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  1. England will either beat brazil, or it will be a very close tie, that's what I think. Then there would be penalties.....
  2. sorry ladz, but if any1's gonna win it's gonna have to be either Brazil, England or Senegal!!!!!!!! Personally, I want England to win (I'm a brit)
  3. Sheilds are a bit of a rip off, I mean they get destroyed if you get hit by a laser..........how ANNOYING is that?!
  4. No no no!!!!!!! Russian tactics are the only ones that work against Yuri! Anyway, back to emperor.......there is not much wrong with Emp:BFD, but those things that are really can cause the game to get boring or annoying.
  5. urrrrrrrrr, yes........I'm sure u do!!!!!
  6. What are the best tactics when using infantry? Sure, there's the infantry rush, and the behind eney lines drop, but what other strategies are there?
  7. Tribe volpone have sent out 10 of their most highly trained scouts to find other races, and if possible, make alliances with them. The weapons of the Volpone have been upgraded to the GR33 assault rifle. Some are now armed with sniper rifles and other heavy weapons. However, all that the Volpone want is peace...
  8. oh, and they are good all rounders! (If that's ok?)
  9. Tribe Volpone here. Only about 400 troopers, stranded from a crashed ship. Congregate around ship. Small base. Trying to expand population. Armed with: Most armed with Steyr Aug. Some with heavy machine guns!!!
  10. yeh, DUNENEWT!!!!!! We all know that the Dev would win 1 on 1! The deva would wi nif they both shot at the same time!!!!!
  11. Aribites


    "Wha..." Uran'hui began. A group of men spread out around him, dressed in the Livery of the Sardaukar. "Why did you save me, I am your enemy?" he stuttered. "We are exiles," one replied.
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