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  1. thanks for the reply. I also mean all concept art made for Dune (I remember concept art units made for RA2 in tjframe.com) so I'm asking if there's a site which contains some artworks, concept art etc....
  2. where I can find the Emperor concept art units? Early designs, dropped units etc...?
  3. It would be very cool if you can use an unit with crew: driver and gunner. both of thame take points for their ability
  4. Nice to meet you and hope to learn some new interesting tactics
  5. I agree, however I haven't found a decent use for contaminators, cananyone help me?
  6. IMO Ordos rock also in late game, Kobra is a nasty piece of artillery and is very strong. Harkonnen should be improved
  7. IMO Harkonnen need a better way to repair vehicles, they spend lot of moneys to have their units and they don't survive easily in the battlefield
  8. Interesting, I'm asking if Devastator will be ultra slow and the carryall logic is possible
  9. thanks guys, it's pleasure to see emperor players. Unfortunately on line I see very few people so I cannot make interesting games. I'm busy to look many threads now :P BTW It would very interesting to make a tournament with a mod
  10. Thanks a lot for all these precious informations. In the mod section I cannot see all changes made by each mod and I'm forced to download it. Is there a readme section?
  11. I'm new to this forum so I need to ask you something: do you know where I can get new maps for Emperor? Anyone knows if there are some mods for Emperor and if someone wants to play with them online? Thanks and I hope to play on line cool games, My nick is Rygar3 ;D
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