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Dune Risk


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Glad to hear about a dune risk board game... will it be available on computer? (or played via computer, or just the normal board games without computer?)

Some updates since last time mostly to do with website:

December 29, 2003

Added a new objective in the rules (#8) and fixed some coding.

Added id tags to the statistics page and also converted status.txt into a HTML file (status.html) and added id tags. Changed some link coding on the maps page. Added stuff to the player pages.

December 9, 2003

Did a spell check. Found some errors. Updated links page a bit. Changed header colors to black instead of white.

December 4, 2003

Updated some coding. Fixed the tables about 2 weeks ago.


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yeah start new game, but some things that were discussed in the other threads would need to be resolved so there isn't any confusion.

Also the other way was kinda a slow process people having to post what they want to do, then the GM had to do it and post the results and IM the next player, etc etc. Lotsa work and little to show for it.

But someday... :)

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Actually I don't think you did..

That is one of the updates I did to the player pages, I added how many territories and number of armies the player had in total. (if my math is correct)

Earthnuker - Fremen, Yellow had about 28 armies which was the most

NaMpIgAi - Corrino, Red had 10 territories which was the most.

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  • 5 months later...

Not really abandoned, more like frozen. I believe Andrew is still finding some things out, I don't believe he has really worked much lately on it, but if you contact him, I'm sure he will be happy with your help, and continue the work.

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Yah, I havn't worked on it lately.

And when you say forms, you mean someone would simply fill out a form and it would be emailed to the gamemaster to update the map and website? It would still be similiar to posting in the thread and doesn't solve the waiting period. Unless it wold become a web browser game?

But any help is useful! :)

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Dune Risk was supposed to be such a game, am I right?

I thought the intention was to create such a game which could be played, without the need to have all players online at one time. It takes more time then a normal game though, but with forms all the administration work is gone (almost all) and we can always make a rule for non-appearing players.

So more like a web-browser game indeed.

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But it would have to update the map and stats on its' own. Unless you want a text only game. :(

But a program with multiplayer capabilities would be so much better. You could have tourneys and ladders reporting to fed2k. unless you can do that web based.

But whatever works for now it doesn't matter as it can always be changed at a later time.

@Spectral Paladin

If you don't already know, visit my signiture for more information on Dune Jihad.

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My intention was that it would solve the problem about attacking and then moving armies so that the player immediately learned what the result of his attack was and could thus decide which armies to move (he wouldn't have to say prior to the attack, nor there would be any waiting for the gamemaster to do the battle then let him know the result). And it would do most of the updating itself, though the map would have to be changed manually  :-

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Yes that would be possible, and solve certain problems but the problem of user trust/fair game would come into play. what if the user didnt like the outcome of the battle? He would simply do it over again until a desired outcome became available.

Also I could just make the battle program available to all players to do the battles themselves. (which I have)

But I like the idea, just need to somehow make it possible for a battle to only occur once (and not be able to redo).

Same thing would go for giving out player cards each turn, I just used a random number generator to pick the card. But then it was tedious to do that every turn also and to IM each player their card (could give each player the same random # generator). But then player trust/fair game comes into play.

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I got it! We can use Risk II's Same Time Rules! According to those all players submit at the same time the territories for reinforcements, attack and tactical move. We can take it one step further and have the players submit all the three stages with a single post, but even the first option should considerably speed up a turn's length.

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The bad part is not everyone is online at the same time.

Unless we have it so that they submit what they want to do, and once everyone has submitted what they want to do it is all calcualted and revealed at once.

But that cannot be done in Fed2k forum :(

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