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  1. bah, you people are mis-guided as to what a true strategy is. WC3 is a simple hack and slash/micro managment game. If you want true realtime strategy at it's finest get kohan. It's entirely different and much more strategic. www.kohan.net
  2. I finally got it, and it's a great game. It's a bit unbalanced with the indians, but it's realistic. This is because the natives don't get cannons which are super long ranged it seems (shoots 1/3 the way across the map). The cannons happen to have grape shot also, which is fun to use, very effective ay close combat. But the major issue with the indians is that compared to the europeans they die so easly because of low armor. But the balanceing thing is suposed to be that they can creat greater masses quicker, but it doesn't help much...maybe I just suck.
  3. Looks to me like it's stand alone, and not an add-on...
  4. Look here! http://gamehippo.com/category/new_title_1.shtml#1837 Sady there's only multi-payer.
  5. Does anyone have this game? What did you think of it? I'm currently thinking about getting it later this week. Or would you suggest any other mass unit RTSs or one that's highly strategic like this one http://www.timegate.com . (IE: one's where you can have over 2,000 units on the screen, none of this BS like WC3) Thanks
  6. Icewind dale...because it won't let me past a part without crashing... And I had such high characters... :( I also had jsut gotten the ability to soummon fire elementals with my druid...:/
  7. Try 'Cossacks'...sure it doesn't have the best graphix around, but what really matters in an RTS is game play. In 'Cossacks' you can have over 1,000 units on the screen at once and it still runs fine. But if you don't like the time peroid between 1500-1800 then don't get it, but it is a truly great game. It's one of the few RTS games that actually have more strategy than mass and kill. Another reccomended game would be Kohan, but the online community is small. This game too is a real thinking RTS. Both of the games are quiet well supported by their producers too.
  8. hmmm...I've only been able to get 1 dragon in M&M8 and that's from the dragon caves...where's the other? ???
  9. Right now I'm playing M&M8 and I've gotten quiet far, infact I simply go through with out trun based mode on most of the average monsters and keep pressing 'A', and pretty soon the room is cleared. I have 2 clerics of the sun in my party, a great wyrm and a lich. I've got some pretty decentweapons, but that's only because I've played it part way through once ad knew some secrets. The only reason I have the lich is because I ran through a place past monsters I won't be able to beat for awhile...fun game though. I've not played M&M7 in awhile, and have been meaning to play it again.
  10. Ok, I'm on the mission with where you have to hold the mountain for 30 min with the night elves, and you have a human and an orc allie. Any sugestions on how to beat it??????
  11. WOL: DarkElf49 ESO: DarkElf790 WC3 East: DarkElf790 WC3 West: DarkElf790 AIM: DarkElf790
  12. I think we need this stickied so we don't have so many of them... ;)
  13. Especially for War Craft3, if you couls please post your SN and the time you might be on, and maybe we could play a game of it. Mine is DarkElf790, And i'm usually on in the afternoon of the weekends If you hate WC3, save us the trouble and not post here.
  14. Who has it? I have it. Anyone else? Comments? I'm sorta disappointed it's not an expansion pack, but hey, it's still fun.
  15. In the books Legolas was one of the last few who set sail to the Undying Lands, he also set out with his best freind Gimli, this was about 75 yearsafter the war of the ring I think. Also I think since he was a dark elf he was one of the last few, but I'm not sure on that...
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