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Yep, but it is soooo good ;)

And it would be kinda hard for anyone to God mod since most things are set out. (like they couldn't pull an army of 10000000 people out of nowhere :P)

Give me 3 months and more of it will be worked on (although I doubt large castles as those would take entire days to complete each one). But maybe more of the content stuff.

No comment on Mod's job as I have not participated for a long time. :)

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No comment eh!  Shame really, but from your view.  If someone asked for clarification on a decision would you give it?

It would all depend on the situation.

And no I am not going to answer to the situation you would present.

Decision is Ghosthunter's. If Ghosthunter has a reason not to say the reason, then that reason is a good reason. omg I cant make that into a good sentence. :(

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Glad to hear it.

Edit: Well, I tried. MSN conversations have all sorts of uses, one of which is to have ideas squished. Very well. I'll let this one go. I am after all not the moderator. But like I said online, let's hope this is the last bad decision.

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why is it like this. it must be crazy to go through this board trying to find comments to your story

People are scum, I'm afraid.  :) I don't know about the others but I tend not to review because I'm a lazy bugger. Sorry.

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"You must not fight too often with one enemy, or you will teach him all your tricks of war" Emperor Napoleon

As it says in your sig. I see I have been blackmailing people too much. They're learning...

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