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Dune Risk


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Sounds great!

We'll have to lay out the same time rules.

It would also fix sending out cards to each person at different times.

If anyone has links to how same time mode works, it would be helpful.

Or we could at first model it after teh Risk II game, then make some changes to suit Dune Jihad.

When I said it cannot be done on Fed2k forum I meant the forum doesn't support real time calculations (program).

But by Fed2k IM it could work.

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It would take you a shorter time to simply download


Than for me to type out the 10 pages or so of the same time risk rules.

(also includes graphics)

It's about 2.4 mb, so 1/2 hour to download on a 56k modem.

And Bashar did the previous battle generator to decide battles. But if you can do this new one that would be fine. It seems to involve a lot of variables, especially if we allow multiple countries to attack on another country at once. (like in same time risk).

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Although the gamemaster will have a lot of work on his/her hands when they get all of the commands from players at once (although should take only a day to do the battles and update the map, compared to the week or so to just get through one turn).

But this should make it a lot faster than before. :)

And Funner! ;D

EDIT - Maybe when you are doing the calculator, there could be an option to have the results displayed so that they can be copied and pasted into whatever (so the gamemaster doesn't have to type out the results of each battle).

As what each player did/wanted to do will be revealed (text format) once the gamemaster updates the map/turn.

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Ok here it is. It uses the exact rules of Risk II's 12-sided dices, which affect rolling odds and casualties depending on army size. The program will dump the data from the battle into a file which you name once you run the game, so that you can copy it and paste it. Best to give a txt extension to the name so that you can open it right away with notepad. You also name the controllers of the armies for easy reference. In case the same player control two or more armies you can just put numbers beside the name, ie if you control two armies, name andrew1 the first and andrew2 the other.

In the mass invasion kind of battle you can have up to 4 attacking armies. Note that when you are asked how many armies are attacking you must put 2,3 or 4.

Plz test it and report any errors you find.[attachment archived by Gobalopper]

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You mean the order of battles? This can be found in the Risk manual. But I don't see the way the order of battles could affect anything.

By the way, when there is mass invasion, if one of the attacking armies reaches 0 troops, the battle stops. To continue it, use the remaining troops and armies for a new mass-invasion battle with one army less, or a simple invasion battle if there is just one attacking army remaining.

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Nope, should fix up the rules and stuff, so that the players know exactly what they are allowed to do and not to do. :)

I suppose you 're doing these things?  ::)

By the way, 1vs1 battles usually aren't as long as the one you posted, because if you noticed, many times the rolls were equal and because it was a border clash, same roll favors neither player so the number of troops kept remaining the same. Usually battles will be much shorter and it wouldn't be a bad idea to post them.

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