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Dune Risk


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I would have to say yes. As I know you frequent the boards often, and enjoy dune.(and also need to fill slots) I IM some users last night(ones involved with game) and if they do not respond sometime soon then we look for other good players.

Also NaMpIgAi has said he will be in the game.

once we get all the players we can slowly start the game( as there could be major bugs and such)

so a list of known players are:

1. NaMpIgAi

2. Dunenewt

3. ExAtreides®

4. Earthnuker

That leaves 2 spots open(although if not all spots are filled we can still play)

Once we decide that a certain # of people are playing we can arrange the playing order by there habits of visiting fed2k, to make it more efficient, e.g. time zones.

If you're wondering I'm not playing if I am going to use the program to decide battles and GM stuff.

If you've ever played risk! it has the same strategy aspect.

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I am currently adding more to the "Dune miniboard" I had started a while ago(mostly a graphic for quick reference to the game). Still need 3 players.

More info later.

Here is a preview of the dune miniboard. it looks faded because of compression to keep filesize small.

I have updated the statistics page, and Status.txt on my webpage. There were some errors on both(since they both have similiar info) I have updated them according to the newest map with labelled territory.

I just thought of something, for each player they would be called a certain house(but no special features for each individual house)

1. Atreides

2. Harkonnen

3. Corrino

4. IX

5. Tleilaxu

6. Fremen

Do we want Tleilaxu or Ordos? I would want Tleilaxu(more like Dune), but I know gamers would want Ordos

Just a thought, then on the map I could put a short 2-3 letters representing the person and the number of armies on each territory(with different colors maybe for each person)

I also am going to randomly pick the territories for 6 people, then once we get 6 people randomly assign 1 of the 6 players a set of territories.

[attachment archived by Gobalopper]

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Ok, I have just randomly picked the territories for each player. Once we get 6 players I will randomly pick a set of territories for each person.

8 territories each, with 2 neutral armies.

Where the "player" is is the order they were picked for that player.

"in order" is just them letter and number rising(easier to keep track of) They should be in the right order.

Player 1 - F1 E11 E6 C8 D5 B6 E2 D2

In order - B6 C8 D2 D5 E2 E6 E11 F1

Player 2 - A2 C4 E1 B7 E5 E3 A7 F6

In order - A2 A7 B7 C4 E1 E3 E5 F6

Player 3 - A8 E10 E12 A4 C9 E7 B4 F3

In order - A4 A8 B4 C9 E7 E10 E12 F3

Player 4 - E9 B1 B5 B2 C1 C10 E8 E4

In order - B1 B2 B5 C1 C10 E4 E8 E9

Player 5 - A3 F2 D6 D1 D7 F4 F5 C7

In order - A3 C7 D1 D6 D7 F2 F4 F5

Player 6 - A5 C6 D3 A6 D4 C2 A1 C3

In order - A1 A5 A6 C2 C3 C6 D3 D4

Neutral - C5 B3

In order - B3 C5

I am somewhat confused as to how it would be best for the people to place there armies at first. I was thinking everyone could IM me how many armies on each of their territories(one on each at least) then the element of surprise would come into play when I post where everyone put there armies. :- but haveing each person post a single army on a territory and wait for the next person to post would take very long so I would opt for the first suggestion..

Cant wait for more people to join as it seems I am talking to myself lately. (but keeping everyone informed)

If I get the armies on each territory(graphically) then we could start on a turn, depending on the order.

I would like to know what times people are most likely the net to play the game, as we could make the turn order as efficient as possible.

The sooner more info the sooner we can start.

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Thank you Bashar,

Bashar has given me an updated calculator that does not have the bug anymore, and an efficient way to tell whose territoy/what territory and # of armies. As for when people give in 3 cards, and if there will be an ascending each time 3 cards are handed in, I would say now for now but that can be changed when game starts.

Once we get 2 more people and decide who is who i can update the map some more.

I will tinker with the pic Bashar gave me to see what optimally can be done with it. It does fit well into most territories.

And Bashar stated that the colors for each house be according to westwood. Although whether we use ordos or tleilaxu is up to whoever uses them.

Atreides: Blue

Harkonnen: Red

Ordos: Green

Corrino: Purple

Fremen: Yellow

Ix: White

I am thinking it might be easier to give number of armies per turn = total territories divided by 3, but wont know until i get all the players, adn add them to the map.

And the rule that states:

"At the end of a turn you get a card, which thus can be combined with others to trade in." I'm wondering if it should be at the first of a turn. :-

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ah shoot, my message got deleted....

ok what color for neutral territories? I was thinking something striped(2 differnt colors) that would be distinguishable.

I am posting Bashars little info thingy that will be placed on each territory. The topleft part is for the territory letter and # ; the bottom left part is for the number of armies ; the right part is for the color to distinguish who owns the territory.

Just so people dont think I am coloring the whole territory.[attachment archived by Gobalopper]

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I only suggested using Westwood colours to avoid any confusion, as this forum primarily caters to fans of the games. My own personal preference would be to see those that Frank Herbert designated, as Timenn suggested.

These would probably be:

Atreides: Green

Harkonnen: Blue

Ordos or Bene Tleilax: White

Corrino: Black

Fremen: Yellow

Ix: Purple

Andrew is right in that each colour should be easily recognisible so whatever set you do decide on, I would suggest making sure that they're disparit. Also, I'd reccomend sticking to solid colours to make it easier for the GM to update.

As for neutral territories, perhaps Cyan (Blue-Green)?


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I think I will IM the players that are going to play and get them to write in this thread who they want to be and what colors. I IM the players about color/house.

1. NaMpIgAi - RED, whatever house is left over(?)




Just a thought...if no one else joins soon maybe we should start the game. 4 players may make the game go faster and less work for me.(I think)

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You maybe...I don't know how to play this game so can some one point me towards some rules.

I am still IM some people to play, I dont think it would be fair if I played and posted the results of battles, updated maps etc.

click on the link in my sig(top one) or next to my avatar for my webpage which has info about the game including rules which I am updating soon.

As for the rules I can see how it is confusing..I was thinking of getting rid of the "spice" factor for this round.

So when you turn in any 3 cards(if they match) you would only get armies and not spice to transport armies form homeworld.

So for now I think I will get rid of that and see what it looks like. Maybe when people get the hang of the game we can implement more complicated rules in another round.

More rule changes/interpretations:

"Ending your turn means that you are done attacking.

At the end of a turn you may move your armies."

so basicly a person will state which armies they will place on which territory, then state which territories attack which territories, then maybe move some armies to different adjacent territories.

As to how we do a play by play(i.e.- someone posts what they want to do then I update maps/decide battles) will be figured out soon with more of a "form" to fill out to make it simpler.

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I was thinking attack orders could be written this way:

[Attacking Region], [Target Region], [Army Size at which to retreat]

Minimum Army Size is an optional attribute, the default is always 1.

For example, an order to attack Red Chasm from Chin Rock with an army no smaller than 3 could be written as follows: E2, E3, 3

If someone wanted to attack Arakeen from Tuono Basin with no regard to attrition, it could be written like this: D5, C6

The same format can apply to unit movement, the third attribute representing the card played. e.g. Transporting 3 armies from Tuek's Sietch to Smuggler Communities could be written like this: E6, E5, Trike

Air-dropping four armies from the Polar Sink to Carthag could look like this: F2, C5, Orni

Below is an example of what a player's turn orders might look like. Several things happened on this turn. The player attacked three enemy regions, called up reinforcements from two regions, traded three soldier cards for free Armies and then placed armies in three regions.

Attack Orders:

E1, E12, 3

C6, C7

C2, C10

Movement Orders:

D5, C6, Trike

C4, C5, Trike

Army Placement Orders:

Play Cards: 3 Soldiers

C2, 4

D6, 2

E1, 5

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Sounds good Bashar.

Sad to say that my Aunt died of Cancer, so I may not update as much(for now), and plan on being away from the internet from <b>Friday afternoon</b>, until Tuesday morning. (at the most) I should be back on Monday afternoon, but would have to catch up on university work and I have classes still, so Tuesday would be the day for me to be the most active again. Will try to update today and tomorrow more before I leave.

Oh and once I get back(or someone else does it) and we have 6 players or start the game, I most likely would start a new thread for the gameplay explicitly. any concerns/problems/suggestions would be posted in this thread.

I had come up with a simple form to fill out(not completed though)And also it would be shorter wording, but just an example. this is a crude example.

Trade in cards for armies -

Placement of armies -

Which territory attack which territory, and when to retreat -

Movement of armies (certain cards or just plain move) -


1. NaMpIgAi - ?, Red

2. Dunenewt - Ix, Purple

3. ExAtreides®

4. Earthnuker

5. ken124578

One more player please. And you should be an active member as in you check the site more than once or twice a week.

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My condolences in regards to your Aunt. I'm very sorry to hear a relative of yours had to succumb to cancer. My own mother is battling that now so I have some idea how it affects a person's life and sympathise with your loss.

Take all the time you need. The game can certainly wait for you.


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Well we are not certain for sure until we play a practice round so to speak. Basicly it is like Risk! but with some dune twists(or will have). The idea is that when it is your turn you will look at a map, and strategise the best way for you to win(your objective) then you would tell the person who calculates battles/turn updates what you want done with your armies and cards.(I.E. where you want your armies placed, which cards you want to use and who you want to attack)

If you feel up to playing then I can get to work on some things so that we can start the game sooner.(me assign the territories to people)

There are 50 territories that will be divided among the 6 players leaving 2 neutral that will have 2 armies on them. You start off with 25 armies which you will place among you territories, although you will be required to place at least one on each you own. You get an objective as to how you will win the game. Each person will get a different objective and they will be kept secret.

We will all be learning how to play as we go along, but the longer we play the more easier it should be.

If you wish to play please state which house/ color you wish to be, there should be a list above, but make sure you dont pick a house and color another person already has.

Yes turn based. Sorry you couldnt join but thanks for your interest. I also was part of DG and was angry about the amount of time I wasted with it.

Also if each person gets 25 armies, but required to place one on each territory, and each person starts of with 8 territories then they actually get to place 17 armies.(which is approximitly 2 on each territory if evenly spread out)

So when we get 6 players, I will ask people to tell me where they want the remaining 17 armies. Just thought if we dont get a 6th person soon, then 5 people isnt so bad. 10 territories each and no neutral territories.

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