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I'm happy she said yes!!! Whoohoo! But we can't see each other this weekend (she lives about 20 miles away so thats the only time I can). I'll be in another low and I'll probably lapse back to constantly writing Rachel over my folders again. Sigh.

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Its Wulfram II.

Arsenal grabbed a 1-1 draw with Aston Villa at Villa park,Birmingham thanks to a Toure own goal while Man U clobbered The Red Kop Psychos 4-0 with Ruud "Fox in the box" Van Nistelrooy scoring 2 from the spot.But I have more correct predictions that the newspaper pundits but still losing to the ESPN pundits. >:(

March 7 2003,Monday


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Thoughts: Thursday, April 10, 2003, 11:49PM


Today is Mandy Moore's 19th birthday!! I wonder how she'll be celebrating it. :) :-*

Oh yeah, and tomorrow I have a CISCO test, then I might go and buy C&C Generals, since I can easily get another game free if I buy that game. Heck, if I get the strategy guide along with it, it should have a 15% reduced price on it as well!! :D

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Thoughts:April 10,2003 23:12:43

Today I thought of monopoly online and decided to check out playsite.com and low and behold,I had forgotten about my account I registered 4 months ago and decided to play it again,but now I seem to have lost my one-touch money skill so I m gonna practice it more now :)

Leeds 4-3 TOttenham I think :)

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Thoughts: Thursday, April 17, 2003: 5:01AM

I remember someone said this in a thread somewhere, and it pretty much sums it up for this entry:

"56kers. Like it or not, you will be discriminated against".

How true... I guess I can't blame them, but the least they could have done was not be so rude...

Hmm, now all of a sudden I have a blank moment. Perhaps I should be going to bed now. :P

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Thoughts: Saturday, April 19, 2003: 4:40AM

Success! I've managed to create a working train in the Generals map builder, which runs on a track non-stop around the map (until someone destroys it ;)). The map is very basic at the moment, with hardly an textures or features, but with more time and effort, it should be something worth playing on. :) Hopefully, I will be able to create maps for Generals, just like I did for Emperor and Haegemonia. ;D

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Thoughts-April 19,2003 12:16:26

In exactly 1 month's time is my examination period where I will sit for 8 subjects.Better work hard,now that Battle For THe Universe is dying down,I am thinking of making a swan chapter for it and plan it hard to make the best of the BFTU series.Recently I think Gob has been deleting almost all of my posts since most of my posts in several threads have dissapeared >:(


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This weekend:

i went to see the awesome H.I.M. at the astoria last weekend. they blew me away. i took me ages to register that *that* man was ville valo stood in front of me, but i was captivated, consumed, in some kind of beautiful agony.

the set list was:

Buried Alive By Love

Heartache Every Moment

Your Sweet Six Six Six

Poison Girl

Sweet Pandemonium

Lose You Tonight

Beyond Redemption

Join Me In Death

Soul On Fire


The Sacrament

Wicked Game

The Fortress of Tears

Please Don't Let It Go

The Funeral of Hearts

Right Here In My Arms

The Path

Outstanding moments were Join Me and The Sacrament.. which just.... wow. Ville smoked constantly, and I hate to see him kill himself, but (and this is the only you'll EVER hear me say this about anyone) he look so f*cking cool.

There is something infinitely eerie about 2000 people singing "this life aint worth livin" in unison. Eerie yet beautiful.

Perfect. Perfect.

After the show we went to the back door and waitedfor ages, and finally met Linde and Burton. Linde signed my CD sleeve.

Just.. the most perfect band.


when i was at the astoria people were slagging off every cky tshirt they saw.. and some brave soul was even wearing a bam shirt. the him fans hate te bam fans. the thing is.. these people, they may have heard of HIM through bam, but if they are going to effort of going to see the band, then clearly HIM have worked their magic on another person, regardless of where they heard of them.

i heard of HIM through bam. but it is HIM that have slipped inside my soul. it is HIM who play the msic that makes me feel alive. it is HIM who are the most beautiful band in the world to me. and no matter here i heard of them.. that is the truth.

it's just a shame it has to be this way.

i feel sorry for bam margera.

pretend to be bam margera....

you love this band, they consume you, the make you feel alive, they are part of your soul. they, to you, are the most insightful perfect band in existence and they are a huge part of your life.

if you were just a person on the street, just another member of the HIM message board, just another fan, then the other fans would probably think you were pretty cool. i mean, you have a coat like ville's and sometimes yo wear a top hat like ville's. you even have a couple of ville's tattoo's, which ville himelf has seen and hasn't been freaked out by.

people would think you were some hardcore fan, but i doubt people would hate you.

then you manage to meet them... not only meet them, you actually get to be friends with ville. it's like a dream come true. and people would be jealous of you. but it's ok, cos you can hang out with ville and watch them play.

but now.. add into that happy little story that you are a pro skateboarder, member of the jackass team, director of cky/haggard, character on a computer game and absolutely loaded.

it's all perfect. and maybe it doesn't bother bam, but it seems the addition of fame to the original happy little story makes him the most hated man in the world of HIM. where the things he does, and the way he feels about the band is seen as a fault rather than a positive thing. if bam wasn't famous, he'd be just another fan, as in love with the band as the rest of us.

but he gets slagged off, abused, bitched about.... and it's just because he's had a bit of success.

jealousy is an ugly thing.

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( a big HIM fan then )


There is not much point to life, all the things you thought were important arn't. They are just bits of life that don't mean much. They make part of an existance that is boring in itself and not worth the trouble. It is not worth the time spent in effort. Everything you ever did is pointless, everything is out there and whats the point in you doing anthing. What you do is nothing, nothing for no-one. Really you are nothing at all, just another person. That has the same life. Why should you matter. Everything you do is just a joke, another joke in world of fake laughter, everone dies so whats the point?

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Thoughts: Friday, May 9, 2003: 2:52PM

Funny day today. I'm still feeling half sick from the flu when I got up early in the morning to go to TAFE to study for and then take a CISCO test for which I get two damn questions wrong!! >:( :-[ :P

On the way there, the bus stopped at its usual bus stop at the Endeavour Hills shopping centre. This guy walks into the bus, and puts his bus ticket into the validation machine. The machine makes a bad noise, and a red light clicks on. What do you know? An invalid ticket. And guess what? He just keeps right on walking down the aisle as if nothing happened!! ::) ROFL!! Either the bus driver was ignorant, or just didn't care, since he didn't do anything about it. Or perhaps he didn't have the time or patience to make sure the guy that just boarded the bus had a valid ticket. So much for honestly and integrity. :P

Later on, a girl that graduated from the same high school as me stepped onto the bus at a later stop. I recognized her immediately, and I was kinda irritated about bumping into her, since I didn't want to hear from the majority of people from the class of 2003 after I disappeared from high school. I'm not sure if she recognized me though, since she didn't say anything or act differently when she saw me. Maybe she did recognize me, but just didn't want to say anything.

I hate this colic. Always keeps nagging at me. But after awhile, the aches and pains just become natural. Putting up with them becomes routine. Going to the toilet only fixes the problem temporarily, but it's sure to be back after about 15 mins. >:( The human body is a strange thing at times. How could my health suddenly go from being A OK, to stinging headaches, colic, drowsiness, fever, and a blood nose to compliment it all?

At least the worst of this stupid bug is over. I hope I can get over this flu (or whatever it is) by the time Monday arrives.

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I had an interesting day, I have a prophet, hes a messanger named torgnot, its probaly my friend we're getting airsoft guns and filming a reinactment of black hawk down. I have sandardized testing this week :P . I seem to be making a good impression on this on girl I like at my school but I have four more weeks of school and next year I am at an all-boy school :P so I better work fast but it all seems a waste.

I am starting to crave summer, my right index finger grows ever twitchy . . .must play paintball, I need welts, I need paint soaked cammies, and I need my my covered in neon yellow paint. . .I can't decide whether to take flight lessons or a suped up alien ware for a present from my parents after I get my eagle.

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Oh thanks Becky. Thanks for even asking me to take you to the movies.

"Oh I thought you walked everywhere." Oh great thanks Becky. I got a ride to your house, And the only placed i walked was you home.

Thanks for Asking Rob to take you.

Thanks for wanting to spend time with me Becky. Thanks a fu*king lot.

_Mood: Pissed off_

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Well er...

Asked this chick out to the movies and she said her dad was paraniod and made her bring some other people or something...Apparently she didn't get the concept that I ASKED her out..

And well um....I did a few err...things....

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I have a greek New Testament! I am therefore happy.

)En )arch )hn (o logoV: In the beginning, there was the mistranslation.

Happy because of having a New Testament or because it's in greek ?

Kind of interesting comment coming from an atheist. ;)

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Today, I am also happy on account of a succesful fencing match (though would that we had but that one contraversial point, and we'd've beaten Hathern...). But anyway, tomorrow, I will ache all over.

"In the beginning, there was the mistranslation"

Logos can mean almost anything involving words, ideas, lies, mistranslation (at a stretch)... and 'word' in this context doesn't make much sense.

And to others... play with fire, you get burnt.

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