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Dune Risk


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ok, bashar so it is possible to color in everything? i did make a version with the countries fixed, and with only the outside of the map colored. i also have a version without backround colored, just say what version you would prefer.

Does this look good to you timenn?

if and when you do color one of them, remember to have each continent with a different shade of sand.

oops, need to correct A9, and make it A8

ok, corrected the line above and also renamed a bunch of D's because i added anotherland, so that makes 51 i beleive. i also updated the Status.txt on my webpage(conforming with the new lands)

also made little pics with links to the big pics.(forget what that is called.)Ok i made that change and it didnt work like i expected it to, and now i cant even post some pics.

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Ok, my suggested rules:

Variation nr. 1: Invasion

- Every players starts with 32 armies, they will start in 1 region. This is randomly selected. And this will be their capitol.

- The Capitol will be destroyed when the region where the capitol stands is conquered. The Capitol will provide 1 army per turn in the Capitol region and it counts as 1 army on it's own. A capitol can't be rebuild

- All neutral regions are defended by 2 neutral armies. Neutral regions can be captured

- Whenever you have conquered a region of the enemy, you will get a card

- You have 3 different types of cards. The Ornithopter, the Sand Buggy, and the Dune Soldier. You can exchange the cards for armies or spice based on the following scheme:

3 Dune Soldiers = 7 armies

3 Sand Buggies = 8 units of spice

3 Ornithopters = 10 units of spice

1 Dune Soldier + 1 Sand Buggy + 1 Ornithopter = 12 units of spice, or 12 armies

- You will get 1 army per turn for every region that is connected to 2 other regions of your own

- When receiving armies by the last 2 rules, you can place them anywhere you want

- Each unit of spice can be used to buy transport of 1 army from your homeworld => You can buy armies and place them in any of your regions. Bought armies will arive the next turn

- When you don't attack in a turn, you will receive 1 unit of spice from every desert region

- You win when you have completed your objective, which is given at the start

- At the end of a turn you may move your armies. Each army may move to 1 region at the time. Movement is only allowed through territories of your own. You can exchange a Sand Buggy card for a 4 steps movement of up to 3 armies (of 1 region only, they must all move to the same spots). You can exchange an Ornothopter for a 4 steps movement of up to 4 armies (1 region only, they must all move to the same spots) but you can travel through enemy territorie as long as you end in a territory of your own.

Variation nr 2. Dune Wars

The same rules as by 'Invasion' except for these rules:

- All territories will be divided to all players. When there still remain some regions which cannot be given to any player in order to let every player have the same amount of territories, then those regions will be neutral, with 2 neutral armies

- Each player may choose his/her own capitol region.

I will add objectives later.

What do you think?

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The URL to my site has changed. It is now


one rule i thouht was very innovative was the

When you don't attack in a turn, you will receive 1 unit of spice from every desert region.(you own i presume)

it makes sense that if you dont attack you harvest more spice.

when you stated

- Whenever you have conquered a region of the enemy, you will get a card.

does this include neutral territories?(i hope not)

also you could come up with the # of armies for occupying a total continent.

there could also be total conquest type game if you wanted.

Do you like the map on my previous post?

If you beleive that that map is as good as it gets(withouth the colors), i beleive that Bashar will fill in the colors once we decide.

I fixed some stuff on my website.

I will post the rules you made in a .txt file on my site, which i can update as we progress.

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That rule that you get armies when you don't attack is originally of risk. But then you would get armies for: total amount of countries / 3. Now I altered that so you get 1 unit of spice per desert region (you have to types of regions right? A rock-region and a desert-region)

That brings me to another rule: A capitol may only be placed in a rock region. So you always start with Variation nr. 1 in a rock-region.

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you mean for coloring? we would just color each continent a different color wouldnt we?

If you meant for rules, then i would say

Rock = A5-A8, B1, B2, B5-B6, All C's (except maybe C2, as it is big) D5, E2-E10(except E3 and E7) F2-F5.

The rest could be sand(?).

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If we were to try to keep with established Dune rules, desert territories would probably be as follows:

A2, A8, C1*, C3*, C4*, C9*, C10*, D2, D4, E3, E10, E11, E12, F1, F5, F6.

Additional desert territories, though probably resiliant to worms due to rocky areas, would be:

A1, A3, A4, B3, B4, D1, D3, D5, D6, D7, D8, E7.

That totals 28 desert territories if you include the optional regions.

* These territories are listed as I believe in the Dune card game there was spice harvesting permitable in the basins.


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I was just referring to the combination of the novels, the Dune Encyclopedia, and the games every other published Dune related matierial. I didn't want to use the word "canon" because in my opinion that strictly applies to the Frank Herbert novels and for the sake of game play you'll probably have to stray from those. Granted a good deal of this is left open to interpretation but for the sake of keeping this a Dune game I'm wary of deviating too much from the published material.

If you want more desert regions (or fewer rocky regions) then my reccomendation is to alter the map regions accordingly. Erase some lines for fewer rocky regions and maybe add a few more circles for desert regions. In my opinion, I don't think anyone will really care the precise number of regions you have on the map so long as they're well placed for a fun game.

As to the Dune card game, you can find information on that by following this link:


I hope you don't have appendicitis. :-( That can be very nasty. I wish you well in getting better soon, whatever you've come down with.


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well, I dont think I have appendacitis(thats what doctor said) I am feeling better today.

Before we get players, do we have all rules and map finished? I think not. Although we could get some people interested.

I forget how this works; rock regions produce armies and desert produce spice? I beleive that map is good the way it is, unless there are suggestions.

Also is this game going to be played over the net, with several players, and somehow draw more stuff on map(armies) and update map as played? This sounds fun. You could have more than one game going at once if there are lots of people playing. (and tournaments....uh uh getting too far ahead :O )

but first we should tweak map and rules, or play a couple games and figure out some bugs and fix them.

I might be able to post the game on my site, with updated maps and info about the players. If people send me info. This is if no one else can.

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I beleive he said he would do the finishing touches. which includes filling in the countries. he is just waiting for us to be completely sure of the map.

I figured each continent would be colored a little bit different.but desert and rock regions could be different also

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wow this have turned out great, sorry I didn't post much "my" connection was closed do to someone forgetting to pay the bill, but now I'm back.

The map is great and the dize nice add Ghosty ;). As for the rules I don't have anything to add there. I only have one thing we need something like the dize thingy with the cards.

As for players I don't think we can be too many, one of my friends was in a Risk tournement once so if the backup is there we could have one too.

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Ok, this is my idea.

We need 4-6 players and a game master (I offer myself as Game Master the first round)

The Game Master will will role dices so everything goes right. The Game master will also draw armies on the map and make the changes in the stats.

When the player is at turn it will post what he/she is going to do. You can say which territories you want to attack. You can specify multiple so that it speedens the gameplay. The game-master will then role dices for the attacker and the defender. The results will be posted and given in the stats. And the game-master will also specify which card the player gets. And all other things that need to be set in the stats. When a player is ready he/she will say 'I end my turn' and the next player can join in.

Maybe it is nice if people post the real actions between the bold tags

[b] to start bold text, [/b] to end bold text

So we can clear things up

I suggest everyone to read the rules and ask if they don't understand a rule. Do avoid confusion and misunderstanding. The game master is also the referee

Okay, the game:

The potential players for Dune Risk

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yes, before we get the map to look pretty we could play a game and fix whatever needs to be fixed.

I think that dune wars would be better, as it might make the game go by faster. Does each person get to pick a country,(ie. i pick one, someone else picks, then someone else, etc. until hte map is divided fairly.) or is it random.

Will this game be played in this forum? wouldnt be too hard if we make a thread for it, and only show one map, that gets updated. or is it going to be on someones website?

and the army pics could be links on map(hard though) that you could click on to show a pic of what army. or maybe a small avatar would be easier and would fit on map.

but how would you keep things secret like who has what cards, and so that no one cheats or gets confused.

ok if dune wars random, then someone could print off the countries letters with numbers(ie. A6) cut them seperate, put in a "hat" random pic and go in order to give to people.

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Ok, Dune Wars then. (Don't forget that you can attack multiple countries in 1 post)

Well they would be given randomly. That's not so hard. The Game Master will divide them by randomizing numbers corresponding specefic regions

About the map. The best is that the Game Master has acces to a specefic piece of webspace (I have some, you have some) and that you update the map after you have drawn the armies in it (better use a good image editor where you can easily remove armies by working with objects)

Then just post a link in this thread, and that will link to right map immediatily

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