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  1. So smell like a fremen? The scent of dirt, mixed with spice, mixed with the blood of their enemies? Mmmmm ;D
  2. Also add the sisterhood into the game. Ive been dying to kill some bene gesserit for the longest time. :P
  3. Yup, still playing the game. Wish there was some sort of infantry-to-building barricade function for the game.... and an APC for the harks...(maybe make the flame tank a TERRIBLE version of an APC) a better form of the ordos AA mine... a better purpose for the atreides light infantry... a more important function for the guild maker... a faster contaminator... fixing the glitch that screws the ADPs reaction to a hawkstrike... changing the experience points from being given to an enemy unit when a devestator is told to selfdestruct... allowing infantry in the APC to scatter out once the APC is d
  4. I have a thing against the damn Hawk Strike against the ADP... Even after the effects wear off, the damn thing still leaves the map.
  5. Just had some ADP's and MachineGunTurrets watch the base incase of a guild NIAB invasion. I just survived long enough to set up a small devestator, ADP, and inkvine defense at the funnel in front of the base. Had an engineer watch behind them incase of leech larva. After that, I wiped out the minor base to the WEST with a good number of mixed assault tanks and buzzsaws. Once that was done, slowly advanced the devestators, ADP's, and inkvines to crush the tlexaxu base. (While destroying whatever living turrets i could reach.) Up to a certain point of advancement (after passing and destroying t
  6. I have the Italian version of Dune 2000 and I can't understand a damn thing. The text is replaced and the movie sequences are dubbed. Anyone know of something that can change this?
  7. Question. Is there a patch out there to fix the bug involving the Harkonnen ADP? Whenever the hawkstrike hits it, it starts to leave the map. Once the hawkstrike effect wears off, it continues to leave.
  8. Warlord


    Try out this game. http://www.deadawaken.com/signup.php?refId=5166 Post up your opinions. 1(Poor)-10(Excellent) Please state why you chose that number. Thanks.
  9. The color of the house I play. Otherwise, Red.
  10. So you are all suggesting that this game is crap?
  11. I remember in one of the Star Trek episodes...(Hate Star Trek mind you...just bored that day)...Some alien girl said that the Harkonnians will ambush our Tleiaxian race.
  12. Id have to say...the devestator. Who could resist detonating in the center of an enemy base when you have money like Fort Knox?
  13. I prefer almost any Harkonnen music. Ordos is too techno for me. Atreides has old school music thats been remixed from the original dune 2 (Think thats pretty tight)
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