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Dune Risk


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yes, it would also be cool if you did not play "just" a person. But that you would be realy a house and one would have sardaukar, the other one fremen, another person just harkonnen. And perhaps each house should have its own advantages

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so if let's say you have sards and attack "ordinary" troops you should have on dize more then the defender?

however the one having sards or fremen shouldn't be allowed to have as many armies as those playing with "ordinary" armies.

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that would be a solution

it would also be cool if it wasn't risk but actually require skill ;)

nah i don't know. Perhaps you can think of a brilliant idea and take over the world with it. I hope you come up with something nice, that gives us the dune feeling that we need.

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My suggestion for rules:

For every region that is connected to 2 other region you will get 1 ?? of spice.

And for every ?? of spice you can get 1 army from your homeplanet (tranported by the Guild) when you exchange, the armies will arrive next turn, at the desired regions

Each player must set at the start their capitol region. The capitol region will provide the player with 1 army per turn, once conquered, the capitol is destroyed forever

Capitol counts as 1 immobile army

Each player starts with random selected regions

For every attack victory you will get 1 card, a card contains a harvester, worm or ornithopter

thopter + thopter + thopter = 6 armies OR 6 ?? of spice

harvester + harvester + harvester = 7 ?? of spice

worm + worm + worm = 9 ?? of spice

worms + thopter + harvester = 11 armies OR 11 ?? of spice

What do you think?

We can play this by posting every move etc. btw

Hmm, that spice isn't yet something different from armies. But maybe you can buy a sardaukar help with an attack or something. Or as objective: collect 50 ?? of spice

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hmmm, i would like the worm to be a neutral thing in the game. It should pose a threat. Perhaps everyone must draw a card from a pile. And either the card says: you are safe for the next turn, or a worm has eaten one of your harvesters, your income for the next turn has been reduced by 50% or something.

worms should have a big role in the game. can't think of anything useful though

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We could do it like this:

I post: 'I attack Habbanya Erg of NaMpIgAi with 3 armies'

Then someone neutral (must be the game-master or something) will post my dice (randomized by some program)(e.g. 6,6,5)

Then you will post: 'I defend with all my 3 armies'

Then that gamemaster will post your dice (e.g. 1,1,2), and will post that I have won and a new map will be placed (an image of the map, with the territory I conquered as mine changed) and I will receive a random card of a thopter, infantery (new idea) or sand buggy (e.g. a sand buggy)

Then I post: 'Yes! Now I exchange my buggy, harvester and soldier for 11 armies. And I place my armies around NaMpIgAi's capitol

This looked a bit unfair. But it was just an example.

When we play real we need an image of a map divided into regions. A game-master, some webspace (so we don't bother Gob with all our updated maps) and players. And the official rules

What do you all think?

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Okay, then I will look for images of onithopters, sand buggies, and dune soldiers (for a bit of visualization :))


I just realised that Gob had some pictures on his site too:


The Dune Soldier (originally infantery)


The Dune Sand Buggy (originally cavalry)


The Dune Ornithopter (originally artillery)

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