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  1. Mine is reaver21_yes@hotmail.com I would like to play the game a couple of times.. so people please add me greetzz
  2. Generals rulezzzzzzzzz... I have 21 wins and 6 losses... but there are guys that have 161 wins and 1 loss... how sick is that????
  3. I've played harkdawg 2day.. he's a very decent player.. we played 1-1 But i once saw Deathsumn kill him so fast.. I think Deathsumn is the best player ever, second tie between elite/ace/brennq
  4. Don't forget the best clan ever: Hobbtz, they ruled for month aftes month..
  5. I started playing back in june 2001. I liked them Hobbtz.. :-)
  6. i really liked cyrenius... (ahum)
  7. I'm thinking about playing again... But my computer won't allow me.. :'(
  8. I must agree with skumruler.. The base doesn't impress me. They guy with the green army had allmost all 3 bases for him self. That worries me more than one big atrd base. After 15 minutes this kinda base should be possible, and indeed even more. The speed of the game should be okay to realise this base. greetz
  9. Just imagine how nice it would be running with your flametank trough their ranks of 'noble knights' :-)
  10. well that sucks in qm. I lost to some people just because they got their money before i did. In the future if i get an ice map for qm.. i quit under 3 mins.
  11. i have a queation about nonspice maps. At a given time the woman yells "insufficient funds" I've noticed something odd. One player gets his solaris quicker than the other. Is that true?? and if so can you affect the time period?? greetz
  12. Jaws clan .. sounds great... post all 16 names please of the people who are in.. greetz
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