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What is the best unit in Emperor???


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Fremen fedaykins are the best units in the game.

With them I have completed a lot of missions with no

problem. They are fast, deadly against all things and they are cheap. Minos are too slow and

costly. Sonictanx are good for defense.

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Even though im telling everyone their down-side, but they're generally very strong for that low price.

And when your have a close-quarter combat with them, be coutious, they're very power in that case. Two fedaykins could easily destroy a Missile tank even when your trying to run over them with it.

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Contaminator, you may not think so but, take one contaminator and hit a scout one time. Now you have two, then hunt for another scout and now you have three and so on until you get many contaminators. Suddenly you will see that they are not that bad of a race. Leech arn't that bad either and always shoot for a harvester. Makes thinks a bit more hectic for him. So I will always side with the Tleilaxu and not what every one else does and pick Fremen and Sardukar.

Barron Harkonnen

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