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  1. well its almost like dungeon keeper, its gameplay and graphic are very good.
  2. for any1 who's interesting in kknd3 : http://www.petitiononline.com/mod_perl/signed.cgi?kknd34me&1
  3. Scy

    Warcraft 3

    Nope, but u can get the Naga sea witch and Beastmaster from the tavern.
  4. Scy

    Warcraft 3

    I play ladder games, im now level 15 in solo, not bad for a noob like me! :P
  5. ATI has released today the X800 series cards. I wonder how Nalu will survive against this demonic creature. :-X
  6. u bought an intel presscot processor! :P they are bugget and overhatted, intel said that it will fix them withing a month or so, check this review for more info about presscot processor : http://www6.tomshardware.com/cpu/20040201/index.html btw, if u bought this pc http://www.pc2go.co.il/eMall/product.asp?pc=43998&club= u will gain 300nis, and they both have the same parts...
  7. im sure leo have no idea what non-boxed is, cus he bought it complete! is it the PC2GO BM-2203?
  8. hiding the sidebar makes the game looks like a real dune world! :D
  9. try to update your soundcard driver: http://us.creative.com/support/downloads/
  10. You can set graphics to highest(32bit colors) and shadow on. if the game still fast try to enable 4x anisotropic + 4x FSAA(go to control panel>DISPLAY>SETTING>ADVANCED>ATI 9000pro>DIRECT3d SETTING) I think 9000pro has full support, u will notice a better graphic after doing that and less framerate as well.
  11. The lizard must be like this:
  12. i have got too an infected email, it has my friend name, this what the email contains: From : Simon, Yeah, Harris <zelda_man18@msn.com> Sent : Friday, April 23, 2004 5:12:15 PM To : carl.gustafsson@home.se, me_chris@hotmail.com, stevenrice593@.com, salamascy@hotmail.com, atm0sph2r3@msn.com, danne__19@hotmail.com, dodgergames@planet.nl, elli10_10@hotmail.com, emil.stromberg@home.se, gm_tommiev@hotmail.com, hannahjelmstedt@hotmail.com, icecream_kim@hotmail.com, imgoingtomoes@hotmail.com, jonathanikba@hotmail.com, kardell_18@hotmail.com, kazaa_51@hotmail.com, kent_474@hotmail.com, ke
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