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To Andrew: Jep, I meant now

To Clemenza: Thanks, though we were more sober than usual :O

Alchemi2: Thanks aswell

Gunner154: Look above  ;)

Lord Johnsonius: Jahaharr!

Khan: Thanks, though we didn't have any Finlandia, my good mates Asger and Alexander however presented me with a bottle of Odin vodka  ;D

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I am 23 today.  And I feel good about that.  Very good.

I've had a great day today.  People that don't know me have been nice, and people that do know me have been very nice.  It's been overcast and cool, which is awesome, because that's my favorite kind of weather.  My final exam today was even great, because my professor added in little jokes into the multiple choice questions, not to mention that this is my last day of classes.

Anyway, Summer Break: here I come!

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Oh that's odd generally single malts are very good, although it does depend on the age of it I suppose.

And how much the drinker is used to hard liquor ;) (I'm still cringing at this glass of Tequila, but it's getting better! lol)
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