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  1. Imperial Sards followed by Elite Sards. I wiped out an attacker ai with 50 of them 8). Unfortunatley most were mowed down by Flame Tanks, Inkvines, and Gun Turrets :-
  2. Infantry kill them fast? If you have a lot of inf in 1 place, 2 ordos canister throws will kill them altogether before its health goes below half energy.
  3. The ORDOS strategy consisting of warriors/dust scouts/ deviators is too costly because you lose too many troops. In emprworm's demo, he lost 3350 of stuff. That's not bad, but with the warrior/niab/deva drop strategy the only thing you have to lose are the warriors. That's like 900. This time they also have mongoose, meaning that you'll probably lose more with the ordos strat. It may fail altogether because the mongoose will take out the dusties before the minos fire at them.
  4. Chaos Lightning This weapon can be used with the Ordos Palace. Click the lightning strike when it is ready. Drag the mouse anywhere you want on the field. Then select the area of effect. When it is fired, all units within the blast radius will be thrown in a frenzy, killing all units, friend OR foe. Also, the units affected will suffer damage slowly.
  5. Subhouses: Tieilaxu Leech: Damage, Armor, Repair Contaminator: Armorx3 Sardaukar Regular: Damage, Armor, Repair Elite: Damage, Armor, Repair Guild Maker: Damage, Armor, Repair NIAB: Damage, Armor, Repair Fremen Warrior: Damage, Armor, Repair Fedaykin: Damage, Armor, Repair Ix Infiltrator: None Projector: Damage, Armor, Repair I've noticed that Infils, Dupe Tanks, Niabs, and leeches self repair at lv 0. What do they really get at lv3? (except infil
  6. First, five lasers will own the minos without much trouble. Even if you do manage to get some lasers with your feds, the kobras will own them in the end. If you try to be sneaky and hit the kobra at close range, they could undeploy and run the feds over due to their large crush radius ;D. Heck, five lasers could take on three mino and three feds. Take out the minos first, and then do hit and run on the feds :D. Hint hint, a kobra is stronger than a mino. You're asking for death if you make 3 mino attack 10! Kobra. They could beat them undeployed. You should watch some clips and see how 1
  7. Ordos would be too costly ::) Scouts don't attract minos ::) More than 3 guild tanks would clump each other up :- 1 deva would do after defenses weakened ;D
  8. My strat against: 5 mino 7 mongoose 30 infantry 3 repair veh 15 kindjal Your house and subhouses: Harkonnen, Fremen OR Ix, Guild 1. Step in with fremen or ix bombs to kill off ALL the kindjal, and some infantry, if you wish. 2. Use 3 guild niab tanks to kill off at least 5 mongoose. Teleport them if any of them are weak. 3. Use the DEVA DROP to kill any remaining troops, 3 Devas would be nice :D
  9. If you are defending territory immediately build horde of mongoose and infantry and send them over to the harkonnen base. You have the advantage because you have base set up
  10. The Deva drop is highly effective...especially against Kobra. Remember, Kobra must shoot directly upwards when facing a target that is right next to them :D. Drop 2-3 Devas to each section of the kobra wall:8 kobra per section, and you will have defeated the kobra wall! P.S. If your devas start to look weak, detonate them :D!They have the power of an ix bomb.
  11. ahem, airdrone :D what I meant was, you move aa the second time the adv carryall picks up the deva
  12. All you have to do is to threaten the deva, the adv carryall will pick it up again. When the carryall is on top of the deva, move aa and simply kill the adv carryall with the deva in its grips ;D!
  13. Bah! Who cares about Tieilaxu? They are weak and betray you in the end >:(
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