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  1. the best way to figure it out is to take all enemy structures. :Hark gun turret is the best attack power universally :Ordos Popup is the best range :Atreidies Rocket turret is the most powerful against vehicles :Hark Flame turret can wipe out any infantry but its the shortest range :Ordos Gas turret has the longest range but takes time to get its canister there. :Atreidies minigun tower is the evened out overall
  2. why would anyone ask how to stop air drones? 1: they cant do air to ground attacks 2: they are easy to destroy 3: if they are defended by a huge group of land based units somehow, dont attack from that direction or just use mixed sardaukar/fremen/Long Range units to lead away the group protecting them, then move in for the kill
  3. simple, because then your enemy will attack you because they see your sardaukar but not your fremen. If they have explosive attacks or large splash damage EX:(Mino,Inkvine,Kobra) they will accidently kill off your visible sardaukar group which includes your fremen.
  4. same with the devestator. with one chevron, it could kill a mino in one shot...i think
  5. the best things to duplicate are: Leech: fires a larve that will transform into a real leech. Deviators: cuz they are too expensive to replace and dont really have a life span anyways. Fremen: they provide the exact same power as the fedykins and fremen except for their exceptionally small life span. Scouts: they detect stealth units and they can be used for their real job and do it effectively. Missle Tanks: They do the damage at a range against vehicles. Inkvine Catapult: They do the damage at a range against infantry Buzzsaws: in large masses of projections they can be used if you like to destroy enemy spice fields without the fear of losing any of your units. Sardaukar Elite: Use em against ordos Shielded units to make the Holtzman Effect Lazer Tanks: Use em against their own house shielded units im probably missing a couple things that could be useful as a projection but then you can just add it to the next post.
  6. but the second that group of devestators and buzzsaws are commanded to attack, their normal speeds are reseted and for buzzsaws, their primary attack against infantry is to simply run em over.
  7. 1 more thing soulreaver, ONLY 3rd level veteran atreides INFANTRY can be used to upgrade. not subhouse with atreides or atreides vehicles
  8. well, before when i had my westwood account...(it got deleted and i cant get it back cuz of something to do with my serial #)... i fought only about 15 ppl...whooped em all badly then tried hard mode on the skirmish games. The only difference is that the computer doesnt really "reply" to your attacks with weaknesses. For the easy and normal games. they just drool and smile when you hit em
  9. i allied with gunseng at first and finished off ordos then atredies for the movies to be saved in the option mode. then i started all over again and used copec...the guy sounds like a homosexual when you kill off one of the house leaders...he'll always say "delicious" in such a tone that begs me to shoot him with something fatal
  10. sardaukar are used for head on collisions in battle or an assult towards the enemy's base. they can take out almost any unit if they are in a small group. for the inkvines, just shoot and move...how hard is that? for the minos...all you have to do is just run up to them and kill em, they can survive a full mino barrage. for the kobra...whats the problem? theyre immobleized and even if they are undeployed and able to run you over, a small group of 5 elites could wipe em out
  11. it would be so easy to wipe em all out with hark flame tanks...well anyways, you should just take over the outposts to activate the turrets and kill everything with the dust scouts
  12. about the fremen warrior and fedykin the the spice field...why would you waste your time making warriors when a group of fedykins can do a blast dangerous enough to almost wipe out any other unit (Except another fremen)
  13. You cant have Devestators or fremen warriors in the Gunseng Vs Copec Level
  14. its not that people think that house tleilaxu is useless. its the people KNOW that the Tleilaxu Contaminator cant do Jack. The leech is useful to some extent but other than that. There ok.
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