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  1. Version 6.5


    Airstrike MOD.
  2. jacobdouds


    Edric O: I offer my services should they be required again, for the KH3, I wont be able to do as large a part, for many reasons, but a small thing here and there never hurt. Should you want me assistance, email me at jacobdouds@hotmail.com or jacobdouds@xtra.co.nz
  3. Id have wulfram game and my erica as my women all happy do we get water?
  4. It used to be called IE Opera, its an opera clone mucked with to look and act as IE. Windows inside itself, popup stopper, a few megs to d/l. MSN Explorer sucks, but I used to use it for sending emails through hotmail. Its hard replacing IE as your default browser entirely, but in the options menu, or when you first startup, you can do so, and it replcaes it mostly. It has little mouse click things, clicking right mouse, holding then left mouse, then release both, moves you back a page, and vice versa. 20popups currently stopped whilst I surf now, very clean, has that lovely feel of opera. No weird ebay shortcuts or anyhting though. Intgrated google search. And so on.
  5. jacobdouds


    I have 8 cats. Thats the end of that story. www.nuklearpower.com The owner of this site has a few pics around of what was to be the cutest cat in the world, 'macio'
  6. Thats a bit harsh, thats basically saying that anything microsoft must be crappier, and thats saying that because it is microsoft. Thats jsut pure hate for microsoft products just because it carries such a name. Sure, they have uptight rules about the source coding, and they seem to add extra, unneeded stuff, but waht do you expect from the head company? And if MS products were as bad as you say they are, the company wouldn't be where it is now. Onwards yes, phoenix is better then MSN browser And try avant, avant is the only browser ive ever tried that actualyl replaced IE, not even you peoples beloved mozilla did that. www.avantbrowser.com
  7. (memory is outdated) they need to be 64x64 24bit compressed to work ingame.
  8. hmm, a logo, You know the colour copper goes when it rusts? That type of green? I imagined that as the green they were after, how bout a dragon or something? Thats the best I can think of :/ You can decide, I give up.
  9. lol, you dont need my permission, jsut found it funny is all ;D
  10. House Theta? Where did you get that from?
  11. Yes this is old, but ohwell. Word replaces " " and ' with 'smart' quotes. They are slighty more curvy, look better, but dont show up in IE well, as you can see, it has its symbol code.
  12. yea you are! I could not bear to see a site come to pop-ups. Arg! Gob, im working on the donation thing, but it might take a long why to get it organised.
  13. Custom Titles and Avatars? This is beginning to sound like Wulfram. But hey, it convinced me to donate to them, maybe I can get you some money aswell. ^^ $25 standard? I sent $29 to wulfram, so I will see what I can do. How bout I send you a CD Rom or Floppy Drive?
  14. jacobdouds


    As the seasoned veteran of wulfram on these fed2k boards, I feel as I should say something. Its a 23 meg install file, and its online only. There is no AI, apart form base defence turrets, but they are single minded. Apart from the heavy learning curve, its a great game, and its so natural to me now. Donating is optional, but please try to anyway. If you see me training in a server with my [TRNi] tag, tell me your from Fed2k, and I will give you special treament :P The learning curve isn't really that steep. It just seems that way because when you first begin, you really, really, suck, its not like a stratergy game, its like a 1st person stratergy game. For example, the player known only as the best player, his name is Fear, and none of you, would be able to take him, but the game is nicely organised into server levels, so you can't play with people to far greater then your own skill. I'd attach a good pic if I had one, but you all should give it atleast a try.
  15. jacobdouds

    Open diary

    Dear useless piece of trash. Im ever so happy today, I was doing my training job on wulfram2, and by complete chance, a player comes up to me asking if Fed2k sounds familiar!! Would you believe it was ixianmace! Course not, your a computer, you don't believe. Im glad to see atleast 1 player coming from Fed2k to this completely free game that is always active and lots of fun. Why, I might even write an advert for it right now onto my computer (hint hint) So download the small 23 megs, install the game, and begin learning the steep learning curve. www.wulfram.com Thank you computer. Hope noone else gets any ideas.
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