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  1. Oh,ok.But the wierd thing is...PEOPLE ACTUALLY PAID ATTENTION TO ME! ;D ;) :D
  2. Meanwhile,Thazter was descending at un-imaginable speeds towards Hua-Hin IX.He felt the strong pull of G-force for a few seconds,then it was over. He was speeding towards the Sardaukar,but to the left.That way,when the crater was investigated,the inspectors,whether the Sardaukar or Honour Guard,would conclude that a rocket or missile was fired from the Honour Guard towards the Sardaukar.It was too easy.
  3. I think he might have meant as a whole.Use gunships to win by destroying buildings,etc.
  4. Hmm...I have a suggestion.Maybe make the Atreides like a sub-house.Wait,no.Better,make them like the Smugglers.You can ally with them for a TINY bit,and the all the other times,they're AI.
  5. oh...oops-sies...read this wrong.Ok then,just think of it how it actually is.I'm too lazy to change it now. :P :P :P
  6. As Samus Aran was viewing the slow progress of the heighliner that one of the space probes had sent her, her militairy leader, Major General Cyril Carthag, burst into her office.He was gasping,but soon regained composure.He the saluted. "M’Lady!I am sorry for burst into here,but I have news about the homeplanet of House Atretus." "Go on." "M’Lady,it appears that there is a battle between the Sardaukar and the faction of House Atretus. We could use this to-"But before he could finish,Samus said, "Send in Thazter." "Thazter,M’Lady?" "Yes.Go now." "Uh…Yes,M’Lady" Thazter was a Tleilaxu FaceDancer, Samus’s best.He had left the Tleilaxu after being bribed to join Samus.He was the best.He never failed. -------------------------------------------- As soon as Cyril walked into Thazter’s room,he was immediatley met with, “What is your request?” “The Lady needs you to do a special job.” “She wants me to go down there,”He motioned to the homeplanet of House Atretus. “And infiltrate the Sardaukar lines.” “How did you know?” “I hear things.” “Oh,you dirty little rat-” “Watch it,buddy.” Thazter had drawn a katana and was at Cyril’s neck in,what seemed,a mere second. Cyril gulped quietly and looked down towards his neck.Then Thazter threw him down and went out the door.
  7. Mad Rhetoric


    Umm...Do you want to know a spoiler?Cuz I can tell you a spoiler.I'm good at telling spoilers.I think I'll tell you one,but its hidden. [hide]The girl dies.Unusual,huh?Cuz I mean,look at spider-man.The girl always is rescued.Spidey,and a few others.[/hide]
  8. Oh dear...I've gotten Gob mad...*thinks of all those posters unlucky enough to stray into the FAQs... :-X :-X *From now on I think I'll just say I hate Gen. Btw,DukeLeto,I'm sorry about the internet explorer.It went fine on my internet explorer,and I've got a lower version than you do!The only time it malfunctioned(and by malfunctioned,I mean it kept duplicating itself) was when my comp was going really slowing and was all laggy anyways.Sorry,again.But you can't stop ME from visiting it!*Starts rolling on the floor and having a seizure because of the flashing black and white stuff*
  9. In her office on TerraII,Samus Aran sat pondering.Her people were not warriors.They were farmers and workers,despite Samus's own background as a bounty hunter.Only the small group of 200,000 was at her disposal.But then...there were Metroids.The Metroids destroyed armies.The Metroids kept peace on her planet.But now war had erupted on OTHER worlds,not Samus's.And it wasn't her decision whether to start a war or not.So she had no choice;She had to send in the Metroids,or die.
  10. House:Ix(Hehe) Leader:Samus Aran(Can't think of anthing original :P ) Militairy Leader:Major General Varuxx Carthag Planet:Terra II Army:A very large force is fast,armored tanks.Infantry is compromised of the rare Swordmasters( :P ),Elite Bursegs(But infantry,like Sards),and the more common light infantry and troopers. Navy:90 Heavy Destroyers, 30 Aircraft Carriers,200 Armored Boats,500 Escorts Air Force: XeloThopter:Small,lightly armored aircraft,usually used for bombings,has 2 small machine guns to shoot down other small aircraft,can carry up to 20 tons in bombs. Laser Thopter:3 Small laser swivel turrets mounted on back.Heavily armored,but not to fast.Used mostly for raids. Advanced Carryall:Don't ask me what it does,you know!
  11. Ehh,You can use me...But I don't see why you would.
  12. Go*damn mother****** bas*****!I CANNOT WAIT until that shitty son-of-bitchy Generals dies!Then I will enjoy it.Ahh...Generals the BIGGEST hit,then mopped away quickly.Damn Generals supporters will then know how we feel!
  13. Yes....I remember when there still was an 'official emperor site'.Stupid mother****** bas*****. :-[ :'(
  14. Yep.Hehe...Anyways,thanks Ken for teaching me that!Maybe I should try that out on the neoseeker forums ;D ;D ;D So if you keep seeing this link,then GET USED TO IT! :)
  15. Cuz I HATE Generals.I just can't stress it enough.Besides,I like the pretty flashing colors and music ;D
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