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200 ways you know your obsessed with dune


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159 (was 160). You post something just to fix the numbering because you are SO infuriated anyone could mess up even the tiniest detail on such a life-and-death topic!

<|160. You modify the post instead.|>

Uh, Nema, you screwed it up again. 147 was used twice, and no one fixed it until me...

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164.You make inkvine from grape vines

165.You take a tissue box and think that it is an inkvine catapult

166.You store the 'inkvine juice' in the 'catapult'

167.You say '33 more needed!!!!!Hurry!

168.Actually, 32.

169.You fall ill and u ask for a coldpack,but u say,give me one that sAYS 'COPEC'

170.When you fail yr singing lessons,you say u r gunseng[can't sing]

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172.You give your water to gob,hoping that he will make u a fed2k staff

174.you say 'WW abandoned us' every single day

175.You cause the WW staff to revolt

176.You threathen Brian herbert @ knife point to write a book on ordos

177.You make STUPID GIF images like this

178.And you make another like this:http://www.dune2k.com/forum/attachments/EHR.gif

<|Attachments removed for being a useless waste of space.|>

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179. You post again trying to fix the numbers because though you fixed it once, the moderators put it back. ::) And after all, this is a Dune thread, and that demands perfection!

(Nema, look: 147 was used twice, but everyone kept going, instead of skipping a number.)

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181.U say that u can harvest yr chilli,ginger,pepper as they r spice

182.U reject the money earned frm selling yr 'spice' as u accept solaris only

183.No credit cards accepted please

184.You try to convice the dukes of england to rename england 'arrakis'

185.You ask them to say 'I m the duke Achillus of arrakis

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Wait.The next one should be 188.

188.U r angry that the numberigns are wrong

189.u curse and swear

190.U kick the door and cry out loud

191.U want to live next to gobalopper

192.U play the board game Dune with yourself

193.U hail lowzeewee as the king of flesh vat creations

194.You research spice such as chilli to find a link to Dune spice on arrakis

195.You flip over mags daily just to find dune stuff to cut out

196.You r gonna pump in millions to save IG frm closing

197.U pray to sandworms

198.U bring a knife to school and sneak behind 'harkonnen troops' and slit their throats

199.You take over their parents' car after killing them like fremens killing the hark troops to get their ornithopter like said in the book

200.You plan to be as fat as the baron.Woohoo!Three cheers to us!200!

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low, ever heard of the "Modify Post" option? ::)

201: You make Dune smileys in hope of them someday being used on other forums ;)

202: You really, really, really like the Yeti on Rudolph the Red-Nosed Raindeer, and you plan to watch it this Christmas season.

203: You cheer when you see the COD clips in the SciFi commercial.

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209. You know exactly how many of Lowzeewee's suggestions in this thread are ways you know you're just weird, rather than dune-obsessed.

210. The quantity of them infuriates you.

(Damn. Ok, I'll move some somewhere at some point.)

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