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What is the best unit in Emperor???


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If you base everything to a singe unit, Fedaykin, which thankfully Dune doesn't.  Was a bit of a laugh in old days with Dark Reign and your last unit was a scout, do you know how hard it is to find a fake tree on a map?  Probably a bit less harder than finding a cloaked Fedaykin on a map.

So, if it was unit to unit, Fedaykin, hit and run tactics.

Mind you, don't think he'd stack up against an air unit to well.

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Its about the Best Unit in Emperor.

Or, if you want me to set the Capitals right with the caption.

'What is the best unit in Emperor???'   ;D

If you meant my mentioning of Dark Reign it was only in comparison to point out how hard it is to win a game when you have to find a cloaked unit.  Cause I suppose a good way to find out a good unit is to change the game to wait till the last unit is dead.

I choose the Fedaykin cause of his hit and run ability, plus cloaking, so if all I could do is select one unit then go into battle, I'd go for that one.

If you prefer my favourite unit in a normal game, but not the best unit, it'd be the laser tank.

Terribly sorry if I was getting off the topic   :)

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main thing is that snipers suck...unless your taking out the talexian forces

Tleilaxu? No, snipers can't kill contaminators with 1 hit, i think 2 or 3 (i rarely deal with players who play Tleilaxu). And so certainly not Leeches. maybe shooting off the leeches, but if the shot fails you'll have to wait a while for the sniper to reload.

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contaminators suk [unless in HUGE proportions or gainst scouts...] leeches best in isolating harvesters... feds ROOL! cept 4 the fact dat dey get sliced up or squished pretty fast... ;D but deir hit/run/cloak/hide uses r the best + wurm ridin... ;D

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LEECHES RULE. (In most cases)

I just made some one quite today because I sent 2 leeches into his base put larva on his repair vehical then on his two minotars, then wiped out his hasrvesters, and all that time he could have made kindjal inftery, and I ended up with about 10 leeche before he quite.


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Leeches? I didn't make any changes whatsoever to Leeches! :O

I did improve the Contaminators (now they cost only $100), because they were the weakest unit in the game.

Speaking of KH2, Mech, some time ago we were arguing about mods and you promised you'd try it when it came out. So here it is:

Kwisatz Haderach 2

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