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  1. yes i agree the harkonnen didi fight better than in the mini, but another thing bugged me, the characters didn't look as they were descired in the book, heh
  2. for the first time this weekend i watched the new dune mini and it sucked, 'cause it doesn't follow the book at all, for instance in the book chani asked paul, "tell me of the waters of thy birthworld, Usul" and in the mini she askes "tell me of the waters of thy birthworldm Muad'Dib", your views please.
  3. Is it possible that it could be Chapter House? 'cause nobody really knows where that is
  4. I would just like to know out of curiosity what happened to Arrakeen, any views?
  5. I don't care if Leto II had children, all people have fantasies you know, so if i decide to have a little imagination sometime, it has absolutley nothing to do with you Jacob, Alright!, I dont comment on you, so dont comment on me, and for your information I've read all 9 novels at least 5 times so i KNOW whats going alright!
  6. they gave my planet to hasimir fenring before arrakeen and before my birth, my great grand father LetoII said that later his father gave caladan to earl halleck
  7. all true the praecher is paul, the mask is fake leto becomes a worm etc etc.
  8. Caladan, case of its nice seas and rivers and stuff
  9. House Atreides, they will always be the only house i pledge allegiance to
  10. Someone who would stop that for me of course
  11. House Atreides will always be the best House in the universe, they are kind, loyal, honest, but they can also be very ruthless when they want to be look at the kanly between Harkonnen and Atreides, everone expected Harkonnen to win because they thought us Atreides weak, our legions took out two legions of sardaukar on IX, Duncan Idaho slew 19 sardaukar before he fell in that passage at arrakeen, just look around you almost everyone swears allegiance to Atreides Why, I ask you?
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