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  1. Yawn, been so long since I got here! thecheatlord at hotmail.com Had a fun game last night though =)
  2. I can't play in games...I lag too much being in Asia and try to play against guys back in the states. BUUUT, I met up with this guy in Korea and played a Co'op mission with him. We were doing good but on this one mission, he had to do something...for 10 minutes. So I had to fend off the Tleilaxu myself. Then a guy IMed me and my computer minimized Dune and I was kicked off the net game. lmao...now I learn to ONLY have Appear Offline when I play games and not "Busy" or something.
  3. A good way to get rid of projections is to use a LONG-TERM stealthed unit (Fremen Warrior for example) and sneak up behind the projections and you can either snipe them or charge them. OR, you fight fire with fire. By that I mean is try to get a projector tank somehow, then project LOADS of Flame tanks and infantry.
  4. I'd say either....Liet-Kneys or Piter de Vries. ;)
  5. I started visiting about...late 2000 early 2001. Then I noticed there was a forum about 2 weeks after I got EBFD
  6. By moving targets I meant slow moving ones. Like the Minotaur or Devestator.
  7. I use them as land mines outside of my base, so it weakens the rush of tanks.
  8. The DH is good if you can anticipate where the units are going (Like a group of infantry) then you aim there, and watch the guys you were aiming for get blown up. Ooo, pretty fireworks. 8)
  9. 53) When they use phasers, they don't set them on STUN. 54) They use the wrong ship in the scenes and you see a Millenium Falcon instead 55) Same as above but with a Guild Frigate 56) Same as above but with a Guild Heighliner
  10. I'm leaving when I either lose my computer/internet, when I die, or when Dooms day comes and wipes out all my mercenaries leaving me a cippled piece of meat lying in A dungeon.
  11. That reminds me of this one game on Ra2, my ally sent a few spies to my base. After I had got a nice defence, he unallied, sent the spies to the Barracks and War Factory. Then he allied again. He later on resigned leaving me to die of a whole platoon of Mirage Tanks. That guy was so fun to play with. >:(
  12. I say to go ahead for a new map pack. Being the lazy person I am, I'd rather get PACKS of fan-made maps.
  13. A few places I can think of are... Amazon Ebay and other Auction places
  14. I say the APC is, with 5 AA Troopers. 2 from the APC, 5 from the guys. 7 rounds.
  15. I usually play random houses, but you WOULD think that people like rushing with Ordos. Or maybe Harks are the new trend this year.
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