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200 ways you know your obsessed with dune


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85: You have replaced your floor with sand, and have many pet mice which you let run around, calling them 'Maud-dib'

86: You had a real working shield generator!!! But you destroyed it due to it scaring your mice.

87: You are residing in maxinum security prison, on charges of killing a fat, red headed man in blind rage.

88: You don't close your mouth in fear that your last visit to the dentist replaced your tooth with that gas stuff :/

89: You work on the KH, or any mod for that matter :

90: You pass a dust buster over your food scanning for poison. (it doesn't work)

91: You reckon manatees (nema, correct the spelling, the big fishy thingys) are Guild Navigators

92: You think the pope is a guild representitive (look at his clothes, he really is)

93: That took a lot out of me, im gonna go meditate and look through time.

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95: your grilfreind don't uderstand that it's ok to have several concubines.

lol, perfect

96: You lose all your concubines when they all find out about your wife...

97: You think your wifes father is a leader of a powerful nation.

good point down below

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101) You think that marrying someone will automatically give you an alliance with your new in-laws.

102) You destroy a radio because it is a talking (thus, intelligent) robot.

103) You accuse twins of being gholas.

104) You are confused to find that trout actually live in water and don't get ris of it.

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109)...no matter how many thumpers you plant.

110) You can't seem to find the spice sands, either - after all, the worms defend them. There must be some there.

111) You think you HAVE found the spice sands, and believe you HAVE ridden a worm.

112) So do all your friends.

113) And your Other Memory personalities.

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117) You save all your money so that you can ride a heigliner to dune.

118) You can't wait to take the test to become a navigator.

119) You smoke cinnamon in hopes of living longer.

120) You go out into the deserts in search of reddish sand.

121) When you find some you try to sell it on the black market

122) You are scared of laser pointers, (there could be a shield nearby)

123) You read Frank Herbert in history.

124) You think that army personnel with blue eyes are fremen spies.

125) You steal the water when you go to a restaurant.

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