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Chani or Irulan?


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I'm currently reading Dune Messiah and now Paul has to make a choice:

Irulan or Chani?

Irulan is a Bene Gesserit and a doughter of an exemperor.

Chani is a fremen but not noble born

I'd choose Irulan - smart, trained pretty 8)

Who'd you choose? ( Don't care about the storyline...)

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well i like chani..she is nice. Irulan is nice too..it's a hard choice...i think both are very good looking too. Probably chani..she is a fighter, irulan is a political figure.

i think i'll let them fight eachother, over me :D

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Well of course Chani!  ;D

Irulan's just a political toy, unlike Chani, who's a Fremen desert warrior, mother of 3 and 'the-one-and-only' to Paul Muad-Dib...

And for Fremen vs. BG witches: I think BG would win the match, because they can use the Voice, have prana-bindhu muscles, etc.,etc...

A Fremen without a BG's training is no match for a witch...

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True - the fact is that the BG's are better than the Fremen... I'd like to have some of those babies fighting for House Ordos

Irulan's treatchury - still remeber Kailea Vernius? It was the same! Leto's ignorance, Paul's ignorance - that brings treatchury... never mary for love that's total crap!!! Man I hate Atreides 8)

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