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If you had just one . . .


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If you had to live on a desert isle with one woman, and you had a cable internet connection, a nice comp, and just one game in your hut, who would you like the woman to be, and what game would you choose? Would it be Emperor? Just trying to liven up the board a bit here and get your imaginations running . . .

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Hmm... there's no way to cheat and get more than one game? In that case I'd probably take Emperor. As for the girl... one who can build a boat in case I get bored and want to leave (Yes I know that's not exciting but I'm practical and don't care much for the opposite sex anyway).

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now now lets not put other people down.(thats how i took it, not that i care) im sure he meant a woman to build a boat to take him to another island with many more woman. ;D

at least thats what i'd want. as for a game....i would say eithor age of empires2 or red alert.

and if im right this should be in general and not emperor. but good subject to get people talking.

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Generals and Natalie Portman. ;D

I Might be wrong but is that the girl with James Bond?

Has for me..

It would be Super Metroid for the SNES < SNES means Super Nintindo>




Space Quest 5

Or all the above. And +Civ +N64 with Z64 & all games for N64 & Rengade & Gamecube with all the latest games out & SNES & NES And all games for it & all the kings quest & all the space quests & Lots of books

NOT emper battle for dune. thats old besides what would you down when WOL goes down? ::) :P ROFL

Has for the girl. i have no idea. I'm home schooled & only 13. i go to church but besides that i don't really know anybody

Also depends on how long i'l be there.

if its 10 years i'd get bord with about ANY game So would you.

And is it me or if your in a desrt the lag would be preety bad reciveing. ???

I'd make sure i had a T3 not a cable if possable.

And what about the girl ??? What would she do? Just sit there & keep you entertained? & do all your house cleaning while you sit around playin? Yeah right. lol

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i would choose Ut2k3 and hmm.... that girl i like from school

If you don't mind me asking what is Ut2k3 ???

gay? i didnt care for the girls until two years ago. now i loooooove them ;D

With most teens thats the way it goes its called hormons if i'm not mistakein

EDIT - Opps forgot to ask last post. thoght i did. whats Ut2k3 ???

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Uhm, why do you need a game, I'd say the girl is enough ;D

Now who would I wanna be with on a deserted Island... uhmm...

*Wife tapping angry behind Nyar* let's see... I'd stay there with uhm.. *wife hitting Nyar with a frying pan on the back of his head*..... *Nyar in pain*... my wife !!

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