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  1. Freedom, as expressed through self-determination, is a mere illusion as long as one is still a slave to his sinful inclinations and desires. It is an exercise in self-delusion to believe that one is
  2. Your analogy is inappropriate due to the confining restrictions placed upon the child in your example. God may dictate the standards governing sexual morality
  3. Misty Edwards. We just bought her CD and hope to see her in soon.
  4. The American economy is still chugging along on life support, primarily in the form of government spending and various incentives designed to create a false sense of economic growth. The stock market is propped up by the same out-of-control government spending, but savvy investors aren
  5. Absolutely. The immediate joy that I derived from serving those in need was, in and of itself, a rich reward. Try it, if you haven
  6. The question of the afterlife, is really a question about eternity and how one will spend it. Everything that I have spoken of is with respect to one
  7. My husband and I just had the best time seeing this band in concert. Steven Curtis Chapman
  8. You really missed the point, Wolf (though in the process, you truly showcased your own vanity). I was not referring to your "intelligence", but rather to your religious zeal in rationalizing or calling "good" what Christ has called sin throughout the Old and New Testament. But you lack the courage and integrity to hold fast to your faith. With every word that you utter, you crucify Christ all over again, making His sacrifice irrelevant and His Word meaningless. May God have mercy on your soul.
  9. Wolf, if you put nearly as much effort into proselytizing for Christ as you do in rationalizing immoral behavior that God
  10. After hearing all the hype and discovering that several of the showings had been sold out, my expectations were quite high. Inevitably, I felt a little let down by the movie, though it was fairly entertaining. The fall from the bridge sequence was particularly well done. Got quite the chuckle off the kiss bit. I wouldn't rate the movie as a 'Must see!' But rather as a 'Probably Should See'.
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