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200 ways you know your obsessed with dune


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1. You download the Internet Explorer Dune skin from Si-Fi.com (I did ;D )

2. You download the Desktop theam from westwood.com (did that too ;D )

3. You start useing phrases from the the book (woolgathering)

4. You start comparing LOTR to Dune. (done it before)

Thats all I can think of for now, everyone please post, and try to get it to 200.

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9. When you tell your teacher you couldn't finish the test because the lag was just to unbearable.

10. You wait by your window holding a slingshot aiming at the sky in case any orthinopters sweep by.

11. When you take toilet paper roles, glue'em together, paint them black and attach them to your car thinking your safe from any Harkonnens

12. You run away from any car that has hydrolics fearing a worm is soon to come.

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Err, I think the numeric system got messed up, so I'll try something new.

A) You've made a real, working stillsuit out of sponges, rubber bands, and a garden hose.

B) You tried using the Voice on your friends and relatives, and are impressed when they do as you say out of pity, or to shut you up.

C) You have a t-shirt with a hole in the chest, saying "I took a vacation at Geidi Prime, and all I got was this lousy heartplug".

D) You don't eat a meal until you've searched it thouroughly for Chaumas or Chaumurky.

E) You distrist your doctor because he doesn't sport a diamond shaped tatoo on his forehead.

F) When on sand or snow, you walk without rythm, so as not to attract worms.

G) You dye your hair bright orange and shave a strip down the middle to look like those groovy Harkonnen guards from the movie.

H) Your pick-up lines include "Mind if I pole your sand?", "Wanna see my Thumper?", and "Baby, we have wormsign the likes of which even God has never seen!".

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21. You fantasize about getting some from Irulan.

22. You fantasize about getting some from Hwi Noree.

23. You fantasize about getting some from Chani.

24. You ask for a Lasgun for a present.

25. You look up the Holtzmann effect.

26. You're positive that your next door neighbour is a face dancer.

27. You go to the supermarket and ask for Pundi rice.

28. You try to catch bats so you can attach distrans communication devices to them.

29. You mix flour and cinnamon together and call it spice.

30. You call everyone 'Ghafla'.

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33 you go to a fancy dress party as a fremen with mock stillsuit, the sweaty odour, a full knowledge of Chackabosa and fremen and a crysknife

34 you know what CHOAM means and what languages are in it (I do).

35 you call non Dune fans, Powindah

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40. You wish you were leto II

41. You move to sadui arabia to ride the worms.

42. You call your refrigerater door a mostier seal...it is...

43. you know that duke leto has only replied in one maybe two of these.

44.you have had over 15 different sigs on fed2k.

45. you call osama bin laden Paul Atreides....

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(OOC: Ex, I HAVE replied in only one of these before, but...haven't there been, like, 8 or 9 now?)

47. You do a report for your Economics class entitled "The Economics of Greater Arrakis". (I really did...it got an "A" too! :P)

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49- You actually believe Timenn is a Shai-Halud

50- You don't burry the dead, or burn them to ashes, instead you put them in your kitchen sink and extract their water

51- You fear nons <|Do you mean nuns?|> yes I do- sorry

52- You harrass Edric O with countless IMs and e mails stating that he is an unholy machine

53- You're surprised that genetics scientists are longer then 1,5 metres and don't have grey skin.

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53) You avoid museums of anicent armour (shields) which are guarded by those funny red laser beams in case they blow up.

54) You are amazed that said museums have not yet become smoking craters.

55) You fit wings onto your car in the hope that it will take off.

56) If someone drops curry power you weep.

57)You ask the local undertaker if he is a Tleilaxu and why doesn't he do gholas?

58) You walk around with a little cup to collect any tears you may see on total stranger's faces.

59) You'd rather be in a sandpit than anywhere else.

60) You have a belt made from tennis balls and are surprised when you don't get any lighter.

61) You dissect earthworms in the hope of finding a tooth to make a crysknife.

62) You attack robotics experts for breaking the rules of the Butlerian Jihad.

63) You shake footbals in the hope that they'll glow.

64) You find you have a bizarre fear of women in black.

65) You scream in rage and attack anyone with orange contect lenses.

66) You try to ride a boa constrictor with your very own home-made worm hooks.

67) You actually find yourself writing the number 67 on ths list.

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73. You type out all your essays using the Fremen font.

74. You type out all your essays using the Guild font.

75. You type out all your essays using the Galach font.

76. You scan photographs of sand Dunes, and then print them out and pin them on the wall, then imagine the pictures with sandworms in them.

77. You go to the supermarket and ask for Spice Coffee.

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