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  1. How about you just try it in-game yourself?Because I've tried it myself.
  2. Basically all aerial units sucks. Onithopter- Weak shot and take years to unit the shots. Air Drone- Cannot be repaired, and tends to fly off course and gones into enemy air space then get shot down by ground AA fire. But is generally the best out of every aerial unit avaliable. Gunship- Its slow making it a sitting duck after killing its target. Air Defense Platform- Besides used against Ordos against those hit&unit tactics, this unit is ABSOLUTELY useless. Eye in the Sky- ABSOLUTELY useless. Air mine- Suicide unitt mean its not useful. All carryall are the same with the exception of the ordos one which has health generation So overall, besides Airdrones(and maybe gunships), everything else is unless, so now it comes to looks, and I personally think the Atreidies Carryall look the best and with airdrone behind.
  3. Well its either Devastator or Minotaurus. I don't like the Laser tank is because it lame!! >:( I don't like the Mongoose is because its seems so fagile :- And for the Assult tank Firstly, its slow; secondly, I find it to have a weak firepower; and finally, its meant to be anti-tank but its almost useless against Lasers because it can't fire on the move;
  4. Make it even 3/4 of the way to your base you can still stop a EITS rush with units 1/2 the cost of that rush. :P
  5. Well I see the Fredaykin as more like a sneak attack unit, like pick some units in enemy's battalion when they're moving. I sometimes even send them to a sucide mission by sending them in enemy's base to kill those campers. As for Sardaukar, I reckon they're more like a support unit i.e Minotaurus + both type Sard. = kick @$$!! Both are quite good as base defenders, with Fredaykin been in against vehicle and Elite in against aerial units and Fremen better against infantry and Sardukar good against both vehicle and infantry. One big difference between Sard and Fremen is that you can't bunch up the Fremens like how you do with other units or you'll find yourself with more causalties, while with the Sards, you can.
  6. Even just seconds away from the screen can cost you a lot of things in a critical situation. If you're again another atreidies, you'll find sarduakars not as useful because of snipers.
  7. Rush? With what? Light infantries ??? Or is it the mighty Dusties ::) Destroyed 5 harvester? With those powerful anti-infantry units? :OYour totally imagining everything, basically what your saying is your rushed me with those mighty Light Infantries and Dusties, and destroyed most of my harvester's with them and imagined you have a large group of Lasers. But how? Why not your just say you airdropped Kobras after your deployed your MCV within the first 1 min of the game :D HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  8. Does it matter? If you would notice, I'm on the attack. And you still try use this lame strategy to "scare" the attacker? You'll know who's better when you find out that half your army is gone when your back after the little victory over my harvester's retreat.
  9. Basically building a conventional force is the most logical choice normally, and EITS is USELESS normally, unless the opponent is smart enough to not build anti-air units.
  10. Why would any house need a unit as unless as the EITS? ??? Besides gunship and air drone, no other aerial unit has a satisfactory assault power. Deviators and las. tanks OWN? Own what? The elites would kill them instant with the price of death and the sardaukars would take away the shields and let the minos do the rest. Nah anyone will trade AA trooper for mongoose, Mongoose has a longer range, higher firepower, faster reaction time, faster ROF, higher speed and stronger armor than the AA trooper, there's almost no reason against it, besides the price tag and building time that is.
  11. wtf!? Maybe these psychic strategy won't work on me. If I'm in an attack situation and my harvester is under attack, I'll just press "B" to retreat the harvesters. There should my units defending the spice so I won't worry too much, unless I see a large blob of enemy in my radar screen close to my base, then I'll move to my base and take a look.
  12. Maybe barrack, construction yard abd then warfactory.Why? Barrack first, as everyone has mentioned, it'll stop the play from building annoying turrets, ALSO stop them from building infantries which can also bring surprise attacks, then the construction yard, and once the construction yard is down, victory is basically rushing to your hands. And the remaining warfactory would be close to harmless, just think carefully, what can ONE unit help against your whole army that has just basically flatten 1/2 his base? If both his construction yard and barrack is down, 50% of the people would just either disconnect immediately, 30% would just do nothing and watch and the final 20% would hope to change the situation by either rush all units to you base (if close) OR keeping building units hoping foolishly
  13. Nah, maybe no.Once your turtling, experienced players or newbies won't make a difference. Because everyone does the same thing. Build a large group of units consisting anti-air (sard. elite, mongoose, missile tank), anti-tank (sard. elite, fredaykin, missile tank, mino, devastator, kindjal, etc) and anti-infantry (mino, warrior, sard, kobra, flame tank, etc) and whoever has a larger group of that wins. Thats the rule and nothing can change that. There's no tactics, build that huge group, mix them, have them close to the enemy and watch.
  14. Maybe you forget that the Deathand is created by the palace.no palace = no superweapon palace cost $$$, therefore a superweapon theoratically cost $$$ too ;) (But is like a buffet, pay once and use as much as you can)
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