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  1. there is some problem with emperor in atreides mission 7. it does have ai but make rare trooper or light infantry to attack me 9when i put emp base on map) that harvester thingy there was one thing about one of ordos modified missions that ai was making MCV for no apparent reason. gruntlord developped them before t he made dune 2000 portable.
  2. for now they can be created from new one but not more than 9 for now. maybe in future we can have more than 9missions
  3. you may find many PSP PSX emulators but their functionality is very poor
  4. gruntlord , take glitched unit with carryal to repair pad. it goes onto .. about starport reinforcements what you want achieve , reinforcements in first mission? crazy
  5. there are some weapons that were never used in game. so it could be converted to medic. i know that it can be done as i was VERY CLOSE. i could convert weapon so it was doing no damage.. but its hard to find right value to make positive damage (increase hp)
  6. you need create new sound files and linking in data files
  7. so why airstrike , remen and saboteur can be created low on power?
  8. some DLL files are missing? try compatability with windows xp. try install it again and then place tilesets to directory tilesets then run, select dune2000 dir and create map. if its still crashing. then something is done wrong way.. i had to copy one of msvbwm dll files into system32 as after installing i was unable to run it i have windows vista ultimate 32bit
  9. anyone can check all dune2k sounds? and check heal sound if it exssist in dune2000 we dont need more.. healer shall be no problem to do. we need change warhead data
  10. any progress for campagin missions?
  11. i know that right now we cannot do it. is there any way to open or rip apart bin files? we need to know structure of that files
  12. i know how to make weapon that do no damage add +1 to weapon example to bullet14 if you make +200 then it make instant kill same as -1 there must be somethiing done to warheads to make it works so then we MAY HAVE medic because always there is 1 and 0 . we just need find value that instead of taking away start adding HP points to damaged unit/bulding tw . if you add spiecexpl weapon in tibed to unit it can generate spice on mapp. if it get used on rocks game crash. dune2000 can be modified in many ways. we are not experienced eoungh to make new units/buldings etc. bon this website i have found many screenshots with units that appear in red alerrt 1 .. that pickup truck..im not sure if was photoshopped or fake, i belive that someone CAN modify game eoungh to achieve that. - as far as i know to add new unit you need implement its data to data.r8 and data.r16 also to bin files and into dune2000.dat in tibed you can just create entry for new unit, but you need data for that unit to be created and implemented.
  13. evrytime you die you need know what time elapsedd ebfore first strike and another. this helps a bit to workout strategy. important is to annihilate sonic tanks and missile tanks , quads good for siegetanks for missile tanks light infantry to kill sonic missile tanks. dont put bulding near each other unless you have rocket turrets near
  14. 3 factories eacht ype get speedup , it works. tested and evryone know. but you need good spiceflow to keep fast production
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