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  1. That's how mine always is! I have junk on the floor, junk on my bed, and junk on all the tables. I have two beds, but one only stores junk!
  2. I would like to recommend the following two websites if you plan to make a website: fortunecity.com - It provides free webhosting, you can have any number of pages in your site, you can use HTML (unlike some others, where you have to use some site-builder), and you only get one banner at the top of each webpage--no pop-ups. myownemail.com - If you need an email account for the website, get it here. Email gets sent very quickly; the myownemail website loads very quickly; and you get like 20 different domain names to choose from.
  3. XCH


    I have a few, but I rarely keep any for more than a few months; I don't normally make websites about games and stuff like that. Right now I have one, but it is only for certian people to view; you wouldn't find this website to be helpful. I am planning to make another website over the summer that serves a different purpose.
  4. XCH

    Google Trick

    I entered my phone number...creepy
  5. Good! So they must be real. >:( >:( >:(I paid $30 dollars for three decks of crappy cards! >:( >:( >:(
  6. I got three decks of the playing cards with the 55 most wanted Iraqis. They are really bad quality. They are made of card stock and have low-quality printing. They are not even the correct ratio of length to width. If anyone else has gotten these, can someone tell me whether you have just as bad quality cards? I am not quite sure whether they are counterfit or not.
  7. On Fox and Friends this morning I saw something really funny. There was this guy named "Chef Francois." He was making the "weasel stew." It went something like this. Francois (with a very bad French accent): Today, I am going to show you how to make the weasel stew. First, we take the Gerhard Shroeder. Bad Gerhard Shroeder. (he takes a hammer and smashes a piece of cheese that looks like Gerhard Shroeder, then he throws it in this big pot) Now, we take the Saddam Hussein. (he does the same thing that he did with Gerhard Shroeder) Now, we take a little French wine, (he pours a bottle of wi
  8. XCH

    A Supervirus

    Never!! >:( Ixian I am. Ixian I shall remain. Btw, nice viruses guys. Keep the nice ideas rolling. ^-^ You call these viruses NICE?
  9. I have heard many stories of partners attacking their allies, but none as funny as this! That guy couldn't win even with cheating! lol
  10. I have seen the following happen many times, in slight variations: I enter a 2player game, setts--30k, pre, crates I say, "no crates." Crates are turned off. I say, "thanks." The other person is using Atreides with fremen and Sard. I switch my house to Hark, and subhouses to Sard and Guild The other guy says, "NO GUILD" I either get kicked, leave, or ask why. If I do, the answer is like, "it's cheating," or, "nobody can beat guild" It gets really annoying when the person explains that it is only fair when subhouses are fremen and sard, or that using ordos is cheating. I have to play agains
  11. If you have enough money, Air Drones are good in the beginning of the game. Use them with some ground units in order to spice camp.
  12. It is on emprworm's site, and I really like this BO, but you have to do it against Harkonnen. A Mino wipes out all of the crap, and Ordos is too fast. It can be done on QM settings or 10k no pre-built BO (this might be slightly off because I am doing it from memory) (Windtraps aren't included) QM settings Scouts, then infinate inf Fac and Upgrade Ref, always upgrade refs 6 Bikes, 1 Mongoose, 6 Bikes, 1 Mongoose, etc. It never stops until the very end of the game. 2nd Barracks 2nd Fac 2nd Ref 3rd Barracks 3rd Fac 3rd Ref 10K no pre-built Barracks Scouts, then infinate inf Ref Fac and Upgrade
  13. XCH

    Mino Hoard

    Scout attract minos when they are moving Not if you move them slowly (i would use fremen instead of scouts) Ordos is too costly,what do u mean???? Ordos is not too costly. I wanted to know why NetWerx1 thought it would be too costly I think what he means by "clump up" is blockade themselves and slow the units behind the 'lagging' unit down. If this is what he meant, all you have to do is hold "j" while moving units. Devastators are not $1750 for nothing >:( What do you mean?
  14. XCH

    Playing Cards

    I got a box of 12 packs of playing cards for $8.40. Here is where I got it: http://judysnet.zoovy.com/ And the actual product I bought: http://judysnet.zoovy.com/product/WHOLPLAYINGCARDS
  15. No, I downloaded some software (what emprworm used) from here: http://www.techsmith.com/products/studio/default.asp
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