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What is the best sub house

Muad dib

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Contaminators are all but useless. Same for Guild makers.

It really depends on what fits your style...If you're stealthy or a camper, ix is probably for you. If you like sneaky brute force, the guild NIAB will be a great addition to your forces. Fremen work against everything. Period. Sards are vulnerable to long range splash damage units like the mino and the kobra. Theilaxu leeches are extremely fast, self-healing, and don't slow when hit like a dust scout or a sand bike. They are good distractors and can add an exponential advantage to any attack. They are not superunits. Do not use them as such. They're just good support.

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I don't see how Leeches can help to rid a base of the defending units, since if the enemy is camped well, the Leeches will usually die before they get to infect anything. I personally find them more useful for infecting enemy harvesters as early as possible, which will force the enemy to waste money getting Engineers to fix the harvesters, distract/irritate them to give you more time to get your units together for an attack (or whatever plan you may have for his/her destruction) and delay their flow of spice, which means their income will be disrupted, giving you the upper hand in the long run, provided you can sustain your own economy of course.

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I agree, however I haven't found a decent use for contaminators, cananyone help me?

If you mix them with leeches and other units and manage them well, they can be good. NEVER LET THEM ATTACK WITHOUT TELLING THEM TO ATTACK. If this happens, they will attack non-infantry units and be killed.

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