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The God Emperor's Dune


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(OOC: I thought we were going against the imaginary Atreides forces...?)

Darius picked up the first note and nodded to himself. Good, no one's taking chances here.

The second note made him grin. Gods, that woman...

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Duke Joshua Cobras looked out of the portal on his personal frigate and sighed. The Sardaukar had captured and killed an assassin and labeled the assassin as coming from House Cobras. ut that couldn't have hppened because he employed no assassins. It was too much of an Atreides thing to do.

Suddenly he had a thought. The Sardaukar have assassins galore! They sent on of their own againse themselves so that they could discredit me! But why would they want to discredit me? I have no aspiraions of powe or the Imperial Throne, I simply want to help House Vernius...maybe that's it! They want a war so bad they'll fight me!

His aide ran up to his side.

"Sir, they ay that soon we will be at war. What shall we do?"

"We shall launch my three dozen new Guardian-class battle platforms and the new Annhiolator-class Super battlecruiser that we have been working on since before the Atreides takeover. They will find us hard to swallow. Very hard to swallow."

Duke Cobras smiled, Hard to swallow indeed.

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To the Sardaukar,

[hide]Your poorly executed plan couldnt fool a sandtrout. I know you were behind the assassin attack on your own leader. I know you did this to discredit me and hurt my standing. Well it shall not work! If you do not send a formal apology to me soon you had better prepare yourselves for war! You Atreides loving honorless scum!

Duke Joshua Cobras


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Message to the Sardaukar;

[hide] We understand that Duke Cobras is making hostile gestures towards you. This is turn means that they are making hostile gestures towards Houses Ghobey and Vernius, not to mention the Bene Gesserit ourselves. Diplomacy is perhaps... not the answer here.

The Bene Gesserit Sisterhood. [/hide]

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Message to House Cobras:

[hide]Any militeristic action against House Vernius, or anyone of our ally's shall result in full Vernius military action leading to all out war. If you attack the Sardaukar in anyway, you can gauruntee that I shall use my full House forces to dismantle your remaining forces, and wipe the threat off the face of the Imerpium.[/hide]

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To House Vernius,

[hide] Let me make MYSELF clear! My House has been greatly wronged and I demand a formal apology! I do not have the means to send any assassins and yet I have been blamed for an assassination attempt! This is not fair towards my Great House! I will put it this way, if you attack me you will regret it. Even if I lose I will take down such a large portion of your military that even a House Minor will not be frightened of you and your choice of allies. I do not seek war, I seek only an apology!

Duke Cobras


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Duke Cobras sat in his inner sanctum and pondered how this had happened. In his hand he held a message from House Vernius warning him to not attack anyone. Why did they think he would? He looked at the life-size tri-D solido projection of his father at the corner of the room.

"I'm sorry for everything father. I'm sorry for letting you down, for letting the House down. Why did the Atreides find you a block? Why did they force me to become leader at 16? I'm not ready for this."

"My lord?"

Duke Cobras turned and looked at his aide.

"Yes Cremlin?"

"My lord...the new shields are ready for testing."


With a snap of his fingers a wall of the windowless room became cler and they could look out at an asteroid in space, covered in the tell-tale shimmer of a shield. He saw a shuttle line up for its attack run and preform all the standard attacks. Then came the moment of truth, the Lascannon attack.

The remote-controled shuttle flew towards the asteroid and fired its deadly weapon. The laser impacted the shield and a bright light replaced the shield. Suddenly the shuttle blew up and the light dissapated. The asteroid was still there and communications with the people on it told him that everybody had survived.

"We have done it Cremlin. A shield that uses the energy of a laser to destroy its enemies. My grandfather and my father's legacy. Have they been installed on our warships?"

"Yes my lord. All except for the Escapee."

"That is fine. Hopefully we won't need to arm that vessell with shields ever. Hopefully."

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Leto chuckled and threw the message into the fire.

"Take down so many of my forces a House Minor will defeat me in combat?" Leto continued laughing, his voice echoing in the silent chambers.

"Dear man, you do not know the weapons I possess besides the fact all my legions are better trained then the Sardaukar, hmm..Smart trying to threaten me, you have a lot to learn about politics."

Walking to the window he saw his fleet entering four hieghliners in preperation to Arrakis.

Message To Guild:

[hide]Send one of your navigators along with any top officials onto my flag ship.[/hide]

Message to Cobras:

[hide] You under-estimate me boy, welcome to the throne of a Great House Leader, but do not threaten with the bigger tigers when you are the cub, if you do not recieve your apology it is irrelevent what your excuse is if you take militeristic action, you will be wiped out, period.[/hide]

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(OOC-He saw right through my plan of hiring someone, who in turn hired someone who had already hired someone, who would when the time was right, hire someone to hire someone who would then attack me!)

From the bridge of Culratha's commandship, he ordered hs fleet of four dozen battleships constructed recently into formation. The Cobras wanted a fight, they would get one.

(OOC-While swallowing you, you may find me hard to swallow because I'm swallowing you already and that creates a bulge making it...)

To Sardaukar Allies:

[hide]Stand with us against the pitiful Cobras, and then against the splinter forces of the Atreides, and we will rule the universe as one![/hide]

(OOC-*Cobras... hiss...*

*Panthers... ruar...*

*Cobras... hiss...*

*Panthers... ruar...*)

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As the Sardaukar warships came into orbit around Alpha Prime they prepared to disgorge their troop transports and to land on the surface and destroy House Cobras.

But they were in for a surprise.

As the hanger bays opened a Guardian-class Battle platform came into view and started firing at them. One of the Sardaukar leaders smirked and fired his lascannons at the platform...much to his ignorance.

The feedback from the lasr rebound impacted the Sardaukar warship and vaporized it in a huge explosion. The Sardukar vessel was no more.

After that the Annhialator-class Super battlecruiser came into the battle. Firing its heavy cannons at any target it could reach it took out three Sardaukar vessels and damaged a fourth before anybody knew what hit them. Twenty kilometers of firepower powered by 9 super cold/hot fusion-fission reactors and shielded by Feedback pulse shields. It was a battlefleet unto its own. As the ship crept closer to the main Sardaukar fleet the Sardaukar backed off and started to replan their attack. Culratha sank into his command chair.

He tried to find something to say but he couldn't.

Cobrs had warned him not to attackand yet he had. and now an eighth of his fleet was gone. He needed to wait for his allies.

(occ: you say i send an assassin, i say u attack me. fair is fair. and u will never sallow he who is swallowing u who is swallowed and swallowing...uhhh....screw the swallowing! :P )

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(OOC: Clanner, please desist in these multiple posts. If you feel you must make it obvious that two different subjects are seperated, then use the [ hr ] command. The hr command will effectively seperate topics without wasting the board's resources, and making your posts resemble spam. Thank you. :) )

The Arch-Duke scanned through his most recent intellegence reports, "The renegade House Cobras plays a dangerous game."

"Indeed," replies the House Mentat, J'invy, "If they are truly innocent, all they need do is ask for a trial before the Landsraad."

"Correct. But this new technology they are so proud of...It's all coming down to a head."

"Indeed, my leige, indeed."

A guard opens one of the doors and pokes his head in, "My lords, a man is here to see you."

In walks a small, old, wiry man, with equally wiry gray hair, and intellegent eyes.

"My leige, I there is something I must discuss with you," he turned his head only slightly to indicate J'invy, "It is a most important House security matter."

The Arch-Duke nodded, "J'invy, ensure our privacy."

Once the area was secured, Darius indicated for the man to speak.

A few moments later, the Arch-Duke gives his authorization for the initializing of a secet project.

The project will be completed in five posts, starting now.

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(occ: STOP PICKING ON ME THEN! I DONT WANT TO HAVE TO DO ALL THIS! and btw...the only time ships enter formation is when they are coming close to an enemy fortress/base/port.)

Duke Cobras looked at the simulation and smiled. He could only hope things could go that well.

(occ: there, your ships arent destroyed it was a simulation!)

Message to all,

I demand a trial concerning these recent events.

Duke Cobras

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To sort a few things out...

Clanner is being attacked by just about every other house in the thread, with one exception that I know of. There was no simulation. That's cleared that up. The Bene Gesserit are watching and the Guild are doing whatever.

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Only after a resonable long time, the Lord could calculate the consequences.

"No more Imperium... there's no Emperor, the Guild has Arrakis, the war will start, this is insane."

- Hurry, one message to the Sardaukar:

[hide] Dear allies, I do not want to take part in any way in these hostilities. I want to remain friends, but don't make me fight a war I cannot win.[/hide]

Message to the Imprium:

[hide]The Imperium exists no more! It's existance is no more than formal. Therefore House Sarmizegetusa proclaims INDEPENDANCE. If there will be an Emperor, I shall plege my loyalty to him, but right now, I am Indepandant. As the Imperium does not exist, that means the Great Convension is obsolete![/hide]

- Call the whole staff in here!

- Yes sir!

The staff members slowly arrive.

- I have proclaimed independance from this feeble Imperium. It has no army, no nothing to defend itself or to maintain its cohesion.

- That is a bold move, but the Guild now acts as the Emperor, won't they isolate us, or won't they bring all the troops here instead of Arrakis.

- We have to take those chances. I don't want to be part of a dieing Empire. Start building starships, start devepoling those hyperspace jump engines our legend tell about. Also, I want a powerfull space fleet. I want the Sardaukar ships analysed and copyied, so we can produce our own. I want the same thing witht the weapons. I want lasers! I want them mouted on ornies, land vehicles and so on. I want defensive platforms to be built to defend our planets. Also, to gain the good will of the former Imperium:

[hide]To the Imperium: any ships that arrive to the Sarmizegetusan space will have shelter. They are forbidden to open fire while in opur space or they will be destroyed. They will be defended against any attacks.[/hide]

- Sir, what are you doing?

- Tempting fate...

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The hordes of Ixian forces landed onto Arrakis uncontested, ships opened revealing millions of soldiers fully armed and ready to fight. They quickly established a stronghold in five cities while the Atreides forces no longer led by their Emperor tried to regroup amungst all the choas. Fortunaly for the Ixians there was little fighting as the Atreides tried to form lines which made the advance quicker.

"This is going better then even I could of imagined m'lord, without their Emperor the Atreides seem little threat anymore." The mentat stood next to his lord as they set-up the palace.

"A little to the left" Leto moved his hands as a gesture slightly to the servents who were trying to place a painting, he quickly adverted his attention to his waiting mentat.

"Yes it has been quick, what I see is a full Atreides retreat with one last stance, most likely in a city." The mentat nodded at this.

"A most likely calcuation, but we must also now must watch the Imperium and it's events m'lord." The Duke gestured with his hands once more and turned to face the mentat.

"Ah yes, the Imperium does crumble before us, that's why we must make this campaign quick, very...Quick.." The mentat nodded and looked up to the picture being placed.

To House Sarmizegetusa:

[hide] If you do not follow the Great Convention and break it in anyway, I can assure my immediate military action.[/hide]

To Sardukar:

[hide]Most of our forces are on Arrakis fighting, of course we have still have a large intrenched portion to defend our home and some waiting to see what happens to certain Houses. Regardless, I feel my forces are currently to streched to offer you any immediate assitence in your war. Once I can be assured my forces are not being used to much already, I will assist you.[/hide]

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Production of fighters was reaching a new time high in the industrial cities of Huahin. These fighters were among the finest in the Imperium and the pilots that fly in them were in a league of their own. Their sleek design and rocket engine allowed them to be used in space or in the air. As the workers below watched down below 50 ships entered orbit from their airstrip, one of 10 such squadrons to do so.

500 of these beautiful machines were speeding their way to the Homeworld of House Kobra to try and help them fight of their invaders. Desparate as the attack may seem these fighters aimed to give relief to the ground troops of House Kobra to allow them to regroup and attack.

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The Guild formally warns House Sarmizgetusa that their actions will not be tolerated. They are allowed one chance to rejoin the Imperium. Should this be refused, their system shall be isolated and abandoned. Trade (and thus materials for ships) shall cease, and any ships entering or leaving the system shall be attacked and destroyed.

Remember, the Guild holds Arrakis now. All participants are to arrive on Arrakis but no fighting yet. . . Oh what the heck, fight. Arrakis is being fought for. The Guild pulls out to Kaitan. Scram. But, and I wnt to make this absolutely clear, the Atreides are for all intents and purposes destroyed! Thus, Arrakis is currently in the hands of Ix and their allies.

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The Ixian forces began building up defenses onto the desert planet. Representitives were sent out to ally with the Fremen, and slowly the full transition back to the desert planet was beginning, Dune would return to it's normal state. Leto sat in his chair looking over reports of the recent spice collections, two times to the normal amount but worms were starting to appear over the globe.

Message to Guild:

[hide]Send a high-ranking official and many economic advisors to my palace on Arrakis, immediatly.[/hide]

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The Sardaukar, grudgingly, abondoned the anti-Cobras front, in favor of Arrakis, leaving enormous and intricate defense systems orbiting all their holdings.

Now on Arrakis, near a million Sardaukar Terror Troops patrolled alongside their equals in the Ixian Army, many having befriended each other during the early days of the fruitful alliance.

The Sardaukar took two dozen large and small cities and towns, alongside their Ixian allies, as their home territories on the planet. Though the many cities formed an area only slightly smaller then the Ixian territories, the large population centres, loyal to any who would liberate them from their false god, would serve them well.

Message to Earl Leto:

[hide]Your assistance would have been welcome, but now we will fight for the Imperium together, on Arrakis.[/hide]

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Message To Sardukar:

[hide] Arrakis is under full Ixian control, though I do appreciate your occupation of certain cities and villages on Arrakis I am limiting your spice intake to a bare minimum. We must now get our spice and pay the immense bills incorperated with mobilizing the full Ixian militia, I hope you understand.

- Leto Vernius, Earl of Arrakis and House Vernius.[/hide]

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