreed." She replied, "Those ships are either constructed with unknown and unlikely variables or they are not there at all."

"Mental or machine projected image; probability: medium."

"Hollow hulls with nothing inside them; probability: very high."

"Very high indeed."

"Real ships?"


"We cannot risk an open confrontation..."

"Indeed we cannot." A pause, as both minds worked furiously.

"More data required." J'Invey said at last.

"Also agreed. Temporary agreement to Atreides forces advised." Lillian stated.

"Arch-Duchess!" A minor aide called to the Cobras leader, she strode over to him. Lillian and J'Invey both listened from a distance.

"Reports indicate a tiny ship travelling towards up from the rear. No weapons to speak of, but not travelling in a heighliner is unusual. Craft are ready to destroy or pickup. Your orders?"

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Deciding that the house Makarios really can't stay out of the battle against the machine without damaging his reputation further, the duke sends half the Makarios fleet, comprised of roughly 900 destroyers and 500 cruisers, to reinforce the KYA fleet.

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Arch-Duchess Lisa looked out at the Atriedes fleet surrounding her planet. The fleet was huge! Beyond imagining!

Yet she felt that something was wrong and she decided to go with her gut feeling.

"Attack that fleet."

The Lisa-class battlecrusier Pride of Alpha fired at the nearest Atreides ship. The shots passed right through it, it was a hologram. But the ship next to it wasn't. THAT ship was real. ITS shots totalled the other crusier. Lisa's ship destroyed that one and, like a Revolutionary War battle, the two fleets exchanged shot after shot. It went on like this for hours.

It seemed that the Atreides fleet was going to win. But then J'nvey stepped to the tactical console and, within a few hours, turned the tide of the battle back to the Cobras fleet. The battle only lasted a couple more hours after that. And then there was only a few...

All that was left was Leto II's ship. Three of her heavy battlecrusiers began escorting it to a nearby Heghliner. Once the ships went in the rest of her fleet followed so as to keep the ship from escaping. The Heighliner then folded space and traveled to the Landsraad meeting.

With a hostage that was the second-most dangerous person in the Imperium.

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Arrakis. Land of sand. Home of the spice. Site of an emergency Landsraad meeting...

"We must act now! This moment!" The KYA representative was shouting to every other delegate in the vast hall of the Landsraad chambers, "Right now the fleet is waiting, the machines preparing to attck-"

"The fleet can handle itself, delegate." Another ambassador interrupted. "Right now we have our own matters to discuss. Such as the recent conflicts and their outcomes, not to mention the new Emperor..."

"What about him?" The Ghobey delegate asked. And it went on...

A representative from every powerful faction in the Imperium was present (even if you haven't sent someone). The Guild and Bene Gesserit representatives stood side by side in their advisory positions, the Tleilaxu nowhere to be seen.

"Important news!" The great doors were suddenly thrust aside as a chamberlain rushed in, "Important news from the Cobras homeworld!"

[OCC: A gargantuan battle like that completed in one paragraph Dark Angel? Surely not!]

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The Fleets arive beside the KYA the machine fleets loom directly ahead, protected and kept back by the interdictor fields.

As soon as house Ghoby Ships arived the Agents on the Kinyo would lower the Interdictor fields and allow the ships to attack.

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Space crackled as two hieghliners appeared out of nowhere but in actuality were from a nearby, small Imperial outpost. Imperial forces began to pour out into the field quickly assembling lines of defense against the machine opposition. A screen flickered on the KYA Generals monitor as a Imperial dressed man came up on screen.

 “I am Dalan, advisor and mentat of the Emperor, Leto Ghobey the first. We are here to send assistance and turn the tide in the upcoming battle against the machines. Our lines have formed and we await attack from the machine forces.”

Total Imperial Force:

350 flagships

3,000 Destroyers

1,400 battle ships

500 carriers

7,000 lighter ships

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The 22 Heavy Dreadnuaghts and the one super Dreadnaught apeared a few moments later rushed into construction.

"All Imperial Ships Form Behind us, House KYA ships will take point." Sharpies voice was transmitted.

The Fleets of the imperium formed behind, Ghoby ships covering the rear.

"Send The Messege to The Kinyo."

"Are you Sure?"

"Yes This Ends Here."

A massive explosion could be seen visible at the bottem of the Kinyo blowing a qourter of the station to bits the debries were sucked down by the sun.

The Interdictor fields Flickerd and went dead.

But somerthing was Strange the Machine Ships Didn't Advance They Just stood there.

"Open A channel to the Fleet." Rodrigues said

A small blip allowed Rodrigues voice to be heard amongst the fleet.

"House KYA was left to die above Arrakis, Our reward was nothing more then three aged ships, Yet we saved Arrakis from Ahniatlion. When the machines Plaqued our world. You allowed us to die, When we were given the Feif to Holnuck, You forced us to use human wave tactics and millions apon millions died. House KYA Will no longer be subjected to Imperial harrasment." He paused for a moment his hand giving the single to turn the KYA ships around.

"As of this moment. House KYA declares its independence from the Imperium and Become a Rouge House."

The Interdictor Fields Flashed behind Ghobys ships, above and below the fleets of the other houses. Traping them the only option was foward.

The Massive Machine fleet begain to move foward not firing on the KYA ships. The KLA ships moved towards the ships of the Imperium.

The Machines Opened fire, Massive Barrages of Las guns and missels, met by las guns and missels. House KYA had so generously donated Fleet codes to the machines giving them the ability to counter every move the ships of the Imperium could move.

House KYA ships dove into the frey, Fighter against fighter, Ship against ship, The blood shed was unequeeled the Machine ships were begging to fall left and right to EMP attacks, House KYA bombers destoyed these lightly armored ships.

The Interdictor fields glew as strey rounds hit them abosrbing the massive amounts of dammage.

A house Ghoby destoyer had managed to Ram one of the interdictor stations blowing it bits, the field weakend but stayed up.

A house Makarios Crusier pummled another station to dust the field flickerd on and off.

A general Retreat was called by the Imperium, A moment later by KYA ships. The machines did not surender or retreat they continued to fall left and right to the Imperial ships, For every Imperial ship destoyed 2 machine ships fell.

The Last station fell as the wrecks of a machine dreadnaught colided with it. The indterdictor field fell.

And the Shatterd remains of the fleets fell back to their worlds, over 75% of the Macine fleet had been destoyed,50% of the KYA fleet had been lost in the battle, Losses to the Imperium were Unknown.

House KYA had Betrayed The Imperium and Joined forces with The Machine Empire.

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Hmmm... I wonder why I saw this coming...

The Landsraad was in uproar. Delegates shouted, screamed... A few threw punches. The KYA representative had either disappeared or been carried away. Nobody was quite sure.

"Send for the Emperor!" Lillian, recently arrived from the Cobras battle, hissed at a minor aide. At her side, J'Invey and a cloaked man stood watching the proceedings with barely-disguised sneers.

"The penalty for such traitorous action even without the addition of renegade status is enough to destroy former house KYA..." J'Invey muttered. "And of course now new targets will be sought, if this was truly a revenge killing."

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You Did your Part Rodrigues." The sharp metallic voice came.

"Yes now it is your Turn." Rodriuges said full of pride for his fleet.

"KYA prime will be defended, as will the Holnuck System Resources will be deposted at presice spots, The KYA ship yards have already been constructed. Now The Destruction of the Imperium will begin."

"Yes Vengence for the KYA."

"And The machines, you know the guild were the first to engage us, one of their scout ships fired apon a light strike craft of ours, we were peacefully gaurding our own sector."

"Of course." Rodrigues didnt belive him but his voice didnt show it.

"Return to KYA prime." The machine voice said.

The Fleet Turned and folded space to The Secret KYA ship yards for repair, Most of the wounded and several thousand troops were sent home to tipper tape perades and mass praise. Vengence had finally been struck against the Imperials. Vengence for the fallen loved ones.

Rodrigues Reviewed the reports from the research plan Sparta and Research plan Atrues. Both of them looked promising and would come in vitally in the defense of Holnuck.

"Begin the deportation of all non-KYA citizens to their homeworlds no harm is to be done to them, We cant send the messege that we are like the machines." Rodrigues orderd,


57,918,345 Metel+9,100 Asteriod harvesting a Turn

153,881,000 mineral+21,000 Asteroid Harvesting a Turn

31,000 Solaris+15,000 Per Turn KYA prime GNP

Strip Metel mine on KYA prime

250,000 Minerals

Adds 65,000 Metel per post

2 posts till completion

Strip Mineral Mine on KYA prime

450,000 Metel

Adds 70,000 Mineral per post

2 posts till completion

Planetary Defense

1000 Orbital Missle Batteries- 250,000 Metel, 110,000 mineral ~comeplete~

550 Oribtal Las Gun Batteries-300,000 Metel, 220,000 Mineral ~complete~

9 Heavy Defense Platforms- 600,000 Metel 700,000 Mineral ETC 1 Posts


2,542 Fighters Complete

1,112 Bombers Complete

115 Destoyers Complete

215 Light Cruisers complete

110 Heavy Crusiers complete

9 Drednaughts

1 Super Dreadnaught

Machine Fleet to reinforce KYA possitions in two posts

Fleet Production At Holnuck and on secret KYA shipyards From resources given by machine Empire

1,500 Fighters ETC two posts

3,500 Bombers ETC Two posts

120 Destoyers ETC three posts

618 Light Crusiers ETC three posts

312 Heavy Crusiers ETC three posts

3 Drednaughts ETC 4 posts


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"War is descending upon us once again." Mother Superior Myra sighed. "That I know of we have not wronged the KYA. But who knows what a house that will side with the machines will do? With their new resources they shall be formidable indeed... Even with our neutral standing I do not know how we can weather this if they decide to attack."

"We have options." The reverend mother to her right said grimly.

"That we do. But we have to be careful with that. Emergencies only. "

"Indeed. And for now?"

"We aid the Imperium as best we can. And build up our own defences. Thank goodness we implemented the new system earlier."

"Where is the Emperor?!" Lillian growled. She turned to the cloaked man beside J'Invey, "And where are the Sardaukar when you need them?!"

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   “This is my Kingdom, and I don’t allow traitors to live…” The two figures in the small room could be dimly seen through the small lighting. Though their faces were covered in near pitch-black their uniforms were not; one bore a high-ranking Imperial uniform while the other bore a KYA uniform.

   “You can never…beat us…we shall terminate you with our allies.” And with that the KYA man began to chuckle slightly before his body was thrashed against the wall in on outward thrust by the smaller Imperial figure.

   “You’re not especially in the position to continue making comments like that dear representative.” The lighter tone Imperial man spoke.

   “Why dear Emperor, my death is irrelevant to the inevitable machine domination, there’ll be no man for you to throw up against the wall when the legions of machines dawn upon your planets.” And with that the representative emitted yet another small chuckle before he got pushed further up against the wall by the stronger opponent.

   “I have no need to argue with scum like you, Rotan.” Leto said in a now irritated tone. The representative only gave a slight, devilish smile.

   “We have destroyed the thinking machines once” spoke Leto, beginning to tighten his grip up on the mans throat, “and we can do it again.” Boasted the man, confidently.

   “Yes, but now you’ve got humans against you as well; tides of battle won’t be good for you, m’lord.” Leto could easily detect the large amount of sarcasm placed on the Imperial title and pushed the man further against the wall, making him gasp for breath harder then ever.

   “You tell me nothing, not that I’m positive your brain conceals any intellect whatsoever, thus…You serve no purpose to me, nor the Imperium.” And with that Leto gave a quick crack of the mans neck before he slumped to the ground dead. A shameful way for the KYA representative to die, but business was business after all. Dusting himself off he exited the room and Ghobey forces entered it taking out the body and all evidence. Not like any one would contest with the KYA representative’s fate anyways, but you could never leave room for error.

   Moving down the hallway the Emperor was soon met up by a large force of Ghobey soldiers as he made his way down to the meeting.

   I can’t believe any human would want to side with the thinking machines. What does attempting to kill off your own race completely achieve? What is there to gain? Don’t the fools get it that if we actually do get killed that the machines won’t spare their lives in the end? Why, why, why?

   Leto’s head buzzed with different thoughts, it was all so confusing. Sighing, he rubbed his temple slightly, being awake for many days was finally taking it’s toll.

   It was so much easier in your day of leadership father. What should I do?

A scene began to come into his mind; it was a beautiful day on IX, so many, many years ago. His father and himself, a much younger boy, resided in the Ixian courtyard. There were many various trees, bushes, waterfalls and everything that would amaze a average citizen. The faint memory began to fade off and on, but Leto did clearly remember one statement his father made.

   “Many years ago son, a man who led an Empire when humanity was still burdened on Earth alone and in a very large war spanning across the whole planet said; “tread lightly, but carry a big stick.” His father’s voice slowly faded away from his mind as the recollection fell into distant memory. Standing up tall he proceeded to walk down the passageway, towards the meeting room.

It is finally time for me to take on my duties.

   The doors opened wide as many Imperial soldiers quickly secured the area and the Emperor walked in, wearing a grim face. On his stunning outfit there were faint traces of blood which he tried to remove but too little noticeable avail.

The witch representative looked at him coldly and he only smiled at her slightly.

Slowly walking he stood up at the podium where the few House Major speakers looked up, waiting for his response.

   “Many, many years ago, all of our far-distant relatives fought the thinking machines. After many tireless years of fighting, and the death of trillions along with the destruction of humanities home planet, Earth, we managed to prevail successfully and institute a system which we thought would keep the past from repeating itself.” He paused slightly.

   “But now” the room got silent; everyone knew this order would lead the Imperium into victory or death.

   “The machines are back, and a House Minor has joined them in the fight. We have no other choice but to intervene with the full force, and intellect of the human race. However, to make sure that this chance of human alliance never happens again I issue a warning to all Houses here by on. Any renegade House or House not in the Imperium that does not join the Imperium or if they already are a part decide to take aid from the machines will proceed to recieve full destruction from the militia of Ghobey. There will be no further treachery."

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