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  1. Played my first online game (but played plenty of LAN). Noticed at the start the money was through the roof :O Never really ever played above 10,000, default I think in Skirmish or LAN. Sort of got hammered by large groups of one type of unit, by the time I realized them I couldn't compensate. So, whats the change with starting money? More money bulk favourite units, less base defense at the start.... Less money Base defense then build attack army? :-/ Now I have to bloody well revenge myself.....
  2. Turrets can be a pain. If your attacking a base and they have troops inside, you first have to take out the turrets, while doing that they can swarm out and attack, so you bring in your close combat army, but you have to be carefull not to have them engage too closely or the Base turrets get em. Makes it just a bit more difficult. As for using tanks for turrets, tis good, but if you want to do things like select all unit types etc on the screen your 'tank turrets' can start moving etc. Plus you have the temptation to use em if your impatiant.
  3. ORDOS!! The rest seem a bit dull. But something to point out is I started with Ordos, then Harkonnen, then Atreides, but I got so bored with Atreides I never finished it. And funny thing was, in the final battle with Harkonnen, I took over the Ordos factory and built Laser tanks. If I'd played another house first I reckon my opinion would've been different.
  4. Its about the Best Unit in Emperor. Or, if you want me to set the Capitals right with the caption. 'What is the best unit in Emperor???' ;D If you meant my mentioning of Dark Reign it was only in comparison to point out how hard it is to win a game when you have to find a cloaked unit. Cause I suppose a good way to find out a good unit is to change the game to wait till the last unit is dead. I choose the Fedaykin cause of his hit and run ability, plus cloaking, so if all I could do is select one unit then go into battle, I'd go for that one. If you prefer my favourite unit in a normal game, but not the best unit, it'd be the laser tank. Terribly sorry if I was getting off the topic :)
  5. Use Ordos ;D Seriously though, try this Deploy good old construction yard. Build windtrap ::)(duh) While doing that, if you have a large starting money, upgrade your construction yard. Build barracks Build refinerery, while doin that, build troops, firstly scouts, depending on map size, then troops to shoot any scouts that try to get in your base, line em up on your ramps, upgrade your barracks if you have a large amount of money. Soon as the barracks is upgraded, mortor, basically start on troops for base defense. OK, refinary is up and running, need more money cause at the moment your spending it pretty bad, upgrade your ramps. Build your Heavy machinery factory doin this Then it all depends on the game. If the other player is a dope, build laser tanks and run your AA troops out to his spice field. If he/she saw that comin, then adapt, cause thats what they'll do, at least your laser tanks can skim around and attack different stuff, so no loss there. But I'd focus then on updating your factory and getting some more base defense and a attack force to protect your harvesters. Its best with Ordos though if your attacking them, cause they ain't the stand and defend type of army on the spice field.
  6. If you base everything to a singe unit, Fedaykin, which thankfully Dune doesn't. Was a bit of a laugh in old days with Dark Reign and your last unit was a scout, do you know how hard it is to find a fake tree on a map? Probably a bit less harder than finding a cloaked Fedaykin on a map. So, if it was unit to unit, Fedaykin, hit and run tactics. Mind you, don't think he'd stack up against an air unit to well.
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