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Dune Risk


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The landmasses are actually the same size as when I created my first draft. The only difference is that I shifted them a little to conserve space. This way the file turns out smaller and it's easier for players with lower screen resolutions to view the whole map.

Regardless, though, I don't see it being feasable to display individual armies on the map. What I intended to add in the game board was an information section for each region displaying the regions identification tag (A1, C3, F8 etc.), the colour of the occupying nation, and the number of armies listed in standard arabic numerals. In normal Risk! you, of course, can't write on the board but this being an online game, we are set with a different set of limitations.

For instance, we can not, unless we wish this to be the longest game of Risk! ever, select nations one at a time. It could take a week just to set up the opening move! Selecting starting unit placement randomly, as Timenn suggests would be best from a standpoint of time. I'd reccomend that at the start of the game, the GM roll a die (1d6 for all you AD&D fans) for each region to determine who receives it, keeping a tally so that no faction has more than the maximum allowable starting provinces (nine for a six player game).

Some suggested rule modifications:

1) Card modifications

3 Dune Soldiers (3:6 odds) = 6 armies or 3 spice

3 Sand Buggies (2:6 odds) = 8 armies or 5 spice

3 Ornithopters (1:6 odds) = 10 armies or 7 spice

1 card of each type = same effect as 3 Sand Buggies

2) Unit placement modifications

Armies generated from cards or provinces can only be placed in the player's capitol or regions adjacent to the capitol. If the capitol is destroyed, the player may only receive new armies from spending spice.

Armies generated from expending spice may be placed in any region controlled by the player.

3) Spice Harvesting

A player who chooses to forfeit his right to attack receives n spice for each desert region he controls. I reccomend you start with n at 3 but increase or decrease it depending out it works out in the game.


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ok that idea sounds good for map.

what is standard arabic numerals?

I now understand what you meant by the resolution, good thinking.(I can view it all without moving left or right to see it)

I added a "map" with some of the rules timenn posted on my webpage, and think it could be a good addition when the rules are complete for quick refernce.(will change as rules change and the size will change, maybe to fit it in a screen without moving left or right)

I dont think i am any good with the odds, and I dont have any dice.

Random placement is good idea.

I think it would be too hard to keep track of whether a person wants spice or armies, for your card variation Bashar.

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ok, I am creating a new /dir for dune risk on my web page, but until that goes up the old one will be up. I am "finalizing" (putting them up, making them "do-able") the rules.

Page should be up tomorrow, if not then saturday night. I will post here when it is up.

making the new dune risk website more organized for a game.

The rules will be HTML based(and not.txt like they are now)

Having hard time with attack rules so i think we should just use the original Risk! rules to make it easier.

i still have no concept of odds and such, so that is why i prefer the original Risk! rules.

and once this game gets going more i think we should come up with a different name like "Dune Jihad" since "Dune Risk!" is probably illegal and such in the legal community(at least more than dune jihad)(and jihad has nice sound to it) but for now Dune Risk!

New website up. I called it Dune Jihad! then realised it said Dune Risk! on Bashar's board. If you like the title "Dune Jihad!" say so and maybe bashar can change it on the board. and if he doesn't or you guys dont like the name I can change everything on my website to "Dune Risk!" or we can leave Dune Risk! on board and leave everything else Dune Jihad!. I just thought that Risk! might be trademarked and such(I know dune is, but different story) so Jihad! may be better. and i didnt want someone to say illegal to have "Dune Risk!" then have to do stuff all over.

the website is:

Dune Jihad! or Dune Risk!

It is still under construction, more will be done in 6 hours or so. say what you think....enjoy! me going to school.

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damnit I forgot about this all :-[ I'm truly sad and embaressed. everything looks just great. Great. I'll take a print of the rules and read them tonight. Sorry for my abcense.


'- Whenever you have conquered a region of the enemy, you will get a card with 2 cards per turn maximum'

shouldn't we make it one card per turn instead?

As for the Regions, this is just an idea but depending on how many we are what about the GM just randomly selected different regions and we each rolled dices for each color?

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I was thinking if the map was sectioned off into maybe 3-5 different parts with links to them on the map, and this would take the user to a map that is enlarged of the section they chose which could have the info. more work but may look prettier. just an idea.

I am also learning HTML forms(in part for my books page) and I think this could be used for this game, as a player would fill out a form and send it to whoever.(could be faster)

hmm, i just found out that CGI scipts are safer, but i know nothing about them.

HTML forms are hard and do not work the way i want them to(send code in email)

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I have figured out html forms, (they have to be "get" style as I dont think my server allows "post" style) "get"=email. But this type is not as secure and it probably would be easier to just make up a .txt form for people to fill out, as it could already have the coding for posting on a web page (after email is sent and the webmaster just copy and paste into HTML code. Which is what I am still using on my book site as HTML forms only allow one book to be filled at a time easily).

(unless we use FED2K forum), but that may not happen until after the test round.

There havn't been many updates at my site, except fooling around a bit with animated banners and such(none up yet though). And also pictures that have link on them(as one whole picture split into 4 or so....but not successful yet)

oh and I took "Sedermia" off my site so there is 300kb more free space.

oh and bashar I noticed you were online yesterday(Feb. 3?) posting a reply to here but it never showed up. Also nice to know Gob archived some maps I made at first.(for some reason) :-

Everyday that goes by with no new updates is a sad day. (and midterms next week :O )

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you can make dune risk like LOTR risk with no ring movement have 5 sides 2 good (fremen. atreides) and 2 evil(harkonnen, corrino,) and 1 neutral spacing guild have 1 battalion = fremen for good harkonnen trooper for evil and guild worker for neutral for 3 battalions have good be fremen, evil be sarduakar for neatral have it be a navigator and for 5 battalions good be ferdykin on worm evil be ornithopter and for neuatral guild space ship cool ehh? have map be map of dune anbd then have each side have 2 leaders that add+ 1 to attack and defence roll but you can only have one (leaders can't die) unless you pull get secong leader card you get two. and have strong hold like arraken and siech tabar and suck and htey add +1 to defence roll only cool ehh? well thats my ideas haven't read all of yours.

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Input is always welcome. but I think that may make it more complicated. we should test with the rules we have so far. (will test when version of map wit boundaries is finished....but bashar hasnt replied or anything for about 6 days. :'(

I want updates..me bored.

If bashar you could put the borders on (to distinguish territories), then we could test the game while you finish the map.

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Ok, a friend just informed me that some pics/maps/the pic with links is not showing properly(or at all) on my webpage. please let me know if it is working for you. if not please state browser/version and what is not working properly so I can fix it.

everything is working properly on my computer but it may be becuase it is cached or something.

Also added new Stats on my webpage table style. It is where the map link is. (should say on main page if you press refresh Map / Statistics )

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Okay. I'll see about getting you a temporary board to use tomorrow. Time has been a bit tight lately so I haven't been able to get around to working on that, at least not for any great length of time.

I personally reccomend you start a new thread and use that to submit orders and updates. The GM (I'm assuming you Andrew) can post a link to the map on your site for the graphical information. This way all the information is consolidated in one place and people know specifically whose turn it is.

As I have stated in a previous e-mail, since this is for all intents and purposes a PBEM game, you should expedite play by having a player only submit 1 post per turn, detailing all his orders in that. Otherwise the game can become unweildly and the GM will be left with *way* too much work to do.

If you want a program that will roll dice for you, I can whip something up. That should only be a five-minute job. A ten-minute job would be making you a program that automatically resolves battles.

One last thing, Andrew. If you want to free up space on your site, I'd reccomend removing the older maps, save for one so that I may use it to add the borders. I don't think anybody needs them now.


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Well the week is almost up and there hasn't been much talk. I will be going home where there is no internet, but I will be taking my computer home with me so I might work on the website some(of course not being able to upload). It is my spring break starting this friday. I will be leaving friday around 2-3PM atlantic time (check where I live) and might not be back until next Saturday. So do not rush to make the map Bashar if it cannot be done by tomorrow night, take more time and see if it can be done by next Saturday, then I will be able to spend time when we start game.(unless you guys want to start game without me :- )

Hope this game works out good. And over the weekend I might try to have fun with Sedermia (make into game/fanfic)(me obsessed with it)

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ok me back from week away form the net.

bashar emialed me, without a map(me edit the last one he made, unless anyone else can do a good job) I probably will do a rough sketch for now(maybe out in a day or two) and program to decide battles(looks good!). I may have to edit map, me not sure yet. I believe, not much time to indulge in specifics at the moment. more info later.

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Ok I put borders on Bashars map.(somewhat crude, but sufficient to play game) I think they are all there. I used the map I labelled with borders to draw the borders on this map(mostly)

so this means that we can get players and such and experiment with trying to play the game. We can use Bashars calculator to calculate battles although I found a bug in it already(I think but it can be accomodated)

And I am putting the map up now. If you see any problems with it just say so.

And I did not label it like I did with the previous version of the labled map for now.

Most info can be found on my website (in my sig).

For players they should be able to check on the game daily (maybe every second day as people have different time zones)

the order of people taking turns could accomodate the different time zones to make games faster.

more info once people say they want to play.

6 players only.

found territory error on map currently fixing. eta-10 min(actually took 3min) and now fixed.(as missing border near top left.)

now thinking that I should change the territory in the center to east instead of just 2 countries to 3 countries connecting north and south, will do that sometime.(ok I just updated it)

So now we need 6 players. So the people involved get first dibs if they want to play(and can be online often enough for game to play smoothly), then others. more info by tuesday(tomorrow in school for most of whole day)

Will update stats by the end of tuesday hopefully(according to newest map) and maybe some minor rule changes if I can think of any. Suggestions welcome for anything to make game better, although we should start it soon.

Maybe you would only need to check in every thrird day if there are 6 players, as maybe only 2 people would get to make there turns each day. (as far as logging in goes and updating the game)[attachment archived by Gobalopper]

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I'm sorry that I can't join this week or next week. I have a busy important week about to come. And I don't want to neglect my school, and not the game (that I'm not much playing)

So, I can join after Friday 7 March. Or I have to skip the first round...

Good luck with the game.

I will look if I can let a news thread being started about this game

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